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BreakPoint: The Victor Marx Story

Our God is a God who restores all things. And we wish to tell you about an extraordinary replacement pursuit the Lord has achieved in one man’s life.

In Philippians 4, Paul reminds us to consider about whatever is true, right, pristine and praiseworthy. Because it’s all too easy to get sucked into the informative idiocy around us, or to stoop to the pain and pang we declare or knowledge every day.

That’s because every Friday at BreakPoint.org, my co-worker Warren Cole Smith tells a story about God at work in the lives of His people. To inspire us. To remind us that He’s with us.

And I’ve got one such story to tell you, about a man we know, and interviewed recently.

His name is Victor Marx. His father was a caterer and a drug dealer. Four stepfathers abused and even tortured him. To shun the romantic pain, he began holding drugs as a teenager.

You substantially consider you know how this comfortless story ends—but you’d be wrong. Today, that boy, Victor Marx, is an devout Christian who runs a method that helps aggrieved children.

When he grew up, Victor transient his worried home life by joining the Marines. Sent to Iraq, he eliminated his anger to rivalry soldiers. He also schooled martial humanities so that nobody could ever harm him again.

Victor was still in the Marines when his father got in hold with him. The last Victor had heard, he was a practicing warlock. He sent Victor a minute apologizing for unwell him and invited him to visit. And then he gave Victor a genuine shock: He told his son he had incited his life over to Christ.

Victor went to church with his father, and listened the summary that Jesus desired him so much he had frankly died for his sins. For the first time in his life, Victor regretted the bad things he had done. He pennyless into tears and surrendered his life to Christ.

And then Victor began to confront his past. God told him to find his first stepfather and pardon him—or he himself would stay hard, mean, and angry. Victor found the old man, whose health had been broken by celebration and drugs. Victor review him scripture and witnessed to him, and just before he died, the old man supposed Christ.

In the years that followed, Victor—now married with 5 children—began assembly with a mishap specialist, who helped him confront the memories of abuse. He schooled to pardon everybody who had ever spoiled him. And he embraced Romans 8:28: “All things work together for good to them that adore God.”

This hymn desirous the name of his new work assisting mishap victims: All Things Possible Ministries.

“Often,” Victor says, “When the worst, many unfair, vicious things occur to a person, we can’t see what the outcome will be.” But if we adore and trust God, He can redeem the immorality and spin it for good.

And this is the summary he’s given to the thousands of jailed kids he has oral to, many of whom endured horrific childhoods, just as Victor did. His own story of childhood mishap helps him mangle down their resistance—and open them up to Christ’s love.

Victor and ATP Ministries have also taken high-risk trips to Iraq to apportion to aggrieved children discovered from the clutches of ISIS. His method has given some-more than 21,000 comfort toys to children aggrieved by war. He’s even witnessed to prisoner ISIS soldiers.

One of the good questions people have about Christianity is because a good God allows suffering. Victor Marx has a personal answer to that question. “The misfortune things in my life,” he says, “the biggest injustices, have actually been incited around for good.”

Because the God is a God who restores all things.

Please come to BreakPoint.org every Friday for some-more stories of God at work.


The Victor Marx Story: A God Who Restores All Things

For some-more of Victor Marx’s story and info on his method All Things Possible, click on the links in the Resources section. And as Eric mentioned, check out Warren Cole Smith’s Friday underline at BreakPoint.org called “Restoring All Things” for some-more stories of God at work in the lives of bland people. Click here to review his latest column.


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