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BreakPoint: Your Body, Your Spirit, and a Good Night’s Sleep

Because the bodies matter to God—and not just in a dignified sense—our rest matters to God, too. So much so, He built it into the rhythms of the universe.

Do you broadcast with the psalmist: “Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! we will incite the dawn. I will regard you, Lord, among the nations” (Psalm 57:8)?

Do you stand out of bed any morning and sing with fun about God’s trusty adore (Psalm 59:16)?

If not, (and for the record, we magnitude do), maybe it’s since we are among the one in 3 Americans who don’t get adequate sleep. Seriously.

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control announced a new open health crisis: nap deprivation. Millions are unwell night after night to get the endorsed 7 to 9 hours of rest, putting them at increasing risk for health problems from stress and basin to diabetes and heart disease.

By some estimates, widespread miss of nap is costing American employers over $100 billion annually “in lost production, medical expenses, and sick leave.” More in-depth investigate finds that twenty true hours but nap is the homogeneous of being legally drunk. And nap specialists are sounding the alarm that “drowsy driving” is just as lethal as dipsomaniac driving—and some-more common.

So what’s behind this widespread of nap deprivation? Why are Americans these days so unqualified of branch off the lights and going to bed? The answer is in the pockets.

A flourishing physique of investigate demonstrates that the magnitude of light constructed by smart phones, laptops and tablets triggers the recover of chemicals in the smarts that tell us, “It’s time to arise up! Its morning!”

The dull heat of screens also drains the thoroughness and creativity. A study in the biography Social Psychology reported that even having a smart phone circuitously degraded the peculiarity of subjects’ work and studies, since it reminded them of their online social circles.

So what do we do to negate this ideal charge of nap damage and tech addiction?

Writing at Motherboard, Kaleigh Rogers describes her radical solution: She banned screens from her home for a full month. No TV, computers, or smart phones. Cold turkey.

Unlike healthy eating and exercise—good habits that take weeks or months to make a difference—Rogers says her tech-free examination yielded evident and startling results.

The first few days were like a dream, she writes. “We’d come home, put on some music, prepare cooking together, and then—unimaginably—we’d lay at the list and eat. After dinner, Stuart would play guitar while we read. Chores were finished soon and but hesitation. It was blissful.”

Okay, that’s all great. But BreakPoint isn’t a self-help program. So what’s all this got to do with a Christian worldview?

Well, let’s go back to the beginning. God combined day and He combined night. A time to work, and a time to rest. The Sabbath, remember, starts in the evening, and we enter into an conceivable rest in expectation of resting evermore in God’s presence.

Remember too that we’re not pristine spirits. We’re embodied spirits. The state of the physique affects the state of the spirit. It’s because we equivocate immoderation and corporeal immorality. It’s because we try to stay fit.

It’s no consternation then, as Kate Shellnutt writes at Christianity Today, that those who get peculiarity nap report feeling closer to God and having better faith lives overall.

And also, as Charles Spurgeon said, “God gives us nap to remind us we are not Him.” We have limits. He doesn’t. We distortion down at night guileless in God’s care, open to Him speaking to us, guileless him to revitalise these gritty vessels of ours in the morning—ready once again to join with God in His work to revive all thing in Jesus.

Now I’m not observant give up your dungeon phone or Facebook (especially if you review BreakPoint on them). But we am observant don’t let them dispossess you of God’s present of sleep, and in spin all the personal interaction, productivity, creativity, and generally devout vitality that make us entirely human as God intended.


(This explanation creatively aired Feb 22, 2017.)



Your Body, Your Spirit, and a Good Night’s Sleep: Why Rest Matters

As John said, God meant for us to knowledge snack and rejuvenation in physique and suggestion by rest.  For some-more investigate on the advantages of a good night’s sleep, check out the resources related below.



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