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Secret Cherry Blossom

How long more must she suffer, to realize the world is no place for her? How long must she wander in the cold, to realize she has to stay out of the wind? With midnight passing around the corner, her feet passed several trees. They led her to a place she wished to be long forgotten, but every day not spent there only made her think of it more. The wind caressed her scars as it told a story, a story that can be told everywhere, anytime. It’s never inappropriate to share a tale of pain, but the wind had more to tell than she could bear. Her feet had been stepping for hours now, as her mind dreaded this day for years. She had reached her final destination, at least for the night. In her right arm she held roses, not a dozen though, only 7. In her left arm she held a futon, neatly folded. Though the moment she stepped towards the stone, the futon dropped from her arm onto the grass beneath her feet. Slowly her finger traced a set of names, six to be precise. Every name traced was one rose placed, the last rose she held between her fingers. The moon’s rays colored it a gentle blue instead of white, but no matter in what angle she would look at the rose, she looked at it in disgust.

She placed this one at the bottom of the monument, just before her feet, as the others lay gently on top of the rock. As the futon was laid in place her mind still wandered. Now lying there, gazing at the stars, she spoke for the first time in hours. A silent whisper taken by the wind, “Don’t you just love the stars Obito? I bet it feels great to be among them…” Stretching her arms to the side made her think of the times she slept there before. Often she’d be lying in the middle, whilst her teammates rested on her arms. Never again would that happen, since they were among the stars as well now. “No more pain, no worries… Just, being there.” A deep, harbored sigh left her chapped lips, “Please sensei, watch over me…” The wind took her last breath for the night and whisked it towards the trees, it rested upon silent ears. And the silent feet that came with those ears, made their way to the stone, silently of course.

The person, the rightful owner of the feet and ears, looked down upon the frail form. Thinking what an easy coupe de grace she was, though, beautiful and lively at the same time. Not sure what thoughts had priority, not caring either, he placed his own covers over the young woman. Careful not to wake her, he took place next to her on the grass and enjoyed the sight he was given. The stars as well as the girl beside him, looking at them in peace is what he wanted though the one distracted him too much from the other. As a child, he was told that people would tell the truth in their sleep… Just whisper them the question and the answer shall follow. But was it the right thing to do? To violate her sleep and trust like that? As he laid there beside her, his thoughts wandered with his eye along her curved being. Her cheeks, lips… following the covers downwards to her chest, he watched it move in a steady rhythm. Carefully he leaned in to study the rhythm of her heart, but was surprised with a whisper from the lips.

He could not believe his ears, those words were the last he had hoped to hear from those precious lips. Should he believe them? The lips? The words that came from them? After all she was asleep, it might have been an unconscious slip of the tongue… He tried to shake off the thought that it might be true as her lips had whispered many lies before. As his gaze returned to her she wasn’t on her back anymore, she had retracted her arms close to her and rolled over. In a way she must have sensed him being there as she had rolled over, closer to him. It seemed she longed for contact, her face distorted into a grim frown. A nightmare had occurred, should he comfort her? Should he let her be?

He tried to fight his emotions with his wants and needs, for now he had won. He looked down again upon the frail form, his finger trailed her frown. It lessened at his touch, had she noticed it was him? His finger had digressed from her frown to her cheek, down to her bare neck. As he passed a certain spot she shivered under his touch, at this he smiled. At this, he remembered nice moments with this spot and his lips, moments he couldn’t resist bringing back to live. He slipped his mask to its rightful place when he was with her, around his neck. He kept his finger around the spot as he slowly brought his lips closer, the moment she felt his breath on her cold skin a moan-like sigh seeped through her lips… Only encouraging the man to go on, and so he did.

His lips touched her neck as gently as they could, not quite a kiss yet not ‘brushed’ against her skin. As he settled his lips down for a real kiss, he delicately nipped at her flesh. The sensitive spot made her muscles contract, letting a strangled moan flow from her still chapped lips. He couldn’t believe what he was doing, why was he giving in to her again? Isn’t this going to be another disappointment? A simple repeat of ‘just then’? Though, nothing about her or their ‘relationship’ was simple… An intricate web woven of secrets and lies, one mistake… One wrong move could mean the end, pain and misery. Though deceit seemed to show its face first… No, he didn’t want to think about this, he didn’t want to go there anymore. He just wanted to be now, there with her…

He had crawled closer to her, his hand reaching for her body. Reaching to be in contact with her skin, almost there, almost… No. He had to with hold himself. She was not to know he was there, she were not to wake at his touch, not right now. He wasn’t even supposed to be kissing her, damn his emotions for being so weak… Damn his wants and needs, for being so strong. His hand doubtingly hovered closer to her, indecisive whether it should hold her shoulder gently and pull her closer… Or retreat to its humble nature, seize this kiss and let her sleep. Her breath seemed like one big moan, never ending except to inhale… Even then it sounded like a song dedicated to him, a rhythm followed by the wind.

He couldn’t pull back his lips, he wanted to, at least that’s what he told himself… But he couldn’t. The weak spot for this girl never left his heart, or the big-gaping-hole-that-used-to-be-his-heart. The latter being more suitable since her ‘departure’ had left him empty, as well as other people who thought of her like this. Maybe not as strong but still, there’s only one degree of love… That’s being in love, with someone, together. Was he in that state?

He opened his eye again, he found himself on the futon beneath the covers, yet still outside. When did that happen? He had sworn himself to just sit next to her and look over her fragile sleeping form through the night… Now he was back at square one, under the sheets with her. But, it all was over so sudden… Looking to his right, he saw the sleeping girl. Wearing a mask. When he felt his own lips. Covered by a porcelain mask. Had he been dreaming? They were under the stars Obito provided, on the futon she nicked from home and under the covers he brought along. As a light tingling sensation ran to his fingers and back to his shoulder, he looked back at the girl, long blue hair spread across the futon. So it seems that somewhere in their ‘sleep’, he had slipped between the futon and covers, snaking his arm underneath her neck. Several thoughts slipped from his mind as he rolled back closer to her, he placed his other arm over her… Around her… And held her close.

Though the one whisper tried to keep him awake all night, the whisper of the leaves soothed his heartbreak away.

  • “…I never… should have said… I loved him…” –

The stars had gone, they faded along with the darkness. The sun had scared them away and called upon the birds, their song awakening the rest of the world. A ray of sunlight trickled through the leaves above her head, falling on her closed eyes. The warmth invited her sight to see again, as she peered her eyes open she was welcomed with this nice view. A view of an old face, an old love. Perhaps to be renewed, “Kakashi, what are you doing here?” She straightened her neck, her arms and her legs. Looking around she saw covers over her and a futon beneath her. She didn’t remember bringing those along, she only remembered falling asleep in front of the monument. “I watched over you, making sure you were okay. Sleep well?” As she groaned whilst stretching her entire body, sitting up straight, she felt his eye wander off. “What’s with the old woman noises?” The look on his masked face was one she hadn’t seen before.

“It’s been a while since I slept on something soft…” she said, her hands gripping the covers. She looked up at him again, sitting next to her. His fabric smile, uncertain, “You call this soft? You have a real bed waiting for you at home…” “As long as it’s softer than a rock, it’s soft. And to me it’s a bed… Besides, I bet they burnt my bed ages ago…” she said, whilst scratching her neck she saw him visibly stiffen. “My neck is so sore and itchy… Like I’ve been stung, or bitten.” As she reached for the edge of her mask, he grabbed her hand. A simple look at his eye, a raise of her brow showed her interest, “It’s probably nothing… And if you are bitten it’s best you don’t scratch.” As her hand stopped resisting, she waited for him to let go, “Kakashi… Hand?” He looked down at their hands enjoying the warmth, slowly, regrettably he let go. “Kakashi, are you okay?” her own hand, now free, reached towards his cheek. The moment she cupped it, trying to feel his temperature, it flushed, “Kakashi, I think you have a-” “I’m fine. It’s nothing.” He pulled away so sudden, her hand followed his shadow.

He stood and turned, not away but enough to hide his face, “Your debriefing is in 3 hours, if you want to freshen up you can use my place… Or I could ask Kurenai, she might have some clothing for you as well…” “How is Kurenai?” He looked back at her, still sitting on the futon, her eyes locked with his. “She’s a Jounin-sensei too now, she has a Hyuuga in her team.” He watched her getting up and gather the futon and covers, “Hm, I hope for her sake it’s not the arrogant snooty one… She wouldn’t know how to handle him.” “Well, she is very shy. Something they can work on together.” His hands were aching to take the damp sheets from her hands, folded neatly, “Thank you for these Kakashi, I guess the least I can do is drop them off at your place… Wash them or something.” “It’s, it’s fine. You don’t have to do all that. I’ll just drop them off at the dry cleaners.” She smiled as did he, both disliked their masks though they both were unsure whether they could remove their masks around each other. It’s been a while and a lost of trust has passed, were they up to it?

He opened the door and showed her inside, “Now that you’re here, you might as well freshen up I guess…” Kakashi knew it was impossible to let her be in a cluttered room, with her ‘upbring’ as a habit, she’d start cleaning right away. She held her breath in the hope his house was as she left it, step by step she opened her eyes a bit more. As she turned into the living room, she sighed in a laughing way, “Kakashi, my god… It’s, clean.” The sheets threatened to fall from her arms as well as happy tears from her eyes, “It’s almost just like I left it…” “I cleaned up all night, before coming to the monument…” He took the sheets from her arms and tossed them in a hamper, “Let me get you a towel…” He left her speechless, her eyes were baffled with the spotless floor, the dustless shelves left her amazed, “I guess I rubbed off…” As she removed the Jounin vest and dropped it on the couch, she rolled up her sleeves for no real reason. She looked around on the shelves, books… A lot of books that weren’t there when she left, she picked one up and scattered to a page. Without her knowing she started to read out loud, though in a whisper, “Icha Icha… ‘Junko, I don’t want to lose sight of you. Not again…’ he grabbed her shoulders and pushed his lips onto hers, she tried to resist but she was no match for his power, his passion. Their lips melted together burning in the kiss,” Her eyes scanned the rest of the page and widened in shock, she gasped and snapped the book closed.

