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BreakPoint: Bring Your Bible (Back) to School

 What book is many indispensable in the open schools, but slightest likely to be there? we gamble you can take a guess.

Not all that prolonged ago, Teddy Roosevelt could contend but fear of contradiction, “A consummate bargain of the Bible is better than a college education.” In some-more new times, Ronald Reagan said, “Of the many influences that have made the United States into a particular republic and people, nothing may be pronounced to be some-more elemental and fast than the Bible.”

Now aside from the Christian worldview it teaches and the dignified lifestyle it commends, the Bible also tells us how to know and adore God and how to adore and offer the associate man. No consternation it was at one time compulsory reading in most every school in America.

But today, this Book, which laid the substructure for complicated science, domestic freedom, and Western culture, is seen as unsuitable in American education. Yes, politicians in both parties mostly selectively quote the Bible when it serves their purposes, and educational progressives will, reluctantly, concede the Old and New Testaments to be complicated as an educational theme in the open schools.

But given 1963, if there’s even a hint of dignified teaching or proselytizing, well, forget it. And nonetheless we consternation aloud where the augmenting levels of suicide, sex, and drug abuse in the immature people have come from.

That’s since I’m anxious to tell you about a flourishing transformation to re-introduce the Bible in the open schools—not by teachers or administrators, but by the kids themselves. It’s called Bring Your Bible to School Day, and this year’s eventuality is tomorrow, Thursday, Oct 5th.

With a tagline of “Bring It. Share It. Live It,” Bring Your Bible to School Day began in 2014 and is sponsored by the friends at Focus on the Family. Last year some-more than 350,000 immature people participated. This year, they design half a million open school students in all 50 states to bring their Bibles to school and tell their friends about the wish they have. And the best partial is, it’s ideally constitutional.

“Over the years,” says Focus President Jim Daly, “we’ve listened from many kids and teens who wish to meaningfully rivet in conversations with peers to share their viewpoint on critical issues. The good news is—they can.

Daly adds, “The Constitution recognizes students’ rights to share their biblical viewpoints in a way that doesn’t disquiet instruction time, and to practice their faith at school. ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ celebrates these rights and gives Christian students a possibility to share a bit about their faith, which is an critical partial of who they are.”

Indeed. To see what it’s all about, just go to bringyourbible.org for all the details. You’ll see testimonies there of students resolutely station up for Jesus at their schools. There are sections for parents, for pastors, and for teachers, and critical information on what’s legally permissible. And an awful lot is permissible! As the Supreme Court has noted, “It can frequency be argued that students or teachers strew their inherent rights to leisure of debate at the schoolhouse gate.”

Look, let’s be honest: a big partial of the reason there’s so little Christian change in the open schools is that, as the friends at Gateways to Better Education have argued for years, people on both sides of the evidence simply don’t know what’s authorised and inherent and what is not. But an even bigger partial is since too many of us have turn fearful or pacifist in the face of the culture’s flourishing unbelief. As Chuck Colson used to say, Christians need to courageously mangle the turn of silence. Bring Your Bible to School Day—again, it’s tomorrow—is a good way do just that, winsomely, and totally legally.

For you and your children to learn some-more about how they can take critical early stairs in station up for Jesus with their friends, revisit bringyourbible.org. It has all the resources you’ll need to be a partial of this glorious movement.



Bring Your Bible (Back) to School: Kids Have Good News to Share

Help your students mangle the turn of silence–encourage them to bring their Bibles to school on Thursday, Oct 5. Check out the links next for serve information on Bring Your Bible to School Day.


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