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BreakPoint: Thank God for Jose Altuve

I adore extraordinary success stories. And even more, we adore it when the person who has succeeded recognizes his story’s Author.

Sports Illustrated recently named J. J. Watt of the Houston Texans and Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros as its “Sportspersons of the Year.”

Both are among the best players in their particular sports, but that’s not the only, or even primary, reason they were selected. As the repository put it, these “athletes spoke loudest in their actions and difference off the field.”

In the case of Watt and Altuve, the importance is on “actions.” Specifically, their contributions to Houston’s ongoing liberation from Hurricane Harvey.

Most sports fans, including Christian ones, were already informed with the almost literally larger-than-life Watt, whose uncertain multiple of distance and athleticism has done him the many widespread defensive player in the NFL.

But until this October, few, if any, knew much about Altuve, the American League’s 2017 Most Valuable Player. His is a story that is so extraordinary and inspirational that Hollywood would have deserted the script. But, as Altuve will tell you, the Author of his story doesn’t reside in Hollywood.

Part of the improbability is apparent when you demeanour at him. He is listed at 5’6”. That’s two inches shorter than we am and no one has ever called me “tall.” As Tom Verducci forked out in his essay on Altuve, “Over the past decade every one of the MVPs in the NFL and NBA stood at slightest 6’ 1” with 18 of those 20 station 6’ 3” or taller . . . The many renouned players in baseball, possibly by All-Star votes . . . or jersey sales . . .  are at slightest 6’ 3”. We literally demeanour up to them.”

Despite being the smallest player in Major League Baseball, Altuve is its best hitter and arguably its best player. He has won 3 batting titles, led the joining in stolen bases twice, has won a Golden Glove for his fielding, and is a five-time All-Star. According to the modernized statistical metric famous as “wins above replacement,” Altuve did some-more to help his group win games in 2017 than any other player in baseball.

To call this “improbable” is an understatement. At age 16, he was invited to audition stay in his local Venezuela. He wasn’t invited back for the second day since he was only 5’5.” Urged on by his father, he returned, uninvited, for the second day of stay and over the next few days played good adequate that the Astros offering him $15,000 to sign. That was literally one percent of what another Venezuelan player at the stay who eventually cleared out of ball was paid, but, as Altuve says, he would have sealed for free.

The rest is, as they say, history. Among baseball’s all-time hit leaders, only 3 had some-more hits at age 27 than Altuve: Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and Hank Aaron.

As we said, an extraordinary story whose author, Altuve will tell you, is God. Altuve told the Houston Chronicle that, for him, achieving success wasn’t getting “into the major leagues or [having] the best deteriorate in the world. The best success is to live your life the way God wants you to.”

He added, “We need to not just ask God but appreciate Him for all like the health, the family.” He told CBN, “I feel like every morning when you arise up you have to appreciate Him just for another day. we do it every day.”

All of which creates Jose Altuve someone we should all demeanour up to, no matter the height.


Thank God for Jose Altuve: An Athlete We Can Look Up To

It’s lovely to hear about a diver who acknowledges God’s prudence in his life. As believers we should all be means to agree, as Jose Altuve says, “The best success is to live your life the way God wants you to.” To find out some-more about this sparkling athlete, check out the resources related below.




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