Her cheeks were reddened and her heartbeat up, with her eyes still on the book she didn’t notice the man already back in the room. In one hand he had clean towels for her, in his other was a uniform, “Oh, I see you’ve found my book collection…” His usual lazy voice was strangled, a bit forced. Her eyes trailed from the book to his face, a slight smile traced her mask, “It’s.. It’s a good book. I think I just need to start at the first page… Maybe even the first volume.” Her shaky voice revealed her nervousness, she turned to put the book back into place and heard him step closer. “I didn’t know you liked those kind of books Yeazakura…” “I didn’t, I guess I do now…” She took the towel and uniform from him, but looked estranged at the uniform, “Whose is this? It’s too small to be yours…” “It’s yours… You left it here when you.. You know.. when we-” “I remember… It’s something I could never forget.” She brought the shirt to her nose and took a deep breath of the scent, after a small content sigh she said, “It still smells like us…” “I didn’t have the guts to clean it, it was all I had left when you, disappeared.” She saw the sad look in his eye as he remembered the moments they shared, the moments they didn’t, “Talk about uniforms, whose are you wearing?” She looked down at the over sized shirt and pants she was wearing, several noticeable stitches pulled her attention, “Iruka asked me the same thing… I borrowed it from Kotetsu-kun, he had a spare left at the Hokage’s office. Surprisingly enough it doesn’t smell like him though, and it’s not really his size either.” His hand slowly took a hold of her shirt, around the stomach area, “Does this stitch make sense to you?” She looked down again, the stitch he mentioned ran from the hem across the chest. “It’s a bit familiar, yeah.” Her brows furrowed in an unsure way, she looked at his other hand that reached for his own shirt.

Still holding her shirt he now lifted his own, a scar, identical to the stitch, ran from above his hip across his chest. The visible piece of her face turned red, it flushed at the sight of something she had seen a million times, yet not like this. She smiled, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen those… I see you’ve even gained a few muscles.” He tugged at her shirt, pulling her closer, not knowing what to do she complied. He closed the gap by stepping towards her, instantly she dropped the towels and clothes and slipped her hands to his stomach. His well formed abs traced by her fingers, his ran through her hair. As their lips were a breath away from contact, they couldn’t stand the look in their eyes. So they closed them, and pressed their lips gently against each other. They didn’t care for their masks, they didn’t care for their clothes, they cared for their lips… Their tongues pushing at each other, against the fabric. It felt strange but not foreign, they often used to kiss like this… In times they couldn’t remove their masks, or like this, got lost in the heat of the moment. A pant escaped his lips against hers and a moan from hers against his. As he placed his hand behind her head, her hands had slipped over his chest and settled there.

Little footsteps made their way to the living room, “Yoh, Kakashi, I- Woah!” The voice startled the Jounin, causing them to pull apart. Yeazakura covered her moist mask with her hands, trying to regain her breath. The silver haired one looked to see the dog had turned around, “Yoh Kakashi, I didn’t need to see that. If you’re going to have girls over from now on, big boy, let me know when-” “Pakkun, it’s okay.” he said, he picked up the dog and turned back to the girl. “Pakkun, don’t you remember me?” Yeazakura said, the dog’s eyes were skeptic. He sniffed at her, and frowned, “Yeazakura-chan, you were supposed to take me for a walk. Eight years ago!” She laughed and petted the dog, “Sorry Pakkun, I was in a rush…”

After they had let the dog go, they sat down for a little talk, she had a question burning on her mind, “Kakashi,” “Hmm?” “You haven’t been with other women since I left, have you?” His eye widened in shock, almost suffocating in his own spit, “No! No, of course not! I-!” “I would’ve understood if you had, Kakashi. I would’ve understood if you were happy with someone else by now…” she said, her eyes staring into her empty mug. He placed his hand on hers, holding the mug with her, “That’s the whole thing, I can’t be happy with someone else…” She looked away, was it in shame? “Yeazakura, have you been… with someone else?” She bit her lip, she tried to fight the urge to lie, the urge to spill out the truth, and the urge to cry. “I think I’ll take that shower now.” her voice was soft, silent and sad. She stood up and walked past him, towel in hand.

Why didn’t she answer him? Had she been with someone else? Was she too afraid to tell? He rubbed the bridge of his nose, his head was killing him. But the moment he heard the water running clearly, he knew she hadn’t closed the door properly. With his back at the bathroom door, he listened intently, why? He didn’t know either. He heard her clothes fall onto the floor, the towel thrown over the tub edge. He heard the velcro of her mask, then he heard the mask fall onto the ground. He was counting down inside, waiting for that yelp, scream or gasp, but it didn’t come. Concentrating on the typical noises he missed a few critical ones, suddenly two arms snaked around his neck from behind, gliding down his chest and resting there. A delicate whisper against his ear made his spine shiver, “The next time you give me a hickey, don’t let me think it was a dream…”

The lips of that whisper and the arms retreated, Kakashi had turned just in time to catch only a glimpse of her naked form, retreating back into the bathroom. Catching only a glimpse of old scars, and new ones. He sighed, he already thought the old scars were a thorn in his heart. What was the story behind the new ones? He couldn’t stand seeing her hurt, seeing those scars made him think of when she was hurt. How much she must have suffered, bled and screamed. He could only imagine what the Rock ninja used as interrogation methods… And his imagination didn’t leave a pretty sight, he closed his eyes and quickly thought happy thoughts… Sexy thoughts, about the young attractive woman in his shower, soaping herself in. Rubbing, washing every inch of her magnificent naked form, oh-oh… He opened his eyes, his ear perked up to what he assumed was a whimper. He turned his head and again, he saw the bathroom door wasn’t closed properly. He got off the couch and closer to the door, bit by bit he pushed it open. Luckily the shower curtain was around the corner, and closed. As he stepped into the bathroom, he saw bandages stained, covered with blood.

He turned to the curtain, listened to the sounds between the gushing water. It was her, crying softly. The water must be too hot on her wounds, reopening them, he knew firsthand that hurts as hell. He had to help her somehow, a way without scaring her, “Kura-chan, I saw the wounds on your back… Let me help you.” Suddenly, the water had been turned off, in a very sad voice he heard her respond, “You, never called me like that before…Why?” He smiled to himself, “You’re no longer ‘Zack’… You’ve accepted your feminine side now. You said it yourself, ‘other women’?” She sighed, damn herself. She slipped her arm past the shower curtain, holding out her hand. Kakashi smiled again to himself, he turned to grab the towel and placed it in her hand. He didn’t let go though as he felt her tug at it, “Kakashi, not this again…” She sighed once more, not being able to do anything without clothes on she gave in. She released the towel and turned around, facing the tiled wall. She heard the curtain slid open and Kakashi step into some water, “Just be gentle, they’re deeper than you’re used to.”she whispered, trying to look over her shoulder. He gently dabbed her shoulders with the soft towel, “When haven’t I been gentle with you?” He saw her shiver slightly at the cold draft, or was it his whisper close to her ear? He had stepped closer to her, careful on the slippery floor. As his bare lips closed in on her skin, she wondered, was this the right thing to do? Could she resist, if she wanted to? He gently kissed her unscarred, unwounded neck up and down, slowly. Her breath switched between sighs, moans and gasps, as he performed magic on her skin. As he heard a whimper escape her lips this time, he stopped, “Yeazakura?” A tear fled down her cheek, “How can you forgive me so easily like that? After what I did?… I had to beg Iruka to forgive me, even then he hadn’t yet…” He felt her slouch underneath his hands, her arms slipping across her chest, “I love you Yeazakura-” “Don’t say that! I broke your heart! I don’t deserve this…” She tore away from his touch towards the wall, almost slipping on the floor. He caught her frail form from falling holding her close, she must really be distracted if her chakra was off. She’d be the last to slip from her feet from anything, “Kura-chan, you have to understand, it’s not your fault! You only wanted to be accepted by men, acknowledged.” She shook her head, cupped her face and cried on, “That’s not a reason to do it Kakashi, I’m wrong! You shouldn’t forgive me, let alone love…”

“Keep your hand here, I need to get some more bandages.” She placed her hand on top of his slipping away, he slid off the couch into the bathroom. There she sat, wondering what happened, what she had done… What she were to do. She couldn’t help but wonder, what was written on that page. She only had a quick glance at the page, though the urge to know grew. She stood up and made her way to the bookshelves, picking up the first volume this time. Suddenly she heard nothing but the pages beneath her fingers and the clock ticking on the wall, her eyes flew over the paper taking in every word. Slowly she shuffled back to the couch, mind her she never removed her hand from the bandage. From her lips the word of the paper resonated, “He couldn’t keep his eyes off her beauty, her radiant blue hair, her smile. She could uplift the darkest man with a simple look, “I must know her name.” He pushed through the massive crowd of people, he had to reach her…” She looked up from the page into nothingness, ‘Blue hair?’ She closed the book and looked at the writer’s name, she should have known. Of course, who else could write this and get away with it?

Absentmindedly she held the book closed to her chest, with her other hand holding the bandage on her stomach. She looked up at her side as something moved in the corner of her eye, “I see you’re enjoying the book,” He stepped over the back of the couch to sit behind her, he looked over her shoulder to see his hand back on hers. He took over the bandage and finished tending to her wounds, she placed her hand on the leg next to hers, “Ero-sennin wrote these books, didn’t he?” Kakashi sighed, still sitting behind her he took the book from her hands. He opened the cover to show her writing and a signature, ‘To Kakashi-kun, I know you miss her, more than I can think of… In the hopes these books give you hope, and salvation. – Jiraiya-sempai’ She smiled sadly at the little message, though contently sighed, “He truly is a good friend, and a good writer…” Kakashi now smiled himself and pecked her cheek, with his arms around her waist he groaned as there were knocks at the front door. As he moved to get up she stopped him, “I’ll get it, you’ve been moving enough.” With the bandages covering her every bit, she only lifted her mask to her face before opening the door, “Yeazakura,” With her hand on the handle she turned around, “It could be him.” She looked down, “It can’t be him, the Third said not to worry about him…” Kakashi stood up from the lonesome couch and strolled towards her, she let go of the handle and stepped behind him, “Let me open the door, you never know.”

The moment the door swung open and light poured in, a tiny person ran into the silver haired Jounin, screaming random things, “I missed you so much! Why didn’t you come back to me first?! I don’t ever want you to leave again! Do you know how much I cried?!” Kakashi looked down at the little girl hugging him dearly, he sighed and said, “Sakura-chan, that’s very flattering… But I thought you had a crush on Sasuke-kun? Besides, teacher-student relationships are forbidden…” The girl looked up and let go of the man, her long pink hair scattered in front of her eyes, “You’re not my sister! What did you to my sister?!” “Sakura-chan, take it easy! She’s fine, right sensei?” Naruto said, he comforted the girl as he patted her shoulder. The male Jounin nodded and stepped aside, revealing a beaten, tired and bandaged young woman. “Ane-chan!” the little girl shouted, she ran to her sister and jumped in her arms. With her arms around the girl’s waist, she lifted the little girl to twirl her around, “Imouto-chan, I missed you too…” She held the girl at arm’s length, “My my, you’ve grown so much!”

The Jounin looked back at the boys, he then noticed a Chuunin trying to get away, “Iruka, what are you doing here?” The Chuunin froze and turned around slowly, “I’m sorry Kakashi, the kids wouldn’t leave me alone unless I showed them where you lived. We all had a hunch she’d be here…” the Jounin nodded, was it that obvious? As the Chuunin peered into the hall, his eyes widened as he saw the bandages on her back. Even though just freshened, they were already stained a bit red, “Kakashi, w-what happened to her?” The Jounin turned to look at the woman, he could name a thousand things that happened to her, with her and against her. He turned back to the Chuunin, feeling beat himself, “Why don’t you ask her? I’m sure she’d tell you, now that Sakura is here she was going to anyway.”

