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After 70 years constant service to Britain and the Queen, Prince Philip retires from stately duties joking ‘I can’t mount up much longer’

PRINCE Philip joked ­yesterday about the bombshell news he is to mount down from stately duties — quipping: “Well, we can’t mount up much longer.”

After some-more than 22,000 solo engagements and 637 abroad visits to 143 countries, the Duke of Edinburgh will all but repel from open life this autumn.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip yesterday suggested he is to mount down from open duties, after 70 years of service

Palace sources insisted the decision — announced just over a month before his 96th birthday _ was not taken for medical reasons, but only by the Prince.

It came 64 years after Elizabeth II was crowned Queen with him at her side. Palace sources pronounced Her Majesty upheld his decision as he also prepares to stop open events for almost 800 charities and organisations.

Within hours of the news, the Prince was at a St James’ Palace engagement, where mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah, 88, told him: “I’m contemptible to hear you’re station down.”

Prince Philip The Queen

The startle news came 64 years after Elizabeth II was crowned Queen with him at her side

Prince Phillip

The news was suggested after all Royal staff were called to an emergency assembly at Buckingham Palace

In typically defenceless fashion, the stately replied: “Well, we can’t mount up much longer.”

News of the maestro royal’s approaching retirement came as:

  • ROYAL staff from opposite the country were called to a ­dramatic secret assembly yesterday;
  • PRIME Minister Theresa May hailed the long-serving Duke as a “huge benefit” to the country;
  • EVEN Labour personality Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long republican, called him an “inspiration”;
  • IT was suggested that Philip will spend some-more time at Windsor Castle, and
  • THE 91-year-old Queen vowed to go on alone.

Prince Philip The Queen

It was reliable The Queen will continue to go on alone while Prince Philip spends some-more time at Windsor Castle

Royal staff called to London were told at their hush-hush assembly that the Prince, who served in the Royal Navy, would do all existent commitments but take on no new ones past autumn.

The stately join may be seen at the occasional event, but will differently make way for the younger generation.

Prince Philip

In the past 7 decades, the Duke of Edinburgh has done some-more than 22,000 solo engagements and 637 abroad visits to 143 countries

Buckingham Palace pronounced in a statement: “His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh has motionless that he will no longer lift out open engagements from the autumn of this year.

“In holding this decision, the Duke has the full ­support of the Queen.

Prince Philip Queen

THE Queen wholly supports her husband’s decision to step down from his role

“Prince Philip will attend formerly scheduled engagements between now and Au­g­ust, both away and concomitant the Queen.

“Thereafter, the Duke will not be usurpation new invitations for visits and engagements, nonetheless he may still select to attend certain open events from time to time.”

Prince Philip Queen

Prince Philip will strictly step down from Royal engagements in the Autumn

The thespian news was kept to a parsimonious middle circle, but core staff and members of the Royal Family were told.

It was only when stately employees were called to Buckingham Palace that news of an approaching proclamation began to leak.

On Wednesday evening, rumours of a major explanation began present within the press.

By morning, crowds of reporters and TV cameras had collected in front of the stately residence.

Prince Philip Queen

Rumours of a major explanation began present within the press on Wednesday evening, after the news had already been suggested to a parsimonious middle circle

Insiders were left to boot fears of death or ill health, lecture reporters that both the Queen and her husband were alive and well.

But they kept still about the news until 10am and, even then, had to highlight there was no specific health reason for the retirement.

Prince Philip

The Palace reliable the decision was the Prince’s and has not been done on medical grounds

A stately help told The Sun: “This decision has not been taken on medical grounds.

“It was wholly his decision. He’s scarcely 96, he motionless this is the right moment to take a step back.

“The reason this is being announced now is since this is the time invitations are flooding in for his autumn programme.

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“He felt it was only satisfactory to the 780-odd organisations with which he has links that he should be signalling his intentions publicly now.”

The Duke of Edinburgh’s retirement from open engagements comes as he and the Queen ready to symbol a touching personal miracle this year.

Royal Family

Younger members of the Royal Family will step up and help the Queen with her duties

In November, they are due to strech their gold marriage anniversary, imprinting 70 married years.

On Wednesday Prince Philip looked lissome and full of life as he non-stop the new Warner Stand at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

He drew laughs from the throng as he joked he was “the world’s many gifted board unveiler”.

Yesterday he again looked in good spirits as he arrived at St James’ Palace for the service for Members of the Order of Merit at the Chapel Royal. He after had lunch with guests.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip is many famous for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which has speedy immature people to stay active for generations

Among 780 patronages at charities and other organisations, he is many famous for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which has speedy immature people to go outdoor and stay active for generations.

The stately is also enthusiast of the World Wildlife Fund and has a clever seductiveness in the environment, science, engineering and the forces.

But he had already started handing over responsibilities — giving up some-more than a dozen positions when he incited 90. And he upheld over his clientele of the RAF Air Cadets after 63 years as air ­commodore-in-chief to the Duchess of Cambridge, who became Honorary Air Commandant in 2015.

Prince Philip

In 2015 the Duke upheld over his  clientele of the RAF Air Cadets after 63 years as air ­commodore-in-chief to the Duchess of Cambridge

Despite this, the Prince remained the fifth-busiest stately last year — with a towering 110 open ­engagements.

Internet jokers had squandered no time yesterday pitter-patter up waggish ridicule reasons for Prince Philip’s retirement.

One prankster suggested he was job it a day to equivocate having to meet US boss Donald Trump at the arriving state visit.

Prince Philip

The Prince still has 780 patronages at charities and other organisations, and felt it was only satisfactory they know his intentions to step down

Another joked: “Is Prince Philip timid as he is worried he will be deported back to Greece post Brexit? Did he not get his permanent residency?”

The torment surrounding Buckingham Palace’s top-secret assembly yesterday morning also sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Igor Lima said: “Southern Rail just announced my sight is behind since the motorist was watchful for Buckingham Palace’s announcement.”

Prince Philip Prince Harry

Prince Philip with grandson Prince Harry

Others joked that the Queen was scheming to announce the further of a new corgi to the stately ­household.

Footie fans also waded in on the action, with one Arsenal believer derisive up an picture of the Queen on the Palace balcony, holding a sign declaring: “Wenger Out”. Plenty of people also used the arise to have a puncture at the EU.

Prince Philip cracks a fun with guest who says he’s ‘sorry to hear he’s station down’

One Brexit voter posted a snap of the Queen with her corgis. They combined the caption: “One has motionless one does not like that man Juncker. Neither do the corgis. No deal. Pull up the drawbridge.”

And Charlotte Norton cheekily questioned either the emergency assembly was called since messaging app WhatsApp was down.


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