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Lucozade now has reduction sugar and people consider it tastes ‘horrible’

Lucozade now has reduction sugar and people consider it tastes rubbish
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Look, we know we’re ostensible to be immoderate reduction sugar.

We know that sugar is solemnly killing us, ruining the moods, and giving us headaches. It’s bad for us. We know.

But please, please, can companies stop rigourously snatching divided the honeyed sweetened highs with no warning?

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First they came for the Kit-Kats. Then it was Fruit Pastilles.

Now Lucozade has had its sugar calm cut – and, apparently, it tastes flattering bloody opposite as a result.

Lucozade announced plans for the change back in November, which went sincerely under the radar as the makers positive us the splash would ambience the same.

But now the change has rolled out, people are outraged. Apparently it now tastes ‘weird’ and significantly opposite to the prior recipe.

Someone’s even started a petition to bring the old Lucozade back, essay that the new recipe ‘makes the product ambience awful’ and could be ‘harmful’ to those with diabetes.*

*This is since people with diabetes have been suggested to devour a tiny volume of sugar to forestall hypglycaemia (low blood sugar). They’re suggested to splash 20g of sugar – which used to be 100ml of Lucozade. Now it’s 200ml of Lucozade.

Lucozade have been responding to people’s complaints on Twitter with the following statement: ‘We’re contemptible to hear you don’t like the ambience of the new recipe.

‘We have worked tough to safeguard the products have the same good ambience with 50% reduction sugar. Thank you for your feedback and we will be certain to pass in on to the growth team.’

Which we reckon is company-speak for ‘we did not design this reaction, we’re panicking a little, but for now you’ll have to put up with your new reduction sweetened appetite drink. Sorry.’

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