“I’m not sure I can tell her just yet Kakashi, I mean… It’s a lot to go through when you’re 16. To hear about it at 12 may be a bit harsh.” With reluctance she looked at the living-room scene from the kitchen. Kakashi stood with some drinks on a tray, “Just start from the beginning, we still have two hours ’till the debriefing and briefing.” The thoughts grinded over and over in her mind, “You’re right, ‘sides… She has the right to know what happened.” As they slowly walked into the warmth and joy of the others, they didn’t seem affected. Kakashi placed the tray on the table and sat on a chair, Yeazakura on the other hand sat on the couch next to her little sister. The boys and the Chuunin sat on the couch across, “Iruka-sensei! How did you even get to know such a pretty lady anyway?” “N-Naruto, that’s a very delicate story. I don’t think I should-” “Nonsense Iruka, you should. Why don’t I tell the story?” Yeazakura said, as she looked down she noticed the little pink haired girl made her way onto her lap. She cuddled up against the warmth of her sister’s chest, not wanting to let go. The raven haired boy across them huffed and said, “Sakura, why are you behaving so childish?” She opened her saddened eyes and closed them again at the touch of her sister’s voice, “When I left, Sakura was five… I think when you saw me, Imouto-chan, the feelings you had back then erupted…” “I had the same thing! Kakashi, w-what about you?” Iruka seemed to be understanding things more now. “I feel like I’m 19 all over again…” Kakashi said as he wobbled on the chair, he couldn’t sit still for some stupid reason. The moment the chair started to creak meant bad news, “Creak anymore and the chair will break, if it won’t by itself I’ll do it for you…” Sasuke said, receiving many strange stares, “I don’t like creaking things…” He slowly stood up from the chair, slightly creaking. He took the chair and placed it behind the couch, before he sat down next to Yeazakura.

“Ane-chan,” Yeazakura looked down, “they took away father today. ANBU came and took him away! Why?!” The girl curled up against her sister even more, “It’s all part of one big story Sakura, one painful story.” The girl looked up at the woman, “Tell me?” Yeazakura looked at the man next to her, then at the one across. Both didn’t seem to mind, they’d love to hear it for themselves… “When I was about your age, I failed the Jounin test, again…

I felt like I couldn’t go home, because I knew he’d be waiting there for me. Waiting to yell at me, to hit me for being lazy, a failure… No matter what I did I was never good enough in his eyes, the eyes of my father. I worked hard and studied when I could, I passed the Genin tests at 6 joining a squad. When I was 8 I passed the Chuunin exams, after failing several times before. When I failed the Jounin exams for the second time, I wanted to run away, from home, my problems… So for that day I ran, I ran as far as I could, but one way or another I always ended up at the academy.

I sat in the tree, the branch above the swings was my usual place, but that time the swings were taken. I looked down and saw this cute boy, about one year older than me. But no matter how cute he was I already had a crush on someone else, he was a Jounin and three years older. But the last time I saw him, he was an arrogant little fellow, always strict and by the book. He never looked my way, which was also one of the reasons I sat in that tree. In that tree I always cried, this time I cried not only for unrequited love, but for my own failure as well. When I looked down at the boy on the swings, I heard him crying too. I saw all the kids leaving with their parents except for this one, was that his story? As I lay upon the branch, I asked him my question, “Why are you all alone, why are you crying?” The boy was startled, he jumped from the swings and looked up at me. As he tried to wipe his tears when he looked at me, it was then that I saw this cute scar across the bridge of his nose.” “Wait, you thought the scar on my nose was cute?” “Yes Iruka, now let me tell the story…” She sighed as she continued… “W-who are you?” “My name is Yeazakura… What’s yours?” I said as I jumped down, “Iruka, Umino Iruka…” He looked at me in a way I couldn’t explain, I think I saw him blush. But why would he blush? I was wearing a mask over the bottom half of my face, you could only see my eyes and my long blue hair. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be staring.” “That’s okay, why were you crying?” I asked him, I sat down on the swings as he sat down on the grass, “My life sucks… I’m a terrible ninja. An orphan. I’m just the class clown really.” I saw the sadness in his eyes, and I always thought my life sucked… apparently I wasn’t alone. An orphan eh? In my case that would be really nice, “My life sucks too, according to my dad I’m a terrible ninja as well. I always fail at everything before succeeding, and even then, he beats the crap out of me.” He now saw the pain in my eyes and frowned, “I guess we’re already a lot alike…” I knew, that in those few minutes I knew him I had interacted more than in the years I knew the other boy.

“So, did you kiss him Onee-san? Did you?” Naruto said, Yeazakura smiled, sadly though. “No, it wasn’t until a year or so later that we kissed, in the meantime I finally met the other boy-” “Kakashi-sensei, am I right?” Sasuke said. “How did you know? You never knew me as an arrogant, strict by the book boy.” the man said, rubbing his chin. The Uchiha just smirked, “I guess he was just lucky Kakashi, now… On with the story?

It wasn’t until a year had passed that the other boy noticed me, it was on a hot summer day and I was camping at the lake with Iruka-kun. I finally passed my Jounin exams, and he wanted to celebrate by swimming in the lake. “I, I don’t know Iruka-kun.” I said as I stared into the water, eyeing my reflection. “You don’t know how to swim? I can teach you?” “I know how to swim, I just don’t like to… expose my skin.” He had this weird look on his face, “Remember when I told you about my dad? The way he beats me… It scars, really bad.” He looked down at my reflection and into my eyes, he took my hand and said, “You don’t have to take your clothes off, just jump in like this.” I looked down at my clothes, it was possible. I needed to find some way to cool down anyway, so I ditched my vest, pouches and shoes. I looked at him as he again held my hand, we took a few steps back and leaped into the water. Splashing water onto the dock and onto each other, neither of us noticed we were being watched. After a while I climbed back onto the dock, my uniform stuck to me like a second skin. It revealed every curve, I was physically very mature for a thirteen year old.

It wasn’t until I finished drying my hair that I felt the eyes on my back. As Iruka was still drying his own hair, I hid all his hair ties and told them they fell into the water. That way it gave me some time to investigate the strange feeling, as I sensed it coming from the trees. As I stood up I wrung the excess water from my shirt and walked into the woods. I looked around quickly to see Iruka still diving for his hair ties. But by accident, I stepped onto a twig which snapped loudly. I gasped, birds flew away and something stirred in the distance. I stood next to a tree and tried to look around one further away. It seemed someone tried to hide behind it as I saw his hair stick out. I didn’t move a muscle, I was so still a bird almost landed on my arm. As I waited till the person would look around the corner I heard him move. He turned to look at me and I saw his mask, he wore a porcelain ANBU mask, ‘Why is ANBU spying on us?’ He noticed me trying to come closer, he hid behind a tree and leaped into its branches. As I stood beneath that tree I spoke to him, “I already saw you, it’s useless to hide.” Nothing, “I can recognize your mask.” Still he didn’t move. Looking between the branches and the leaves I saw his hair, his longish silvery hair. Suddenly he looked down, straight into my eyes. I gasped and tripped backwards, when I regained my posture I jumped to my feet and ran. I ran back to the dock and the last few feet I walked backwards, looking into the woods. Suddenly I bumped into Iruka, I turned around and looked him in the eyes. Or at least I tried, the way his wet hair framed his face caught my attention. The water dripped from his hair onto his chest and trickled down to his abs. I may have blushed- “May? You were blushing as hell, darn cute too!” “Iruka! I’m trying to tell a story from my point of view, okay?” The man snickered, “Sorry…” She smiled and sighed, again she continued…

“Zakura-chan, I think you lied to me about my hair ties.” “W-why would you think that?” I replied, he stepped closer to me, from the corner of my eyes I saw he was twirling a hair tie around his finger. “Because I found them in your pouch…” Again he stepped closer but I couldn’t move, so I just stood there as he leaned in to my lips. His other hand gently slipped down my mask revealing my ‘huge’ blush, “M-maybe I put them there so you wouldn’t lose-” Gently he kissed me, for some strange reason I felt so giddy. Maybe because it was my first kiss, and I was thinking to myself, ‘He really has soft lips for a boy. Do all boys have soft lips?’ Absentmindedly I kissed back, feeling his hand slip into my hair I smiled into the kiss.

“How cute Onee-san! Iruka-sensei was your first kiss…” Naruto seemed to be ecstatic about it, but so it seemed he was the only one who didn’t recognize the ANBU in the woods. “Yeah yeah, very cute,” Kakashi said as he looked at his clock, “it’s almost 8, we have to get going if you want to be on time for your debriefing and our briefing.” The silver haired Jounin was being stared by all his students, their sensei? On time? “You’re right Kakashi, I’ll finish the story another time.” she said, the little girl on her lap sighed, “You’re not coming home any time soon, are you?” Once again she looked her in the eyes, “It never really was a home to me, except for you Sakura-chan.”

“Yeazakura, I understand you’ve been trying to adjust. We expect your mission report in the next 5 weeks, that should be enough time for you to note every detail. Try to remember as much as you can.” The Hokage had picked up his pipe and relit it, “Uhm, about that ‘remembering’. I can’t remember that much, I mean, I can suddenly remember what happened 14 years ago over breakfast… But the mission is somewhat blurry.” Ibiki turned to her in his seat, motioning her to sit down. “We knew that would happen, trauma does that to you. I’m quite surprised you’re still alive to be honest, I don’t think I would’ve survived Iwa-torture. I’m proud of you Musume-chan, you’re a real interrogation nin.” Yeazakura smiled, her eyes radiated true happiness, “Ibiki-sempai, I never really understood why you call me Musume-chan…” “Because whenever you couldn’t rely on your father, I was there for you. It started when you accidentally called me Chichi-san.”

“Cell 7, you and your sensei will accompany this ‘stranger’ and bring back a criminal. A fugitive that’s hiding in a border village.” “Hai Hokage!” “You are expected there within 3 days, be careful on your way back though. Take the time you need, he’s said to be very dangerous.” As the squad bowed, Kakashi received the mission scroll, tucking it away in his vest.

“Ane-chan, do you need anything from your room?” Yeazakura looked down at the girl, stopping in her tracks. “I know that even though father isn’t there, you don’t want to stop by.” “That’s not it Sakura-chan, I would if I could. But the Hokage forbade me to contact family except for you. At least until after this mission.” The Genin nodded and wanted to turn on heel to walk on, but as the blue haired Jounin stopped her she whispered in her ear, “Bring back the diary underneath the loose floorboard in my closet, the one you’ve been trying to unlock is a dummy.” The Genin looked up in shock, then shook off the thought. Her older sister knew those things by just looking at you, she always has.

