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BreakPoint: America’s Reversal on Gay “Marriage”

The fight over same-sex “marriage” already seems like a apart memory. But the way it was fought is the mom of all worldview lessons.

According to new surveys, Americans—especially younger generations—are some-more understanding of happy “marriage” than ever before. One Gallup check suggested that a clever majority—64 percent—approve of the rights invented and bestowed on same-sex couples by the Supreme Court in the Obergefell decision.

And the Barna Group recently reported that teenagers currently are at slightest twice as likely as American adults to brand as LGBT.

All of this, despite the fact that in 2011, a immeasurable infancy of U.S. states had tangible matrimony as the kinship of one man and one woman. How could it be that, in just the next 4 years, state after state would strike down those matrimony amendments, open opinion would change by 10 points and finally, in 2015, the Obergefell decision would make all official?

At slightest partial of the answer is found in how party reshaped the common imaginations. From “Will and Grace,” to “Glee,” to “Modern Family,” Hollywood spent years, and millions, portraying homosexuality as funny, normal, natural, and even wholesome.

Around the same time, in another globe of culture, politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “evolved” on the issue, and their base—which was already mostly pro-gay—responded with a quick and radical leftward swing.

In a informative moment, domestic liberals went from granting feud on matrimony to demonizing anyone who still endorsed “one-man-one-woman,” as bigoted, hateful, homophobes.

Business, too, played a major role in this shift. The success of the Human Rights Campaign in pressuring companies to actively promote LGBT causes is, well, incredible. And supervision care in state after state, with singular exceptions like North Carolina, caved to the corporate financial leverages that were being threatened against them.

But decades before all that happened in entertainment, politics, and business, there was something else that done same-sex “marriage” fundamentally inevitable: the grave divorce of matrimony and procreation.

As University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus has convincingly argued, “the pill” alone was adequate to disjoin the couple between sex and procreation, changing how Americans suspicion about adore and marriage. No longer did those two things indispensably lead to that “baby in the baby carriage.” Protestants, evangelicals, and the Catholic laity mostly supposed that change but a sight of protest.

The divorce of matrimony and procreation led to all kinds of unintended consequences. Marriage was popularly remade from being a nest for children to being an countenance of adult feelings. And once it was no longer “about the children,” “no-fault divorce” legally redefine matrimony in the law.

Fast brazen a few decades, stealing any remaining stigmas on passionate behavior, and then terms like “husband and wife,” “mother” and “father,” and ultimately, “male and female” lost their defining power. Same-sex unions were then just a very brief step away.

Which brings us to currently and the news that an up-and-coming era may be the many pro-LGBT in history. Those of us who trust in God’s pattern for sex face a daunting task. Reversing Obergefell and rebuilding the cracked accord on healthy matrimony won’t occur quickly. But here’s what we can do…

First, we can help the children know what went wrong, generally the wrong ideas about sex, marriage, happiness, and procreation that interfuse the society. Second, we can help them know what’s right about God’s pattern for marriage, sex, and procreation.

But remember, this battle was lost, not by argument, but in the imagination. And so we must consolidate God’s pattern in the marriages and in the communities.

And finally, we should grieve of the ways in which we embraced the lethal wrong ideas of this social revolution.


America’s Reversal on Gay “Marriage”: What Really Happened?

John has called believers to grieve from a infrequent acceptance of the passionate revolution’s ideology, and has speedy us to consolidate God’s pattern in the own marriages. Teach your children the law for marriage, sex, and procreation, and be an instance in your families and communities.

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