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BreakPoint: 2018, the Year Ahead

From all of us at the Colson Center, we wish to wish you a very healthy, happy New Year. Next on BreakPoint, some thoughts as we demeanour forward to 2018.

A few weeks ago, Taylor Swift’s twitter that “she could not have asked for a better year,” was met with outrage and condemnation. How could anyone consider 2017—with its feign news, Charlottesville, North Korea and altogether domestic chaos—was a good year, they tweeted back?

Of march there are many people deeply, and rightly, endangered by what we saw culturally and politically this past year. And having watched the Human Rights Campaign’s convene outward the Supreme Court broadcast that a couple not getting a cake from Jack Phillips was a “matter of life and death,” there’s also a lot of melodramatics going on about how bad things really are. I’m tempted here to contend something about net neutrality, in fact.

But let me contend instead, on interest of all of us at the Colson Center, just how beholden we are to God for your support. And we’re grateful for how He’s using this ministry. Every one of the categorical initiatives—whether the BreakPoint commentaries, the podcast, the Wilberforce Weekend, the brief courses, and the Colson Fellows Program—are reaching some-more people than every before. And we’re grateful to be on sound financial footing. And so many of you are to be thanked for that.

So what’s headed the way in 2018? I’m no prophet, but we do wish to repeat something we pronounced on BreakPoint at the start of 2017:

Christ-followers must be heedful about what French philosopher and clergy Jacques Ellul called the “political illusion”—the thought that the problems are essentially domestic ones with only domestic solutions. As Chuck Colson put it, shelter will never arrive on Air Force One.

This time last year, many Republicans were over the moon about their domestic prospects, and many Democrats were certain the finish of civilization was on them.

As we wrote a year ago after President Trump’s overwhelming electoral victory: “As the Democrats schooled the tough way, what goes around comes around. The election was a greeting to extreme physical magnanimous policies. And after Republicans try to idle the Obama bulletin there may very good be an equal and conflicting reaction.”

And here we are, just a year later. The President has indeed had some critical successes: nominating Justice Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, the drop of ISIS in Iraq, the dissolution of the HHS preventive mandate, the Justice Department opening an review into Planned Parenthood’s selling of fetal physique parts, and more.

But make no mistake, the domestic winds seem to have, as domestic winds tend to do, shifted—as evidenced by Democratic gains in Virginia and in Alabama of all places. Would you have illusory last year at this time that the Democrats would feel good about their retaking of the House in 2018?

And so we start 2018 as we did 2017, warning Christians to “beware of the domestic illusion.” Reminding us—me included—to stay in the diversion but to place the wish where the wish belongs: in the bedrock truths that Christ is risen, Christ is Lord, and that Christ will come again to revive all things.

And that’s because the many critical doubt for us looking at 2018 is either the Church will, as Chuck favourite to say, “be the church.” Will any of us take seriously our call, the call that all Christians share, to rivet the enlightenment around us as agents of restoration?

Of course, we can only do this by sketch nearer corporately and away to Jesus, seeking brotherhood with Him and with any other, and going low in His law for the universe around us.

So stay tuned to BreakPoint in 2018, where we’ll continue the joining to bring clarity amidst the informative chaos. Sign up for the podcast, which facilities the daily commentaries and 3 longer form facilities any week, and don’t skip this year’s Wilberforce Weekend, which facilities Eric Metaxas, Joni Eareckson Tada, Fr. Robert Sirico, Andrew Peterson, and more. It’s going to be utterly a year.


2018, the Year Ahead: Sure Hope or the Political Illusion?

At the commencement of this new year, join the Colson Center as we dedicate to take seriously the work of the Church, speaking with clarity and knowledge as we rivet the culture. Stay connected to BreakPoint, listen to the podcasts, and symbol your calendar for the Wilberforce Weekend, May 18-20 in Washington D.C.


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