As Yeazakura sat on his bed, the man rummaged through some drawers. She laid on her stomach as she was reading the mission scroll, “Kakashi, have you read the mission details?” She tried to stifle a laugh in her voice as she received a denying answer. “Why? Does it say we need to cross-dress?” “Worse, we have to pretend we’re married and that your Genin are our kids.” “What?! You have to be kidding me!” His hands stopped rummaging the drawers and snatched the scroll from her hands, his eye frantically searched for any words stating that detail. As Yeazakura slipped from his attention she gently glided to his dresser and ruffled through the drawers herself. “I still don’t know what kind of guy you are Kakashi, you have tightie whities, boxers AND boxer-briefs…” she exclaimed holding up a pair of his underwear. As his arms grabbed her waist and pulled her up, and against him, she yelped and the underwear dropped from her hands to the floor, “My underwear is not your business, so buzz off.” He dragged her away from the dresser and dropped her on his bed. “Ha, your underwear is all my business… I still have a butt load of yours in my closet.” she said as he lay down next to her, “You mean the one your sister is going through?” “Oops…”

“Iruka-sensei, if you were her first kiss, how is Kakashi-sensei related into this?” the boy said, he had stuffed his pack with instant ramen, now it failed to close. “Kakashi is- was the reason, why she and I broke up… I always thought he was also the reason why she left, but, you’ll just have to ask her to tell the story when you set up camp or something.” The Chuunin sat on the windowsill, looking at the boy packing, he wondered why he never taught him that… Because the pack was ready to explode at the seams, “All done!” “Don’t forget your sleeping bag….” the Chuunin said, the boy groaned, he emptied the back and restarted packing.

“The mission scroll said nothing about us having to pretend we’re married.” he said as he held her against him. “Then what did the scroll say?” “It said that you and I need to bring along civilian clothing-” “Meaning that we might have to go undercover as a couple with kids. It’s that simple Kakashi.” he smiled as he looked down at her. With her smug eyes closed he planted a kiss on her forehead. “Then what do we do with our weapons?” She smiled as she opened her eyes at him, “We hide them just as good as you hide your face, about that… You might want to bring along a scarf, or sprout a beard.” “What about you?” “I’m a woman, I’ll just bring along my fan with serrated edges and hidden blades.” He looked at her with his eyebrow raised, “Do you know where it is?” She narrowed her eyes and cursed under her breath as she remembered her father had destroyed it in front of her… Telling her she’d never become a lady, nor a decent Kunoichi.

As they walked into the livingroom, he stopped by the bookshelf and quickly ran his finger past the titles. He picked out the one that was upside down and stuffed it in his pocket, “You’re going to read that, during the mission, perhaps even in public?” “Of course… Where would you read it?” he retorted, “Well, I don’t know… The privacy of my own house, preferably the bedroom?” As she said this he had stepped closer to her, leaning in at her ear, “Is that a suggestion, Kura-chan?” She blushed lightly at his whisper, but wildly at the heat that his body transferred onto hers. “Why are all you men so attractive…?” she said whilst frowning and sighing at his comment.

“Well well sensei, so it seems this woman does you good. You’re on time today, twice in a row.” Sasuke said as he smirked at the man, “Very funny kids, let’s just get to the walking alright?” As Kakashi let the two boys fight for the lead, he himself walked in the middle with the Haruno sisters behind him. Sakura pulled out a reddish book with a white circle from her pouch and handed it to her sister, “Ane-chan, I just have one question, whose male-underwear was in your closet?” The moment Kakashi heard this he snickered, trying his best to stifle his laughs, “Well, Sakura-chan… Those belong to this guy I dated, don’t worry, they’re clean.” “I noticed that, they smelled like cinnamon and dogs though. But I only remember you dating one guy that came over a lot… And he looked a lot like Kakashi-sensei.” Yeazakura bit her lip, should she tell? “That’s because he was that guy…” “What?! You mean I touched my sensei’s underwear?! Disgusting!” the girl screamed as she tried to rub the feeling from her hands. Kakashi turned his head around and said, “Your sister doesn’t seem to think that way, she had her hands all over my underwear this morning!” “Kakashi, stop tormenting the girl!” Yeazakura tried to cover the girl’s ears in vain and brushed her fingers through the pink hair.

Suddenly, the two boys had stopped and waited for the others to catch up, “Boys, something wrong?” The man eyed their smirks, “Nothing sensei, we were just wondering if Onee-san could resume her story?” Naruto looked slyly at the female jounin, who looked at Kakashi from the corner of her eyes. “Naruto, can’t you wait till we’ve set up camp?” Kakashi said, “It’s okay Kakashi, it beats walking and small talk. Though, where did I leave off?” “You and Iruka kissed.” Kakashi muttered under his breath, it wasn’t really an indicator of where she had left off, more like an indicator that the kiss still bothered him. She took out the little red and white book, and opened it on a marked page, “Right. About a week after that kiss…

Iruka and I started going out together, it was something that happened, we never really discussed it. We were together and we were a couple, we never said we were but the way we acted slightly gave it away. Slightly is a huge understatement in this case, because people looked so happy at us as it seemed we looked really happy too. Don’t get me wrong, Iruka was and still is a great guy I guess, but I never felt happy-happy. I felt like I was missing something, something that ANBU guy took from me, something the arrogant little boy stole. Even though I appeared real happy, it was a masquerade that I tried to keep up.

Another year had passed and I was 14 now, we’d been a something for a little over 12 months, but I just felt confused and alone for a year. My pattern at home didn’t change, only slightly as my two year old sister took all the attention from my father. I was happy for that, but when he got the chance he’d hit me worse than ever. I never showed or told Iruka about the new scars and wounds, and we never swam again. One day he asked me to the Sakura-festival, though I didn’t really wanted to I went. I didn’t want to go because I had the feeling ’he’ would be there, and I was right. I didn’t only recognize his mask, his hair wasn’t easy to miss either. When I saw him I felt like I was drooling, his ANBU uniform leaving just enough for my imagination.

From one moment to the other I lost Iruka in the crowd, I couldn’t find him anywhere and I started to panic. I couldn’t really handle crowds that well. But suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder leading me to freedom, as I looked at the owner of the hand I gasped slightly. He looked like the arrogant little boy but in an ANBU uniform without a porcelain mask, though his body revealed he wasn’t a little boy. “Are you alright? I saw you almost panicking back there.” “I-I’m fine now, thank you very much.” I bowed and tried to get away from him and his body, but his hand on my arm stopped me. “It’s not the real reason why I pulled you aside.” “Then w-what is?” I started to stutter, reminding myself to calm down. “I remembered your hair from somewhere, 4 years ago you sneaked onto a class picture didn’t you?” “It wasn’t my idea! It was my friend’s idea! That way he’d have all his friends on one picture he said!” I quickly defended myself, the picture was a stupid idea of Obito, though now I did have a picture of me, him and the arrogant little boy I really liked… Maybe not such a stupid idea after all. He smiled at me, though his fabric mask only wrinkled to show a thin line, “It’s alright, I really like that picture thanks to you. You brought some color into it.” I stopped trying to get away and stepped back towards him, “I’ve been trying to talk to you anyway, ever since that photo.”

“You have? Why?” I heard him laugh softly, “I know you’ve liked me since forever, Yeazakura.” I froze, how did he know my name? “But I’ve been a fool for not noticing it earlier…” I saw his eye was staring at me and his posture changed as well, he leaned in towards my ear and whispered something. All I could think of though was that he suddenly liked me for my body, I hoped he could prove me wrong. “I heard you broke my record on the Jounin exams, it takes a lot of training and skill to do that.” My skills, he praised me for my skills? “You’re kidding right? I sucked at the Jounin exams, I’m a terrible ninja. Ask my father…” I turned away from him and wanted to walk on, but he stopped me as he placed his hands on my shoulders from behind. Again he leaned in, his masked lips brushed against my ear as he whispered, “I recognize a great ninja when I see one, you were faster than me, threw kunai more precise than me. You even aced the interrogation section.” I looked away from him, “I was only able to pass it nicely that time, because I failed twice before. I know the exam like the back of my hand.” He slowly turned me around to face him, “Which is good, it only means you progressed…”

We kept talking like that for about an hour, and still Iruka was nowhere to be seen. The festival was slowly coming to a halt as the last song played, a slow song. I saw a lot of couples suddenly shuffle on the town square, suddenly missing Iruka. He saw the look in my eyes as I watched the dancing couples, he took my hand, “Would you like to dance, Yeazakura-chan?” Even though I was wearing a mask as well he saw my huge smile, I nodded all too gladly as he then led me to the music. As we danced I felt like we were walking on air, he held me so gently I started to think I was made of porcelain. Suddenly he pulled me close as the crowd started to thicken, he then said, “Why is such a pretty girl like you all alone at this festival?” “I’m not alone,” “Yet you can’t really say he’s your boyfriend?” He was right, I couldn’t. He never asked me to be his girlfriend and I never asked him, I wasn’t even sure if it was going somewhere, “True,” “You would’ve said no then, when I asked you to dance, right?” I looked up at him, there was something about his voice that kept me close. Slowly the crowd faded from my mind, the music fell to the background, I swore I saw a twinkle in his eye… And it looked a bit like me.

Suddenly the music died out and people started to clap and cheer, except for us. He still held me close, suddenly he slipped his mask down and mine as well, ‘He’s fast…’ I thought to myself. As the crowd was still roaring he kissed me, making me forget about everything else in the world. As we kissed I forgot my father, my wounds and scars. I forgot the pain I had in my heart, the missions I passed but the exams I failed. As we kissed, I even forgot Iruka… And when I remember upon it any day, it still hurts me that I did that. From the bottom of my heart I hoped he wasn’t watching, but the whole of my heart wanted to kiss the ANBU and tear his clothes apart.” “Ane-chan, ew! Why did you want to do that?” She smiled at the girl besides her before her eyes looked up at the Jounin on her other side, “It’s what you call, in the heat of the moment. Between him and me… It happened a lot.” Kakashi looked aside into her eyes, he slowly took her hand and said, “It happened this morning as well…” “Sensei! Gross!” Sakura couldn’t handle it anymore and ran towards Sasuke, though Naruto slowed down his pace until he walked next to Yeazakura. “But Onee-san, who is that ANBU guy?” The look on his face was priceless, Yeazakura tried to hold back her laughs biting her lip, as she kept looking at his eyes she couldn’t stand it. She laughed wholehearted as her hands flew to her face, happy tears sprung to the corners of her eyes as she stumbled forward. Kakashi moved to her old spot, still walking in place, he placed his on top of Naruto’s head and gently ruffled his hair, “Sensei, can you tell me who the ANBU guy was?” The man smiled, “Sure Naruto, but first we have to set up camp, it’s getting dark.”

