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BreakPoint: Chuck Colson’s Conversion

Thirty years ago today, we visited Tom Phillips, boss of the Raytheon Company, at his home outward of Boston. I’d represented Raytheon before going to the White House, and we was about to start again.

But we visited for another reason as well. we knew Tom had turn a Christian, and he seemed so different. we wanted to ask him what had happened.

That night he review to me from Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, quite a section about the good impiety that is pride. A unapproachable man is always walking by life looking down on other people and other things, pronounced Lewis. As a result, he can't see something above himself immeasurably superior—God.

Tom, that night, told me about encountering Christ in his own life. He didn’t comprehend it, but we was in the inlet of low despondency over Watergate, examination the boss we had helped for 4 years teeter in office. I’d also listened that we competence turn a aim of the review as well. In short, my universe was collapsing.

That night, as Tom was revelation me about Jesus, we listened attentively, but didn’t let on my own need. When he offering to pray, we thanked him but said, no, I’d see him someday after we review C. S. Lewis’s book. But when we got in the automobile that night, we couldn’t drive it out of the driveway. Ex-Marine captain, White House tough guy, we was great too hard, job out to God. we didn’t know what to say; we just knew we indispensable Jesus, and He came into my life.

That was thirty years ago.

I’ve been reflecting of late on the things God has finished over that time. As we consider about my life, the commencement of the jail ministry, the work in the probity area, the general method that reaches a hundred countries, and the work of the Wilberforce Forum and BreakPoint, we have come to conclude the doctrine of providence. It’s not the world’s thought of predestine or luck, but the reality of God’s boundless intervention. He orchestrates the lives of His children to accomplish His good purposes.

God has positively systematic my steps. we couldn’t have illusory when we was in jail that we would someday be going back to the White House with ex-offenders as we did on Jun 18; or that we’d be using prisons that have an 8 percent recidivism rate; or that BreakPoint would be daily listened on a thousand outlets opposite the United States and on the Internet.

The law that is uppermost in my mind currently is that God isn’t finished. As prolonged as we’re alive, He’s at work in the lives. We can live lives of tractability in any margin given God providentially arranges the resources of the lives to grasp His objectives.

And that leads to the biggest fun I’ve found in life. As we demeanour back on my life, it’s not having been to Buckingham Palace to accept the Templeton Prize, or getting titular degrees, or essay books. The biggest fun is to see how God has used my life to hold the lives of others, people spiteful and in need.

It’s been a prolonged time given the dim days of Watergate. I’m still bewildered that God would take someone who was barbarous in the Watergate scandal, shortly to be a convicted felon, and take him into His family and then sequence his stairs in the way He has with me. God overwhelmed me at that moment in Tom Phillip’s driveway, and thirty years later, His adore and affability hold and astonish me still.

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