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Nurse opens up about feeling ‘like a freak’ after finding she had two vaginas

Nurse opens up about feeling 'like a freak' after finding she had two vaginas
(Pictuire: Ruaridh Connellan/Barcroft Images)

Throughout her teens, Nicci Triefenbach spent days stuck in bed with agonizing cramps.

She didn’t work out the means until she hit 20 and went by an hearing with a gynaecologist: Nicci actually has two vaginas.

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Nicci’s vaginal form is separate in two, with two uteri, two cervix, and two vaginal canals. From the outward her vagina appears wholly ‘normal’, with one opening and unchanging labia.

The condition is called uterus didelphus, and has caused Nicci issues trimming from anemia (caused by her ovaries being on two opposite menstrual cycles) to endometriosis and heated earthy pain.

‘The hardest thing about the whole routine is not feeling like a woman,’ pronounced Nicci. ‘You feel like you’re insane, then there is the whole ‘why me?’ aspect.

‘You feel like, “wow, I’m a playground freak.” You feel private and aberrant – like a weird of nature.’

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Nicci was left feeling uncertain and isolated, which led to issues with sex and dating.

‘The condition influenced my life flattering severely,’ pronounced Nicci. ‘Trying to explain it to partners before sex was annoying and we felt like some men only wanted to be with me since we was a newness – they saw having sex with me as a challenge.’

Eventually she met Andy, who desired Nicci and gave her the certainty to accept her physique in the process.

But while Nicci grew out of her shame, new issues came up when Nicci and Andy wanted to have children.

Nurse opens up about feeling 'like a freak' after finding she had two vaginas
(Picture: metro.co.uk)

She’s had 3 miscarriages and has been incompetent to lift a child for longer than 22 weeks.

Nicci said: ‘You get very unfortunate to have children and you just consternation “What am we doing wrong? Why am we going by this?”‘

‘There were times when we suspicion about self-murder but again with my support complement it pulled me out.’

The earthy and romantic pain done Nicci confirm to have a hysterectomy, which private both cervix and uteri.

Nicci went by a hysterectomy and a reconstruction, which has left her with one vaginal opening (so yes, she can still have sex), but no cervix and no uteri.

Nurse opens up about feeling 'like a freak' after finding she had two vaginas
(Picture: Ruaridh Connellan / Barcroft Images)

She says the medicine has drastically softened her peculiarity of life, stealing her earthy pain and intensely complicated periods. She now hopes to adopt, and wants to share her knowledge to support other women experiencing identical struggles with their vaginas, endometriosis, or problem having a child.

‘I fundamentally have my life back, pronounced Nicci.

‘I wish to adopt one day – hopefully soon. we was adopted myself and I’d adore to give a home to a child who really needs it.

‘For years we was ashamed but now we adore my physique for what it is able of – rather than hating it for what it’s not.

‘I wish to get absolved of the tarnish surrounding conditions like this and we wish other women to adore themselves and adore their bodies.

“I have motionless to go open with this since there is so many women out there that have anomalies and have endometriosis, and don’t feel like they have anybody.

‘If you have two vaginas, two uteruses, two cervixes, you’re just different, you’re not a playground freak.

‘You’re not alone and you’ve got to be strong.’

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