As the sun slowly set, the ninja had found a secluded open area. With the tents set and ready, water gathered, all that was left to do was lit the fire. But you need firewood for a fire, “Ane-chan, why haven’t the boys returned yet? They left 20 minutes ago…” Sakura looked worried into the direction they went, “I’m not sure, Kakashi, could you go check on them?” The silver haired Jounin nodded and jumped into the trees, leaving the girls in the growing dark. The woman sat down on an old tree trunk, bringing out the red and white diary, “You know Sakura-chan, this book holds a lot of memories from when you were young… From when I was young.” She stepped closer to the woman, sitting down herself, “Did you write down everything?” “Everything up until I left Konoha, every heartbreak and tear, every laugh, scream and fear.”

The man jumped from the tree onto the grass, his eye slowly searching for the boys. As he looked through some bushes, he spotted the boys squatted on the grass. So it seemed they were whispering instead of gathering, but as he looked further behind them he saw a large quantity of dry wood. “Sasuke, you think we’re going to get to see his face this time?” “We have to, we’ve been trying for months now…” the gloomy boy said, he then smirked, “You know, I wanna see her face as well.”

“You mean Onee-san’s? She’s really pretty…” the blond had a very casual tone as he said this. “What? You mean you’ve seen her face?!” Again, the blond had a very casual tone as he shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah, her mask isn’t that big of a deal for her… She just doesn’t like to share her scars.”

“Maybe we’ll get to see both their faces…” Sasuke said as he rubbed his chin. “How the hell do you think that’ll that happen?” “We just have to make them kiss…” Naruto chuckled, “Yeah right, she’d never kiss sensei!” “Why do you think that?” “I don’t know, for instance, they’d have to get intimate. Meaning comfortable, not really easy with kids around.” “Right, right… We’ll have to talk to Sakura about this…” The Jounin smiled to himself, they might get together for the night… “We might be able to force them to share a tent!” “Sasuke, only god and Jiraiya know what would happen!”

As her finger traced the glued memories, she awed at the pictures in the book, “Wow, I see you always wanted to become an interrogation nin… why’s that?” “I always wanted to know the darkest deepest secrets of people, what better way than studying the person himself? In the training, I learned how to read a body, lips… Even persuading people.” “I guess that came in handy sometime right?” The sisters laughed and smiled, the first time ever about something mature. Only remembering happy memories at silly things, childish things. “Sakura, what do you want to become?” “Well, a ninja… Isn’t that obvious?” “No, what kind? In what field do you want to specialize?” After pondering minutes, a few frowns on her face she came to a conclusion, “I wanna become a medical nin.” “Aw, wow honey, that’s great! But why do you want that?” “So I can help people and make them better.” The woman ran her fingers through the long pink hair of her sister, “As long as you remember, not even the best medical nin can heal a broken heart.” The girl nodded, then questioned why her sister was suddenly taking off her shirt. “If you really want to become a medical nin, you’ll have to learn the basics first. You can watch how your sensei replaces my bandages, ask him anything what seems odd to you.” “Why are you letting Kakashi-sensei do that? Isn’t that a bit weird?” “Why would that be weird?” Sakura seemed to have trouble getting this past her lips, “After all that happened, with you, Iruka-sensei and him… You leaving so suddenly? How did he come to forgive so easily you like that? I had expected more, uneasiness.” Yeazakura looked away, as she frowned she continued, “Well, it was Iruka who almost couldn’t forgive me… He needed someone to persuade him. Even then, I think he let me off too easily. All it took were a few tears, some groveling in the dirt, twice…All in one night. I would’ve let myself pay longer, harder… To re-earn that trust and respect again.” The Jounin had enough of this, he stepped from the shrubs looking at her, “You’re being too harsh on yourself…” She looked up at him, with an honest blush and unsure smile.

With the fire started and the sun gone completely now, the boys had scattered around the tree trunk, close to their companions. “Now Sakura, I don’t want to frighten you with my scars. They may be too much for you to handle, my wounds… Not all of them are recent.” The girl nodded shakily, her palms were sweaty as she watched her sensei undo the bandages from her sister. His arms going around her waist and chest, their skin touching as he came close to her neck. And her sister didn’t seem to mind, were they closer than she thought? She still found it gross that her sensei used to date her sister, since he was nineteen and she only sixteen. And that was when she left Konoha, when they met, he was seventeen… In Sakura’s eyes a bit old for a fourteen year-old girl. As he sat behind the woman on the trunk, the girl peered over his shoulder from his side, “Kakashi-sensei, those look like… Burn wounds.” He sighed with remorse, “Yes Sakura-chan, but those are the old ones.” Yeazakura looked away, still the girl could see the pain in her eyes, her sensei continued, “Those were the wounds that wouldn’t heal on their own, I had to burn them shut with a hot piece of metal. Medical nins use a jutsu which doesn’t hurt mostly, it relieves pain.” As he replaced the bloodied gauze with fresh new ones, he noticed something shiny in the larger gash, something he hadn’t noticed before. “Yeazakura, bite your tongue. This is going to hurt.” he said, the young woman braced herself, her knuckles almost white when he tugged at it. She literally bit her tongue as he pulled a shard from the long wound. With one last tug it came from her back, Yeazakura groaned releasing her breath and pain. As the Jounin looked at it, it was a shard of glass roughly the size of a small kunai. Though flat of course. The woman was now panting from the pain, fresh blood seeped from the wound. Sakura looked estranged and quite grossed out at the shard, then at her back nearly passing out. The Jounin’s eye flashed, he held back both anger and sadness as he threw the shard into the fire. Yeazakura gathered her breath, “At times like these Sakura, we could indeed use a medical ninja.” The girl looked into her sister’s eyes, pain galore, as well as sadness and experience.

Her drowsy eyes threatened to fall closed, with her head on his shoulder she peered into the fire. He gently had his arms around her waist, making sure she wouldn’t topple over. Though it was still early and the boys were bustling, they asked her to continue the story. “Kakashi, hand me my diary could you?” As he picked up the little red and white book, he noticed the edge of the bookmark seemed very familiar. He opened it on the marked page, slowly smiling at the picture. The only picture in existence that featured him and Yeazakura, maskless. He handed her the book as he kissed her head, “This part was rough for me…

It was at least a week after the festival that I had finally seen Iruka, though he didn’t want to see me or speak with me. He avoided me for such a long time, I couldn’t understand. It was then that Kurenai told me, he had seen me and Kakashi.” “Kakashi?! You mean you kissed Kakashi-sensei? Sasuke, it might be easier than we thought!” “Shut up moron! Yeazakura, please continue.” The girl frowned at the boys, what were they planning? “Tough he only saw us talking, he left shortly after that, not being able to take any more. It was Anko though, who told him we kissed, she’d do anything to get him for herself. But he knew that, and even after we ‘broke up’, he never looked her way. But in that week, Kakashi was out on a mission, and as Iruka kept avoiding me I felt extra lonely. I had no team, they died in the wars, my other friends had their families and missions. I was denied missions by my father, to him it seemed I had enough ‘fun’ and needed to work on the house, cleaning and such. It pained me to know nobody else knew about the way I hurted, the scars I received weren’t ones I could be proud of. The only one who knew and understood decided to ignore me, though he didn’t even know all of it. He assumed it had stopped when my sister was born, but from then it only became less frequent, and way more brute. I felt like I was done, I wanted to die. I had lost my ‘boyfriend’, I had a ‘fling’, one scumbag parent, one ‘parent’ addicted to alcohol, and a sibling I had to raise. Even though I wanted to die I knew I couldn’t, being familiar with pain it was something I rather avoided, and if I would pass, who would take care of my sister?” She looked at Sakura and smiled slightly, now it was clear to the boys why she was special to Sakura.

“The week had passed and I was watching the sun rise, I had pulled a one-nighter, again. It was the only way I could finish cleaning the house in silence, and silence was nice. The outer world didn’t seem to know my father’s loud voice, his tough fists. They only knew the strong, persistent bookworm, a smart hardworking Shinobi. That night was also the night Kakashi would return, I had hoped to talk to him about my father. I made sure everyone was still asleep as I left silently, in the dawn I sprinted to the one place. The first place he would go to in the morning, the last place he would be in the night. I walked up to him and stopped, I noticed he had brought flowers and placed them upon the stone… Something I always forgot. “Yeazakura, you look so tired. Are you alright?” he said as he looked at me, I tried to smile though it failed. My mask wrinkled in such a sad way, he could see the wear and tear caused by my tears. “Yeazakura-chan,” he suddenly hugged me, his arms across my wounded back. I grunted at his firm hug, the wounds still fresh, he quickly released me, “are you alright?” “I’m fine…” My second attempt at a smile failed miserably, he brushed aside a lock of my hair. As he looked into my eyes, he saw the redness from the tears. He cupped my face so gently, it felt vulnerable, “Did somebody hurt you? Who did it?” The way his voice sounded, I never heard a man’s voice so concerned over me. It drew tears to my eyes, “My father,” I couldn’t breath anymore, the tears were breaking me up again as I thought to how he had hit me the past week. I hugged him dearly, I hugged him so tight I never wanted to let go. As his hands gently ran through my long blue hair, I sobbed into his shirt.

That morning at the monument I told him everything about my father, as we sat there I watched his eye widen several times as I stared into it, indefinitely falling in love. The way he held me made me feel so safe, I’ve never felt so safe in someone’s arms. I slowly wanted to drift asleep in them, listening to his heartbeat. He gently woke me, whispering my name, “Yeazakura-chan, it might be time to go home… it’s almost 9.” I looked up at him, clutching his shirt, “No, I can’t go back there! Everywhere but there…” He hushed me back to a frail sleep, placing my head back on his chest. I felt like I was going crazy, I was letting my emotions get to me and it was taking its toll. I couldn’t control anything anymore, I lost my concentration quickly and I couldn’t think of anything else than, this. Being with Kakashi and feeling his arms around me, it made me feel whole. I lost the want to die, but I gained the want to love and be loved. After he had seen the wounds on my back he told me he could wrap them up at his house. I was happy for that, I didn’t want to tell a doctor or a medical nin. They don’t care much for doctor-patient confidentiality, the Hokage had the right to know everything.

He gently placed me on his bed, his huge soft fluffy bed. All I had was a futon on the cold hard floor… I sighed as I let the softness and comfort take me over, “I’ll go grab the first-aid kit.” As I laid there on my stomach I took in his scent, now slowly seeping into my clothes and hair. I sighed contently at the soft aromas in the air, then suddenly a strange smell came into range. I opened my eyes as I felt something crawl onto the bed, suddenly in front of me sat a dog. He looked into my eyes very silently, he didn’t breath hard, he didn’t make dog noises or whatever. He just looked at me, “Yoh.” My eyes widened, a talking dog? First toads, now dogs? “I see you’re one of Kakashi’s friends, how did you get dragged into this?” “Pakkun, leave her alone. Yeazakura, take your shirt off…” “Oh-oh, now he’s getting bossy. Watch out girlfriend.” Girlfriend, nobody ever said that to me… The little dog waddled off of the bed, now I felt a bigger presence crawling towards me. I forced myself to sit up, hesitantly I took off my shirt, facing him with my back. My back wasn’t as bad back then as it is now, so he slowly ran his fingers between some wounds down my spine, “Last time made it so bad, I can’t even wear a bra.” I slightly chuckled, I tried to be airy about it like always, but around him, it was hard to deny my emotions. I couldn’t see his eye, but his sigh was concerned, worried maybe sad?

