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Gas Station Clerk Saves Kidnapped Woman By Reading Her Lips

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — On Sunday, Feb 11, 2018, at 1:13 a.m. a Kangaroo Express employee celebrated a lady sitting in a car in the parking lot mouthing “help” at 13697 Beach Boulevard.

The employee called 911 and gave police an accurate car outline and what he observed. The information was broadcasted to all officers in the area. An warning officer celebrated the car on Atlantic Boulevard. Police attempted to stop the car and the think proceeded to rush from police recklessly. The office finished at Leon Road and Byrnes Road and the think was taken into custody.

The womanlike victim was in the car and told police she was walking from one internal beach pub to another when the think pulled up to her and asked if she indispensable a lift somewhere. The victim settled that she suspicion the man was a famous familiarity to another crony of hers and suspicion it was protected adequate to get a ride, however they were different to any other. The victim concluded and got into the vehicle. Once inside, they started roving in a instruction divided from her destination. They left the beaches area and pulled into the Kangaroo at Hodges Boulevard and Beach Boulevard. When the victim attempted to exit the car for reasons of safety, she pronounced the think reached over and grabbed her hair to keep her cramped inside the vehicle. He refused to let her leave. The victim was aroused for her safety, realizing that he was attempting to keep her cramped to the vehicle. She felt as if mouthing “help” to the Kangaroo employee was her only possibility of escape.

During the talk of the suspect, he certified to the incident. The suspect, Jose Ramos Sandoval was arrested for False Imprisonment, Fleeing Police, and Violation of Probation.

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