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Ex-Oxford PhD tyro accused of raping companion then texting ‘sorry’ to her walks free after a second jury fails to strech a verdict

AN Oxford University PhD tyro accused of raping a lady is set to walk free after a second jury unsuccessful to strech a verdict.

Statistician Sherman Ip, 25, was pronounced to have forced the lady down onto his bed and pulled off her garments before rising the attack on 14 May 2013.


Sherman Ip

Sherman Ip was accused of forcing a tyro companion down on his bed and raping her

Sherman Ip

He after went to study for a PhD in statistics at Oxford University

But Ip told jurors “she consented” and says he suspicion “everything was normal” when they had sex at her parents’ residence the following day.

The woman, who can't be identified, claimed she fled Ip’s prosaic in tears after he forced her onto his bed, pulled her garments off, and raped her.

Southwark Crown Court listened she sent Ip a private Facebook summary observant what happened was ‘semi-rape’ and pulpy charges in Oct 2014 after receiving a content from him saying: “I am really contemptible for raping you.

But Ip told jurors he sent the reparation because: “I wanted to get [her] back and we would do anything to get back with her.”

Two juries have now unsuccessful to strech a outcome on a singular charge of rape at Southwark Crown Court.

Ip is doubtful to face a third hearing but prosecutors are approaching to make a final decision within a week.

Jurors listened the alleged victim fled in tears but motionless not to go to police after promulgation him a summary to tell him what he did was wrong.

She finally reported him to cops after receiving a content from the statistician in Oct 2014, the justice was told.

It said: “I am so contemptible for emotionally abusing you and utilizing you to do things you didn’t wish to do.

“I am really contemptible for raping you. we am really contemptible for spiteful you. It’s all my fault.”

At the time of the purported rape Ip was study for a master’s grade in production from University College London.

He after changed to Oxford University for the first year of his PhD as partial of the Oxford Warwick Statistics Programme. He is now at Warwick University.

Southwark Crown Court in London listened the lady was also a tyro at the time and had famous Ip given 2012.

Sherman Ip

Sherman Ip leaving Southwark climax court, where he was on hearing for rape

Sherman Ip

At the time of the purported attack he was study for a master’s grade in production at University College London

Sherman Ip

A year after he is pronounced to have texted the lady observant ‘I am really contemptible for raping you’

The purported victim told her boyfriend in Sep 2013 — around 4 months after the purported rape — but motionless not to make a grave complaint.

Mr Povall said: “What gathering her to go to the police was a summary she perceived from him in Oct 2014.”

Ip, who is now study at Warwick, told the justice the lady came to his prosaic since she “wanted to talk” on 14 May 2013, but they finished up having consensual sex.
Ip said: “She pronounced “let’s have sex” and then she sat on the bed, laid on the bed.”

Prosecutor David Povall asked: “And this was all, the two of you had sex and all was alright was it?”

“Everything was normal,” replied Ip.

He pronounced the lady became sceptical when he told her about his attribute with another girl.

Ip pronounced they talked about it before having sex at her parent’s residence on 15 May 2013.

Mr Povall said: “I advise that your reason for doing that is to try to contend that she was fibbing about being raped the day before.”

Ip replied: “I wouldn’t have done up that eventuality on the 15th…she wanted to have sex with me.”

Ip, of Maidenhead, Berks, denied rape.

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