Very slowly, I felt droplets fall onto my back, pour into every wound. It felt nice, a light burning sensation yet numbing the wounds, “What is it that you’re pouring on?” “It’s alcohol, to disinfect the wounds.” “You’re pouring sake onto my wounds?” He chuckled, “No, different kind of alcohol… Doesn’t it hurt?” I shrugged my shoulders, “The skin on my back is kind of numbing lately…” He proceeded in silence for concentration, I was just too afraid to talk. I looked around his room, at his headstand I saw a picture. Him, Obito, Rin and their sensei, little did he know I had that picture too… A copy of Obito’s. Suddenly I felt his arms around me, I blushed as he was so close to me. Only now I realized I was half naked, in a boy’s room! I suddenly felt my body grow quite warm, but then his arms left, again they came back and left. I looked down to see him wrap bandages around my stomach, covering every inch. He carefully, not too tightly covered my chest as well. He was so gentle, I wondered if he had an angel’s touch. As he finished wrapping me up, I felt him lean his chin on my shoulder. I tried not to turn my head since he was close to my face, my body grew hot again which he felt. He gently hugged me from behind, making sure he didn’t had contact with my back. I felt so tired, my eyes started to droop as I yawned. He took the shirt from my hands and tossed it on the floor, with his arms around me again I felt that he was shirtless as well. If I wasn’t so tired, I would’ve blushed. We slowly descended onto our sides as he pulled up the covers, falling asleep together, his body gently around mine protecting me from harm.

At the end of the morning I knew, this crush developed to something bigger, at the cost of a friendship though…

The boys had an enlightened look on their faces, as Sakura’s was immeasurably sad. Her voice had slowly died out as her eyes closed, Kakashi took the book from her hand and stuffed it in his pocket. He was slowly rocking her, cradling her further into sleep. His voice was so silent as he whispered, “Boys, you take care of the fire, Sakura, you’ll have to take the third tent tonight if you don’t mind. I need to keep an eye on her for now.” All nodded and scurried off, Kakashi slowly picked her up, making sure his arm wasn’t hurting her back. With his other arm underneath her legs he carried her into their tent, placing her gently in their joined sleeping bags. He removed her pouches and his own, then turned to the stirring girl, “Kakashi,” she slowly opened her eyes, “read to me?” “From your diary?” She shook her head, pointing at her own pouch she whispered something. He took out an orange little book, opening it on the marked page, “He pushed through the massive crowd of people, he had to reach her…The moment he saw her eyes, he saw the panic. She had lost someone dear, now alone she couldn’t move on. He guided her from the crowd and calmed her, his arms cradled away her pain as his fingers brushed away the tears. She accepted the hug, enjoying his warmth and caring, forgetting her scars.”

He looked up to see her fallen asleep, he put away the book and laid down himself, close to her being. Closing up the bag around them, he slipped his arm around her waist, and pulled her back into his protective cage.


“Are they still asleep?” “I think so, I’m too chicken to check it out. I don’t want to see my sensei with my sister…” the raven haired boy sighed, neither did he want to see them together. “I’ll check if you guys don’t want to?” the blond proposed, the other two exchanged glances before shoving the boy into the tent. He gently stepped over shoes, as he noticed a shirt lying around he gulped. What was he in for? He peered at the joined sleeping bags, and noticed two peacefully sleeping heads. Both masked. As he knelt down he tugged at their sleeping bag, slowly but surely uncovering the two. He saw the bare arm of his sensei draped around the waist of the young woman, her arm on top of that one. They were lying in the style of spoon, though not much contact occurred. The boy smiled happily at the two, protecting each other in their sleep. Suddenly the woman stirred, Naruto tripped over shirts and shoes as he fell on his backside. She noticed, she saw him and smiled, “Naruto-kun, how nice of you to wake us. It’s probably late already.” The boy smiled nervously as his sensei was still asleep, the woman turned gently in his arms crawling closer to him. Softly she whispered him to wake up, he only stirred and groaned, “I don’t want to get up, I wanna stay in bed with you… 10 more minutes.” She smiled at the man, letting him snooze for just ten minutes. The man pulled her closer snuggling his nose into her hair, the boy couldn’t resist the romance… It was getting too much for him, he gently made his way out the tent with a broad smile on his face.

“Kakashi, you have to wake up now.” She gently ran her finger along the edge of his mask. He opened his eye to find a divine first sight in the morning, “Hello sunshine,” He kissed her forehead gently, then placed his against it, “what time is it then?” “Time for you to buy an alarm clock that works, it’s almost 6.30.” She smoothly slipped from his arms and tried to get dressed, the man sat up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Slowly taking in her scent by trailing her neck, he suddenly shivered at the draft. “Maybe I should get dressed as well.” “Well if it were up to me, I’d let you walk around shirtless. But I don’t think your students appreciate that.”

An hour into the walking Naruto couldn’t help himself, he looked up at the woman with large puppy eyes. “Naruto, why do you want to hear that story anyway?” “Because, I want to know what made you into this strong woman! And I want to hear some smut about you and Kakashi-sensei.” This was a facepalm moment for Kakashi, a very hard one. Yeazakura on the other hand smiled as she took out the book, “Smut it is then…

After a few hours of feeble sleep, we awoke in the afternoon around 4. Not by ourselves, but by pounding on the door. I recognized that pounding as I shot up in the bed, I gasped and in the process of getting up I woke Kakashi. I looked around for my shirt and shoes, whereas Kakashi sat in bed with a dazed look. “What’s going on? Why are you in such a hurry?” I panted as I wrestled to put on my shoes, at one point I was about to lose it, “My father. He found me, he’s going to kill me!” He got up from the bed and sat next to me, he placed his arm around my shoulder, “It’s going to be fine, I will check who’s at the door and you just stay here, okay?” I nodded frantically, too scared to find out if it indeed was my father. I watched him leave the bedroom closing the door, I started to panic again as I looked around for places to hide. I could go and jump from the window, but I couldn’t leave him like that. I placed my ear against the door, I heard the muffled voice of Kakashi, and someone older. I couldn’t exactly hear who it was or what was happening,” “Maybe I can enlighten this part? After all, I’m the other part of this story…” The young woman smiled, “Sure Kakashi, go ahead.” “Two men stood by the door…

One she loved to refer to as ‘scumbag’ and the other as ‘father’, Ibiki Morino and her scumbag-father were waiting. I could tell by the look on Ibiki’s face that the other had been raging again, he stormed past me into the serenity of my home. Yarichin, her ‘father’, demanded to know where his daughter was. He had seen me talking to her at the Sakura Festival, “What did you do to my daughter? You filthy greyhound! I demand to see her at once!” “You can demand all you want, but you’re not my superior anymore. She’s not here,” I turned to the man, I saw him pacing around, eyeing my place for clues. “I haven’t seen her since the festival.” I saw Ibiki’s eyes squint, I knew he knew better, but for the better of us both he kept silent. “If something happened to my daughter, I’m holding you responsible Hatake!” He pointed his finger at me in a threatening way, I looked at it and raised a brow. “You want to hold ‘me’ responsible for your doing? That’s not a first-” “Kakashi,” Ibiki stopped me, it was better he did, it might’ve gone even uglier from then on, “I believe you if you say she’s not here and that you haven’t seen her, though I can’t speak for Yarichin.” Ibiki was still standing in the door, with his arms crossed he waited for the scumbag to calm down. Yarichin gave me one last look, and if looks could kill I wouldn’t be telling this story. What I saw wasn’t a father concerned about his daughter, more like a selfish lonesome man, wanting to know where his property had gone off to. Suddenly, he stepped towards me, he angrily sniffed at me, “I smell her on you, I smell her all over you!” His hands shot towards my throat, I couldn’t believe it but he lifted me from the floor. “Yarichin!” Ibiki tried to interfere but to no use, I held on to his hands, hoping I wouldn’t suffocate, “Listen greyhound, if I find out she was here, I’ll have your head for anything. From sexual assault to statutory rape.” I looked him straight in the eyes, loose words and wasted breath they seemed to me.” “My father did that to you? The bastard! I can’t believe-” “It’s alright Kura-chan, that was back then.” The silver haired Jounin took her hand, tearing up her eyes, she still had the temper just like her father. Kakashi was just happy the temper was never directed towards him. “I started to feel his fingers dig into my skin…

In the corner of my eye I saw Ibiki walking towards the scumbag, though my vision was getting dark. Slowly I felt myself loosing consciousness, but not before I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was Ibiki pulling away the angered, raging man. As I blinked I saw Yeazakura in front of me, checking my vitals… Blinking again I passed out.” “I remember that, you never did tell me what happened…” She said, she slightly tugged at his hand demanding him to look at her. “I only remembered it just now, not that I wanted to.” He looked at the ground underneath his walking feet, he looked at his side to meet a sad smile. “Kakashi-sensei, I hate to ask this but, can we take a little break? We’ve been walking for hours…” It wasn’t Naruto this time, nor Sakura. It was Sasuke who had been struck with exhaustion, “Sure, we need to halt for something anyway.”

“Onee-san, why did you want us to bring an extra shirt?” Naruto said as he closed up his bag again, Yeazakura now had a black shirt, a red shirt and an orange shirt. “Kakashi just received a message from the Hokage, we need to go into the village ‘undercover’… Infiltrating… That’s why I need to fashion you some masks, seeing Kakashi and I can’t afford to take them off.” With Sasuke lying on the ground close to her, she checked his temperature just to be sure. Naruto rubbed his chin, “Are you saying, we have to pose as a family?” The young woman sighed as she started to cut the shirts, “Yes Naruto, we have to pose as a family.” “But all you and Kakashi-sensei have are your uniforms.” With thread and needle, she swiftly sew the sheets of fabric back to together, “We were instructed to bring along civilian clothing, since you kids don’t wear uniforms your own clothes will do nicely.” As Sakura sat next to her sister, she watched carefully how she sewed the masks in an easy way, “Ane-chan, is there anything special we need to do?” The Jounin tapped her chin, slowly a sly grin curled her mask.

