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California man condemned to 12 years in jail in Las Vegas arson, coercion case

Photo Source: FBI

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A California man who was convicted of swindling to bake down a internal business and coercion was condemned Thursday to 151 months in prison.

Joel Kenneth Ausbie, 53, of Fontana, California, was formerly found guilty by a jury of one-count of swindling to dedicate arson and one-count of committing coercion by force or hazard of injury.

According to justice documents, Ausbie recruited and paid co-defendant Joseph A. Strickland to liberate a firearm into Ausbie’s disloyal common law wife’s parents’ home. He wanted to enforce his disloyal wife to return income that he believed belonged to him. Ausbie could not locate his disloyal wife who was in hiding, and instead targeted her family members to obtain payment.

On Oct 20, 2015, at approximately 1:00 a.m., following Ausbie’s orders, Strickland went to the parents’ home and shot a revolver 6 times into the assigned residence. He then threw clamp grips into a window with a note trustworthy demanding that Ausbie’s disloyal wife return the income to Ausbie. The note read: “…This is a warning! Ima hold all you adore in a infamous way! Return that income or continue to rest easy with your families’ blood on you hands… Give me my money! Ima kill kill kill and kill.”

Ausbie and co-defendant Calvin Robinson subsequently sent a series of content messages to the relatives melancholy that if the income was not returned to Ausbie, then they would be killed. Ausbie then recruited Strickland to set fire to the parents’ business, Las Vegas Kettle Corn Special Events, LLC, in Henderson. Robinson supposing Strickland with directions and a note for him to fasten to the front window of the business after environment the fire. The note read: “I still don’t have my money. This is the last warning! Next time someone is going to be dead.”

On Oct 30, 2015, Strickland set fire to the business as destined and left the note. The business was heavily shop-worn by the fire and was henceforth closed. Ausbie recruited Strickland to set another fire to the parents’ second store plcae at the Downtown Container Park on Fremont Street. However, law coercion arrested Ausbie before to him arranging remuneration for the arson, and, as a result, that arson did not occur.

Robinson, 42, of Pomona, Calif., pleaded guilty and was condemned to 108 months in prison. Strickland, 35, pleaded guilty and was condemned to 30 months in prison.

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