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BreakPoint: House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

Congress has a possibility right now to finish one of the many hideous forms of abortion. Pro-lifers, it’s time to get loud.

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives upheld H.R. 36, the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” on a opinion of 237-189. If enacted, this check would criminalize termination after twenty weeks of pregnancy solely in cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. While it’s identical to laws already in place in a few states, it’s also identical to sovereign bills that unsuccessful in 2013 and 2015.

The essential disproportion between then and now, of course, is the Republican boss in the White House—one who campaigned on an categorically pro-life height and has affianced to sign this bill. That means the only thing now station between the Pain-Capable act and the president’s table is the Senate—which is no tiny hurdle.

Why is this legislation so important? Well, as the name suggests, babies at twenty weeks of rehearsal have shaken systems grown adequate to feel pain. Now, in a unchanging pro-life worldview, organic abilities have zero to do with human dignity, and so all abortions are wrong. But abortions conducted just two or 3 weeks before to the stream indicate of viability are quite and apparently gruesome.

Chances are, you may have met someone who was innate betimes at around 24 weeks. Killing any child should be unthinkable, but just before viability? In fact, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains how hideous second trimester abortions are in a disturbing video for LiveAction. We’ve related to it at BreakPoint.org, but I’ll tell you this much: It involves literally ripping a baby prong from limb.

On a quite domestic basis—and discordant to claims by Planned Parenthood and others—this check is renouned on both sides of the domestic aisle. A 2013 Gallup check found just 27 percent of Americans consider termination should be authorised after the first trimester of pregnancy which, by the way, ends at 12 weeks of gestation.

A Knights of Columbus check in 2014 found an implausible 84 percent of Americans wish to shorten termination to the first 3 months of pregnancy or less! And—are you sitting down for this?—62 percent of those who are strongly pro-choice support a 20-week ban. These are folks who support profitable for abortions with taxation dollars. As Will Saletan at Slate admits, “even many pro-choice people aren’t sold” on killing babies within a hairs extent of viability.

And this legislation would also assuage America’s intensely magnanimous sovereign termination laws, making them some-more like those of other Western nations. Now, I’m no fan of displaying America after Europe as some are, but as Cassy Fiano explains in a video for Prager University, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and France all heavily shorten or effectively anathema abortions after the first trimester. Only 7 other countries have termination laws like America, and two of them are North Korea and China.

So, where’s the challenge? CNN reports that GOP Whip Senator John Cornyn of Texas, when asked either his cover would take up this legislation, pronounced “That’s not a near-term priority.”

Say what? If finale termination isn’t the reason pro-lifers opinion overwhelmingly Republican, what is? Look, for too prolonged we’ve listened lots of pro-life tongue on the GOP campaign trail, only to see the unborn take a backseat to other priorities in Washington.

So it’s time to send a transparent summary to Cornyn and other Senate Republicans: This is because your voters inaugurated you. Get busy.

And for Democratic senators, we say, “Look at the check numbers. Listen to Americans. The infancy of your voters—the pro-choice crowd—supports this legislation.” Listen to them, not to Planned Parenthood or the increasingly irrelevant termination lobby. End this many hideous form of termination now.

Now make no mistake—all termination should be illegal. But this is a outrageous step in the right direction. Come to BreakPoint.org and we’ll help you get in hold with your U.S. senators. It’s their pursuit to listen. And it’s the pursuit to pronounce for those who can’t.


House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban: Time to Make It Law

As John urged, now is the time for action. Get in hold with your senators. Ask them to support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Find hit information for all United States senators by clicking here.

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