The man’s footsteps were weary, he had sprinted into the distance, scouting a radius of 2 miles. He found no obstacles or a possible foe, the road to the border village was clear. He pushed away the familiar bushes and branches to see the tiny settlement his team had made, though, no team. As he stepped into the open, expecting an ambush, he was stunned by something he could never expect. The deep v-neck revealed her busty nature, though covered every inch as her flared sleeves ended midway her arms. The white flowers on blue silk on the black rimmed dress matched her hair so perfectly, it seemed so natural. Her slim legs covered in a legging, yet still revealing her curves. Her mask as well, fitted nicely with the rest, though he’d rather see her without any of it. Her radiant green eyes lured him closer and he felt himself wander towards her, without effort. Suddenly, he was jumped on from behind, attacked from the front and random things were yelled at him. “Daddy! You’re back!” “We missed you dad!” “Hn.” “What the f-?!” his lips were stopped. As another pair of masked lips held his together he got drafted into the moment. He wanted to kiss in return but the lips retreated, he opened his eyes to see the smiling, masked young woman up close, “We were practicing for when we arrive in the village, sweetheart.” The little girl released him and joined her side, “Yeah ‘dad’, we have to seem natural.” Though their faces were covered with mask, he saw the kids were grinning at him with mischievous written over their faces, “You all look civilian, no pouches, headbands… This might actually work.” The man rubbed his chin, “Though, my hair and scar are quite a giveaway…” Yeazakura smiled and stepped towards him, “I’ve got something for that…”

With his hair pulled down by excessive amounts of gel, his one eye covered in bandages, they proceeded on to the village. The man had changed into some jeans and a black long-sleeved, slightly unbuttoned shirt, “So, you kids know all the rules?” Naruto gloomed, “No crushing on Sakura.” Sakura sighed, “No crushing on Sasuke.” Sasuke for one seemed happy, “No ninja-stuff.” They walked out in front of the adults, side by side. The man raised his hand and took the gentle hand of the woman besides him, as their eyes locked he saw a shimmer in her orbs. “I’m not sure if Ibiki told you this, but the village we’re heading to is the village I spent my last few days in Fire Country, before going to Iwa. I might get recognized, therefore Kakashi, if anyone asks, we’re ten years older, married for fifteen, after five years of dating. We met at a festival and haven’t been separated since.” As her features were very serious he chuckled, “You seem to have this planned out…” “Well, more than half is based on the truth,” she looked at the ground, “I was hoping we could realize the other half… Someday.” ‘What am I saying?! I can’t fall in love again! Not with him! I’ll just break his heart all over! I can’t afford to grow closer to him, this has to be stopped… but do I want it to?’ He smiled, “What’s our last name? It can hardly be yours or mine, let alone Sasuke’s or Naruto’s…” “Koufuku, your first name is Seigi whereas mine is Meiyo… The kids can keep their own.” “This whole situation… Sounds very corny, where did you get these names?” He looked down into her eyes, “The Hokage and Ibiki provided them, I know it’s corny beyond the cob.”

“It’ll be one more day to reach the village, we can’t be seen as ninja this close. Tonight we’ll camp out like last night, only without taking turns for watch. I want you to keep at least one kunai underneath your pillow.” Kakashi said as he stared at the page in his book. “The boys will sleep in the large tent with the bags, Sakura will take the middle one accompanied by Pakkun and Biscuit. Kakashi and I will share the smallest one.” “Since we won’t be on watch, Yeazakura and I will set traps.” The kids nodded, as the boys started to put up the tents, Sakura removed all the ninja stuff from Pakkun and Biscuit, “Why are you undressing me little Haruno?” “Because Pakkun, you’re our watchdogs now… If people see you’re ninken our cover is blown. And when we get to town, you can’t talk there, get it?” Pakkun rolled his eyes, Biscuit smiled at this and said, “Of course Haruno-chan, everything for Kakashi-san’s team and mission.” As Pakkun turned away he muttered under his breath, though Biscuit heard it all.

A cute small fire emitted enough light and warmth for the two Shinobi, cuddled against each other. She could feel the worry he radiated, his arms around her shoulders, never across her back. “Yeazakura, you do know that if those wounds don’t close on their own, I have to burn them as well?” Painfully she sighed, “I know Kakashi, but I just can’t go to a hospital. They’ll want to know who I am, what happened… It’s too much information. I wish the Hokage never ruled out medical Nins from the squads… You know, she wants to be like Rin. I’m so proud of her…” “You’re talking about Sakura? She’d be a perfect medic Nin, she has excellent chakra control, just like her sexy sister…” He said as he brushed his lips against her ear, a shiver ran down her just re-bandaged back all the way down to her toes. She slithered in his arms, now towering over the man lying against the tree. As she saw his eye, the way it looked at her, she remembered how many times he looked at her like that. Too much it seemed to her, her masked lips wanted to speak to him, to his heart. They parted behind her mask but produced no sound, he tilted his head at her, waiting patiently for the words. But they refused to come, she could only think of lovey dovey words, seducing lines… Not the words that were strangling her heart and soul to come out. Her lips closed before she sighed, “I’m going to bed, don’t forget to put out the fire?” He nodded as he brushed his finger across her cheek, “I’ll follow in a minute…”

She took place in the small tent, not even enough space for one big sleeping bag. Though theirs were zipped together for maximum warmth, at least, that was their excuse. With a hanging flashlight illuminating the dark tent, a play of shadows projected onto the tent. Undressing herself slowly, she didn’t realize a watcher from outside enjoyed the show. From under her pillow she took out an orange little book, as she opened it on the page he had left off she noticed this wasn’t her book. Well, ‘hers’, it wasn’t the first volume. It was the one Kakashi was reading, and apparently it was his favorite one as she eyed the wear and tear of the book. As her eyes descended upon the illustration next to the new chapter-page, her eyes teared up. Her breathing stuttered as she started to feel so many unknown emotions, what to do? Her fingers traced the lines of the drawing, it was so perfect it almost looked like a picture. Of course, Jiraiya was one of the few who had seen Kakashi without a mask. She saw he had taken use of that, the character in these books may have had pitch black hair, but his face was a perfect copy of Kakashi’s. From his flowing jaw line, his soft tender lips to the tip of his nose, it was almost like a picture. One way she felt slightly jealous as the drawing featured him and a girl kissing, apart from the long blue hair, they were nothing alike. Although, how would she know? In her younger years she may have seen a mirror on several occasions, never liking her own appearance she tended to avoid them. As her one hand traced the line of the girl’s face, and her other hand her own masked face, she realized it was herself… Only slightly younger.

The jealousy faded as she realized she saw a drawing of her kissing Kakashi, now she had tears in her eyes just like the girl in the book. Though it was something that never happened, the girl in the book was sad as they kissed… Yeazakura never felt that way when their lips touched, or did she? She didn’t want to reminisce on her own, fearing it to be way too painful. She closed the book as she now felt the tears rolling down her cheeks, again she held it close, she held it in her arms as she laid down to rest. Not too long after this, she was joined by the man from the book, the silver haired version. He gently removed his shirt and such as he sat beside the sleeping girl, looking down at her arms, he saw his book. Lying on her side, her arms were less tight together, letting him slip the book from her arms. Opening the book on the page, the page she had seen, he noticed teardrops on the paper. Only these, were fresh. He looked back at the lonely shivering woman, quickly he lay down next to her facing her, then pulled the covers up to their necks. Just before flicking off the light, he saw a teardrop escaping her closed eye, he sighed sadly before he pulled her closer, closer to his love.

Her biological clock warned her, she peered her eyes open to meet the bare chest she knew too well. As her senses came to her, she realized she heard bells, not wedding bells… Tiny, ringing bells. Her eyes shot open, without thinking about being gentle she tore from his arms, leaving him dazed. She pulled a kunai from under her pillow, completely forgetting she was only bandaged she exited the tent. Kakashi looked up, finding her gone he rubbed his eyes, now he heard the bells himself.

With her arms crossed and her kunai hidden, she stepped from the little fire towards the trees, there were the bells rang. Her green orbs searched the trees and shrubs, light from the fire and the moon- wait, fire? She had asked Kakashi to put it out… He never forgets putting out the fire. She turned on heel back to the fire, nothing. Slowly turning back to the ringing trees, she was met with a sight she’d rather be blind to. Countless of men, armed to the bone, all bearing the Iwa symbol. Their eyes filled with bloodlust, all focused on the young woman. Her heart pounded in her chest as her eyes widened, a scream almost erupted from her lips as she was encountered by one of the men, slashing a blade across her chest. She fell to her knees, failing epically as she tried to quell the bleeding gash. The woman felt her blood seep through her fingers onto her clothes, her heart slowing down. As she looked down to what might be her last wound, time slowed as sound faded. Thinking to what she should’ve done and what she should’ve let, too many regrets flooded her. She pulled her gaze back up trying to meet her foe’s eyes, but, no foe? Sudden terror washed over her voice leaving her silent as hands tried to pull her back to earth. The shaking motion awaking her tearing eyes, a sound, a name called to her. Starting out as a silent whisper, it grew to a gentle yell.

“…Yo…” Her eyes swayed to her side, “…Eiyo…” slowly sound returned, “Meiyo, what happened? What’s wrong?” her eyes met the worried man and frightened him, his hand brushing the hair from her face. She looked down again, ready to faint at the sight of blood. Her fingers were clean, her bandages intact as her hands clutched her stomach. “Meiyo…” she looked up at the man calling her ‘Meiyo’, were she to worry? “Talk to me…” She noticed the wanting twitch in his lonely eye, his iris contracting. Looking down at her hands and searching the ground, the kunai had gone. Her voice was forced, sad and wanting to breakdown, “I, I had a dream… It was with, ninja of some kind…” “Those aren’t your dreams… You know that.” She felt his eye penetrating her soul, his twitch revealed feeling her pain, “Come on, let’s get back to bed before we wake the kids…” He gently pulled her up, her shivering legs bearing her tired weight. “I’m sorry Seigi, I’m too much of a trouble aren’t I?” The man chuckled, sincerity galore in his voice, “Nonsense, you’re not enough of a trouble… You’re my trouble I couldn’t dare to share.” Before he entered the tent, he looked around the campsite once more.

She pulled the mask from her face, it felt clammy to the touch though it was nothing more then sweat. As he sat next to her he undid his own mask, though she couldn’t bear to look. He turned to her, placing his hand on her slouched shoulder he said, “What was it about? Yeazakura, what did you see?” His voice was worried though hers slightly snapped, “Like I said, ninja…But it’s nothing to worry about.” He calmly, yet slightly angered, responded, “What do you mean? They knew you were here, and alive. Weren’t you supposed to be-?” “It’s nothing, Kakashi. Don’t fret about it.” She turned from him, wanting to lay down facing the other way. His hand shot out to her arm, his grip was tight, something that worried her. He pulled her around forcing her to face him, what side of him was this? His voice was sinister as his eye was mystifying, she felt her heart tremble as the hairs on her neck stood on end, “Yeazakura, I care for you.” He pulled her even closer as he tightened his grip, “Why won’t you tell me…” She was too scared to say he was hurting her arm, though it slightly faded when she heard a certain tone in his voice, “Why do you hold secrets from me?” Was it concern? Perhaps a dash of jealousy, but without doubt a touch of angered passion. He had brought her so close to him, too close for comfort yet too far for a passionate moment. She listened intently to his breathing, the way his words flowed from his lips, his breath staggered as she leaned in. She had lost control over her wants and needs, her emotions lost to her determined side. She forgot his vice-like grip still on her arm, or rather she just didn’t care. Her bare lips conquered his and pushed him over effortlessly, heaving questioning moans from his lips.

