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Suspect Dead In Police-Involved Shooting After Chase In Tennessee

TENNESSEE — TBI Agents are questioning the resources surrounding an officer-involved sharpened in Weakly County.

The occurrence occurred nearby the 300 retard of State Line Road in Weakly County where rough information indicates an officer from the Hickman County (Kentucky) Sheriff’s Department were in office of a man that finished in Weakly County. At the finish of the automobile pursuit, the particular fled on foot where the officer then encountered the man with a knife which resulted in the officer discharging their service weapon, distinguished and eventually killing the individual. The defunct particular has been identified as Salvador Byassee, of Clinton, KY. No law coercion officers were harmed in the incident.

Prior to this incident, at approximately 1:15am CST, Byassee did not produce to a seriousness check indicate being conducted by the Kentucky State Police on Highway 1218 in Hickman County, KY which resulted in an initial office by the Kentucky State Police and the Hickman County (KY) Sheriff’s Department. Byassee temporarily evaded law coercion during this initial office after wrecking his automobile and journey on foot in Weakly County, TN. Byassee then subsequently stole a automobile in Weakly County and was then again encountered by the Hickman County, KY Sheriff’s Department while they were still in the area. This delegate office resulted in the officer-involved shooting.

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