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BreakPoint: Season’s Readings

Looking for Christmas gifts for Christian parents, kids, or story buffs? I’ve got 3 plain ideas for you.

You ever slice open that package on Christmas morning and find…socks? Now, maybe somebody out there honestly enjoys getting hosiery on Christmas. That person, like Saint Paul, has apparently schooled the secret to being calm in all circumstances.

But when you go selling for all other members of the human race, consider over the old standbys. This year, because not give the present of engaging, exciting, and worldview-enriching reading?

I’ve got a few recommendations—a arrange of BreakPoint selling list for the readers in your life—one that emphasizes the significance of station for the law of the faith in a time when it is under attack.

First up, something for relatives who feel lost trying to lift their children and teenagers in an age of smart phones, social media, and everywhere-all-the-time connectivity. My BreakPoint cohost, John Stonestreet, and Brett Kunkle of Stand to Reason, have created a primer for confused parents, grandparents, teachers, and pastors who are trying to know that bewildering and ever-changing thing we call “culture.”

Their book, “A Practical Guide to Culture,” charts the fraudulent waters surrounding your home and church, into which you and your kids venture every day: It explains the absolute change of things like pornography, the hookup culture, passionate orientation, consumerism, addiction, entertainment, and secular tension.

More importantly, the book is accurately what it claims to be: practical. John and Brett yield specific strategies, contention questions, and movement steps.

Next, something for the kids, themselves—especially the 8-to-12-year-olds who are just commencement to make their parents’ Christian faith their own. It’s a time in life they need to learn not just what they believe, but why they trust it. How do they know the biblical accounts of Jesus, His life, miracles, death, and rebirth really happened? How do they speak about their faith to others? And many practically, how do they stay meddlesome in a book prolonged adequate to learn some-more about the faith at all?

Well, longtime Los Angeles cold-case questioner J. Warner Wallace, along with his wife, Susie Wallace, take a shining and truly strange approach. Jim, a former non-believer and now a Colson Senior Fellow, has created several other books for older teens and adults, including Cold-Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith. Like these, “Cold-Case Christianity for Kids” relates the skills he schooled as a rapist questioner to Christianity.

It turns out evaluating the claims of the Bible is remarkably identical to evaluating testimonies about a crime. For instance, kids will learn how to commend and order out a swindling theory, how to test the trustworthiness of witnesses, and what constitutes constrained justification in a courtroom. The Wallaces learn all of this with startling abyss and accessibility. This book will keep immature readers riveted.

Last, but I’d like to contend not least, there is my new book, “Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World.” This one is for story and divinity buffs on your list. But we like to consider anybody who cracks it open will be as perplexed as we was by the impression and faith of this gutsy German priest who sparked the Reformation. And on this 500th year given Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses, there’s no better time to learn about the figure behind not only Protestant Christianity and its re-emphasis of the Gospel, but much of the universe as we know it. And of course, Luther’s bravery in station on the Word of God no matter the consequences is precisely what we need in a enlightenment increasingly antagonistic to the faith.

Come to BreakPoint.org, click on this commentary, and we’ll tell you how to collect up copies of all of these good books, so those hard-to-shop-for desired ones can find some-more in their stockings this month than some-more stockings.


Season’s Readings: BreakPoint’s Christmas Shopping List

There’s certain to be a book for everybody on your list from the selections Eric highlighted. These titles, and many more, are all accessible at the Colson Center online bookstore. So because not give the present that keeps on giving!

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