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BreakPoint: The Very Human Tragedy of Persecution

Open Doors USA has expelled its annual report on the harm of Christians. And numbers don’t tell the whole story.

One of the biggest persecutors of Christians of all time, Soviet Premier Josef Stalin, was supposed to have pronounced the following: “A singular death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”

Stalin would have known. Millions of Christians perished during his dictatorship. But the observant was mark on.

Like an old vinyl LP with a blemish on it, we keep discussion the terrible statistics over and over about Christian harm worldwide—statistics that can dull us to the particular tragedies.

And that’s because we wish to appreciate the CEO of Open Doors USA, David Curry, for the way he began last week’s press discussion where Open Doors expelled its 2018 World Watch List, which sum the 50 many dangerous countries for Christians.

Curry embellished a picture of tragedy.

“Today,” he said, “I’m dedicating this moment. . . to a 47-year-old nun who, like mom Theresa, works with the lowest of the bad in India.” Curry told the story of how despite threats on her life from Hindu extremists, she continued her method in the name of Jesus.

“Two Hindu extremists,” Curry went on, “came to her medical clinic, pounded her, raped her, unperceiving her, and left her unconscious, tied to a bed. When the police came to investigate, they began to evenly destroy evidence, and had the shoddiest of inquisitive processes.

“That’s what probity [for Christians] is like in India today.”

And that my friends, is what the comfortless harm of Christians around the creation looks like.

According to the 2018 World Watch List, for the 16th year in a row, North Korea retains the No. 1 risk mark for Christians. Yet the opening between Kim Jong-un’s total state and other countries is closing. Afghanistan has changed up to second place.

“Afghanistan and North Korea scarcely tied,” says Curry. “Both countries are extreme in dogmatism and undisguised harm of Christians in every area Open Doors monitors. . . This is a tragedy deliberation the efforts being done by the general village to help reconstruct Afghanistan are unwell to safeguard leisure of religion.”

And while the open here in the U. S. is focusing on the disturbing revelations of passionate nuisance in Hollywood, the media, and halls of government, around the creation an even-more sinister attack is holding place, and Christian women are among the many vulnerable.

“Every day,” Open Doors says, “six women are raped, sexually tormented or forced into matrimony to a Muslim under hazard of death due to their Christian faith.” Like Habiba, a 14-year old Nigerian girl kidnapped on her way to work, married off to a Muslim man, then sole into labour for $160. There have been an abominable 2,260 incidents documented against women—and as Curry creates clear, this is likely only a fraction of those actually raped or harassed.

A few other contribution from the report: Nearly one in every 12 Christians worldwide lives in a place where Christianity is illegal, forbidden, or punished; of the 50 countries on the list, 30 saw an boost in persecution; and 22 of the 50 are on the Asian continent.

Please, come to BreakPoint.org, click on this commentary, and I’ll couple you to the 2018 Open Doors World Watch List. Share it with your friends and neighbors—in person and on social media. Get it into the hands of your pastor. Send the couple to your member in Congress.

And bring it to your request group. Make a indicate of praying for the persecuted, that God would give His people endurance, and that He would work all things together for good—even in the midst of pang and tragedy.


The Very Human Tragedy of Persecution: Open Doors USA’s 2018 World Watch List

Get concerned in interceding for the global Christian community. Many are experiencing extreme persecution, and nonetheless their light shines brightly. Click here to listen to Open Doors USA CEO David Curry at the World Watch List Report 2018 press conference.



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