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BP This Week: The Reality of Evil

In the issue of the deadliest mass sharpened the U.S. has ever seen, we weep with the families of those killed or bleeding in Las Vegas. Our hosts simulate on the reality of evil, and how Christians are called to fight it and to bring healing, and on how we can still trust in and adore a God Who allows immorality men to lift out such acts.

At the same time, we applaud an sparkling step brazen for the pro-life movement. The U.S. House of Representatives has just upheld a check that would anathema many abortions after 20 weeks of gestation–the indicate at which we know unborn babies can feel pain. It faces unbending antithesis from Democrats in the Senate and disinterest from Republicans. President Trump has vowed to sign it, if it passes. Now is the time to let your U.S. senators know what you design from them.

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