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BreakPoint: Resolve to Pray for Life in 2018

Most of us give up on the New Year’s resolutions rather quickly. But here’s one that we wish you’ll keep—for life.

If you’re a unchanging listener or reader of the BreakPoint commentaries, you know that we are staunchly pro-life. And likely you are, too. Every human life, in or out of the womb, is changed and invested with a special dignity, having been total in God’s image. But in the culture, life is assaulted.

Christians should, at the same time, both adore unborn babies and their mothers, and also hatred what termination does to them—and to the broken society.

Many of the BreakPoint listeners and readers are active in the pro-life movement. Many of you have walked a picket line, created a minute to the editor, or volunteered at a pregnancy caring center. Many of you have given money, sacrificially, to support pro-life organizations.

And yet, despite all this bid by you and millions like you and the good swell done by the pro-life community, the grievous immorality of authorised termination continues.

The statistics, 45 years after Roe v. Wade, are so obvious by now that, incredibly, they destroy to startle us as they should. Around 60 million unborn American babies—think of it!—60 million, have succumbed to termination given 1973. That’s some-more than the total populations of Texas and New York.

Each year some 652,000 abortions are still achieved in the U.S. About one in 3 women will have an termination by age 45. Nearly half (49 percent) of abortions are among women and teens 24 years of age and younger. These are sobering and, if we’re honest, joyless numbers.

And yet, there’s good news, some really good news. First, open opinion is branch against total abortion. Even immature people, who are generally magnanimous on social issues, are utterly regressive when it comes to life. A study by Students for Life of America found that just seventeen percent of millennials support anything-goes abortion. And a Knights of Columbus check in 2014 found an implausible 84 percent of Americans wish to shorten termination to the first 3 months of pregnancy or less!

Second, many states have enacted laws over the years that have limited termination and even forced some Planned Parenthood and other termination providers to close their gruesome death mills— in fact, 37 termination clinics sealed in 2017 alone. Praise God!

And the best news of all is that God is with us on this issue, and He answers the prayers of His people.

Is anything unfit for God? Jesus Christ reigns over sky and earth, He loves the little children, and He is ideally peaceful and means to answer the prayers for them. And there are some things that we’re called to that will only, only be achieved by prayer.

So let all of us who adore life, innate and unborn, dedicate to praying by this New Year, asking and awaiting God to act. That’s something that all of us, no matter the political, financial, or social status, can do.

And so, once again, we’re asking you to join thousands of others in what has now turn an annual bid here at BreakPoint and the Colson Center: the 21 Days of Prayer for Life.

Come to BreakPoint.org/21Days to download a free “21 Days of Prayer for Life” request guide, finish with moving stories, statistics, contention questions, and of course, request requests for life. Even more, any day will supply you to not only urge but also to make the case for life with friends and neighbors. And it’s free. Use it in your family, your churches, your tiny groups. Breakpoint.org/21Days.

There’s also a 21 Days of Prayer for Life app for your smart phone or computer. When you download the app, you’ll not only get the 21 days of pro-life devotionals and training, but you’ll accept pro-life request requests 6 days a week all 52 weeks this year. Can you suppose what would occur if thousands of Christians would urge for life and against termination every day of 2018?

Again, that’s BreakPoint.org/21days.

Resolve to Pray for Life in 2018: Expect the Lord to Answer

Download the free pdf apparatus “21 Days of Prayer for Life” and join pro-lifers everywhere as we umpire for those who have no voice.


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