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BreakPoint: “Mully” the Magnificent

Finding a film that offers drama, constrained characters, and good news is impossible, right? Actually, no!

You’re substantially informed with the story in the Gospels where the Lord invites a immature man to sell all he has and follow Him. The immature man, however, walks divided from Jesus and the offer of almighty life, for he has good wealth. It’s a disturbing story, quite for those of us who have been so sanctified with the world’s goods. What shall it distinction us if we benefit the whole universe but remove the souls?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would demeanour like for someone to take up the Lord on His offer, literally, then we entice you—no, make that we urge you—to see a illusory new documentary called “Mully.” The pretension won’t play you over, but we am flattering certain the film will.

Mully, brief for Charles Mully, was innate in Kenya. His father was jobless and frequently kick his mother. Food was scarce, and the family’s prospects were worse. One morning Charles, who was six, woke to learn he had been deserted by his family, and not even his uncle would take him in. So overnight Charles had effectively become, like 2.6 million children in Kenya, an orphan—along with 100,000 others in the beggarly slums of Nairobi.

To survive, he became a “street boy,” literally vagrant for food. As he grew, Charles says, “I hated my life and … wanted to chuck divided my life since there was no meaning.” Somehow, however, he listened a summary of wish by faith in Christ and personal tough work.

He began doing domicile chores at the home of a rich family that gave him a possibility in a posh district of Nairobi, and was shortly promoted. Eventually Charles started his own cab service, married a pleasing immature woman, and embarked on a rags-to-riches story that’s almost too good to be true—becoming a globe-trotting millionaire reputable by all.

As Charles’s business and family grew—he and his wife were now up to eight children—his demur was pricked when he refused to help some street boys. Then he had his automobile stolen, and had to take the train home. During this trip, the reality of his pomposity ravaged him.

Miserable, like Jacob, he wrestled for hours with God—eventually praying, “Yes, God, use me.” Now many Christians have prayed these words, but partially few have finished what Charles did—resolve to sell everything, stop his career, and spend the rest of his life assisting Kenya’s orphaned and deserted children.

If you consider Mully’s family was overjoyed, you’ve been examination too many Hollywood movies. That’s what creates this documentary so special. The pain, anguish, and doubt Charles brought on his own family, in a way identical to how his father deserted him, are painful to watch. The film “Mully” shows, in a conspicuous way, how the Lord can use unlawful clay pots like us to accomplish great—no, in this case astounding—things in this sin-scarred world, if we’re peaceful to make accessible to Him all that we have.

I won’t spoil the tract since we really wish you to take your family and friends to see this film. Mully” will have a singular run opposite the U.S. and Canada during an disdainful three-night melodramatic eventuality on Oct 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Come to BreakPoint.org and click on this explanation for details. This extraordinary, compelling, high-quality film is a corner plan of the friends at Focus on the Family, For the Good, and the Mully Children’s Family. we titillate you to go to the theater. This is an extraordinary film.

The film tells a story that’s just astounding. Through Mully’s true persistence, even Kenya’s earthy sourroundings and meridian are being transformed—no kidding. Thank God for this man, whose essence is totally sole out to Jesus. Now, how about us?


“Mully” the Magnificent: Go See This Film

“Mully” is an inspirational story that demonstrates what can occur by just one man who is committed to Christ. Take your family and friends to see “Mully.” Check the links next to see where it is personification in your area.



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