His grip had lessened, he slightly pushed her away from his lips as she resisted. The way she wanted this told him there was something he needed to experiment with, something he always wanted to try, “Yeazakura, why are you behaving like this?” She frowned, pinned his shoulders against the floor and was now towering over him, straddling his lap, “I’m sick of explaining myself to people,” Slowly she leaned close to his right ear, “I’m sick of explaining myself to you.” His grip returned, this time on both her arms. He shot up, as he sat up straight with her on his lap he clenched his teeth, “I’m sick of your everlasting secrets,” He pushed her back onto their sleeping bag, enjoying her moan-like groan as her sore back hit the ground. Their faces were inches away from one another, “Everyday I discover something new, remember something too painful.” He felt her resist underneath him and his grip, he now straddled her hips and felt her slither between his legs, heavily she breathed, “That’s not my problem,” She was dangerously close, slowly rubbing her thigh against his groin, “it’s not your problem.” She leaned up to him, as he had her pinned by her arms she only came close enough to brush her lips past his. He had to control himself, his breathing faltered at her every move, be it moving smoothly between his legs or whispering at him in general. With his very sensitive lips amplifying every little brush, breeze and pant, she whispered against them slightly moaning at the end, “It’s our problem, ero-sensei…” As she was gently pressing her thigh against his groin she felt something familiar, “and I notice we have another problem.” Still hovering so close below his lips, she gave his bottom one a teasing lick. Again his breathing stocked, fighting the urge against his needs of the moment, she continued to tease, “Something we need to take care of right away… Though it can wait a week, maybe even two?”

Suddenly she threw her head back, her lips repeated a sound, a mixture between a moan and a gasp. His mind had failed to resist her body and his own, he could no longer withhold as his lips had found their way to her neck. Instead of adding one to the collection, he nibbled the other side of her neck, evenly distributing little purple bite marks. She couldn’t believe their anger led to this, hadn’t this happened before? He lowered his body onto hers, covering her in a warm blanket of hot throbbing man. Letting every inch sink into her body and mind, she now felt herself throbbing, burning at his touch. His one hand slipped from pinning her arm, down to her bandaged chest, gently caressing it going downwards. It trailed from her trembling sides to her thigh, wanting to pull down her leggings along with his sliding hand. He parted her legs, as he pulled one to his side his lips moved up to her jaw line. So many emotions ran through their veins, along with their hot passionate blood, yearning to come out. He was fascinated by the way she breathed, amazed by how it stopped when he kissed her. He kissed her lips dearly, hearing her inhale deeply through her nose, the moment their lips separated it was released by her lips… Moaning his name slowly before pressing her lips onto his, he placed her leg around his waist, the other followed on its own. As he pressed himself against her they moaned quietly, with her lips still separated he recaptured them, forcing their tongues into this competition of hate and passion. Her free hand ran through his sturdy hair, pulling him closer onto her lips, his passion deeper into her heart. The tent was getting warm, and his jeans a bit tight. Beads of sweat trickled down her skin as they were almost bathing in it. His other hand slipped from her arm down to his pants, she felt him groan against her tongue. Rubbing against his groin with her hand she felt how much tension there was on the denim. She took his hands from the hem of his jeans, fumbling and failing to undo them, and placed his hands somewhere familiar. Her own hands now trailed down his bare chest, following every firm line downwards till she met the edge and button on the denim.

In one swift pull and tug, the tension on his jeans lessened, though his temperature still grew. He groaned as she slowly pulled down his jeans, she carefully pulled away from his lips and saw the frown on his face, “W-what’s wrong? Does something hurt?” “Only a bit, this may sound stupid but,” he opened his eye and looked at her, seeing the concerned girl beneath him made him chuckle. “I might be a bit rusty.” She tilted her head at him, eyeing his expression, “I haven’t ‘done this’ in eight years.” “Neither have I…” her lips curled in a smile. “I haven’t ‘p-practiced’ either…” Her eyes widened as she held back a laugh it left her stuttering and thus not a word was spoken, only acted. One hand slipped back into his hair, pulling him back onto her lips, as the other peeled the tight denim fabric from his skin. With help from her legs she tugged it to just below his knees, from there on he kicked it off his legs. Her hand slid across the fabric that covered his tight cheeks, she smiled against his lips. He pulled back slightly as he whispered, “What are you smiling at?” “I knew it… You’re a boxer briefs guy… The rest is just decoy.” He smiled in return before they kissed, before they consumed the other half of their cover.

As he supported himself with one hand, he tugged at the edge of her legging. She giggled into the kiss, her finger hooked behind the edge of his boxer brief. She pulled the rubber band about an inch from his skin, then released it. The snapping sound drew a playful groan from his lips, too can play that game. He returned her legs from his waist and slid her legging halfway down, blocking her legs as his hand glided up and down her between her thighs. She slightly moaned, “I get it, you think you can tease better than me…” She pushed her hips downwards then slowly up towards his being, “I can out-tease you so much better,” she slowly edged her legs free from the legging, kicking it far, “so much faster,” Her bare leg rubbing against his throbbing friend, a questioning look on her features, “Harder? Didn’t think that was possible…” As she looked down, she saw how obviously hot and bothered his little friend had gotten, “I get the feeling you’re not nineteen any more, ‘little’ greyhound… Literally.” “Ooh, name-calling eh? Better not let your father hear about this, he might actually get proud.” The spark returned, she surrounded his waist with her legs pulling him close, “Leave my father out of this.” She pressed him wholeheartedly against her moistened love, all by his doing. Much to her delight she heard him gasp as much as she hoped he would, he tried to stifle his breath but to no use. She slowly started to grind against his friend earning the moans and groans that come along with this level of teasing, “You’re the devil’s child, how can you taunt me like this?” He felt the urge to take her right there and right now indulge his body, “Because I can…” He clenched his teeth, struggling for words as she kissed his neck, “This is hardly teasing, it’s, indescribable…” He slowly relished her neck once more with his lips as she whispered, “It’s two pieces of fabric away from sex…” “It’s disgusting! Revolting! How could you do that?!” Sakura practically screamed as she ran from the tent. “I don’t know, I think I could watch this for a while…” the blonde rubbed his chin, “We could definitely learn some stuff, ne Sasuke?”

Kakashi hid his face in the nape of her neck as the woman pulled the sleeping bag back over them, covering them almost completely, “Kids, what are you doing from your tents?!” To make sure he wouldn’t do something stupid, she wrapped her arm around his neck and shoulder, keeping him close and down. She could feel him snuggle into her, again slowly grinding her. She felt her face turn red, biting her tongue she tried not to make any sounds. “We heard all these weird noises from your tent, and when Sakura told Pakkun she heard bells he ran off.” Naruto said as he pointed to the dog’s direction. With clenched teeth and forced voice, she said, “Your loyal watchdog is getting old Kakashi…” Slowly he sank his teeth into her delicate skin again forcing her to strangle a gasp. “What about Biscuit?” she said. “He went into the other direction, were you two really going to have sex?” Naruto said pointing between the two adults, Yeazakura frowned, “Don’t change the subject!” The yell was more towards Kakashi, though he refused to comply, “Make sure Sakura doesn’t run off, scout the environment but don’t use ninja-stuff. Unless it’s necessary, like life-threatening.” Her glare, appointed to the boys, made them shiver in their sandals. They left silently, as Naruto zipped up the tent, Sasuke just stood there looking into the fire. “Sasuke, you okay?” the boy nodded slowly, “Sh-she’s beautiful.”

“Kakashi… Kakashi, yamero.” she moaned, her fingers gripped his back as he was grinding his member into her. “I, I can’t… it’s too late. We need to finish this…” his whispers against her ear made her feel desired, “You want this too, I can feel it…” It was true, every bone in her being couldn’t resist this man and his body. The moment alone could sway her into ecstasy, “Don’t abuse my feelings for you, be it physically or emotionally…” The sadness in her voice pulled his lips from her skin, he had thrown off his bandages before as he now looked into her saddened eyes with his own. She remembered the last time she saw his eyes so sad, the morning just before she left, she told him ‘sayonara’. He kept denying it, thinking, hoping she said ‘mata ashita’ as she stood so far away from him. He slowly kissed her, taking her breath once more in the process, “I would never abuse any part of you…” She knew he spoke the truth, he’d be the last man to hurt her. But her mind said no, not that her mind had anything to say for the rest of her body. The heat of this moment was just too much for her, she had to obey her body. Her hand slipped from his neck to his cheek, slowly bringing him back to her lips, panting as they parted, “Kakashi, no matter what I say… Tomaranaide.”

“Sakura-chan, where are you?” the boys looked around, no sight of the pink haired girl as they wandered the camp site. As Sasuke turned around a tree, he found the girl hugging her knees, “Sakura, what’s wrong?” “What’s wrong? I just walked in on them… Again!” The blonde joined them around the tree, “You mean you’ve walked in on them before? When?” Sakura tried her best to withhold tears from shock, “8 years ago, when I was 5… It was the night before she left. Though they weren’t wearing underwear then…” Both the boy’s features frowned in disgust, also as they realized that 8 years ago, their sensei was 19 and Yeazakura only 16. “So it was at your place? I didn’t think your dad would let that happen.” Naruto said. “He wouldn’t, if he’d find out he’ll kill both of them…” She looked at the dirt between her sandals, gripping her knees tightly, “They did it in his room, on his bed…” Sasuke didn’t quite understand, “You’re parents weren’t home?” She shook her head, “So, she hated her father so much, she had sex with the boy he hated so much… In his bed?” The girl nodded, Naruto knelt down to her height, “Wouldn’t that mean she used Kakashi-sensei to spike your father?” Again the girl shook her head, “It wasn’t the first time they did it… They were already dating for 3 years at the time.”

With their underwear tossed aside, their arms around each other they made love, but did they love? Their voices reduced to moans and whispers, calling out the others name softly. Slowly, in an old rhythm they created long ago, their hips swayed with each other, as he carefully thrust his love into her. Not even half way in she could feel he was deep, he had grown since the last time and hadn’t stopped yet. With ecstasy running through her body, her nails dug into his skin. The rhythm soothed her scars and her moans soothed his, “Kakashi,” He looked up at her, a breath away from her lips, “harder, Kakashi…” Her eyes were closed in a frown, obviously this was hurting her but in what way? “Please Kakashi, I want you.” Her eyes, the way she looked at him, it was new… She placed her hand on his cheek and pulled him closer, and it was not the cheek on his face, “Kakashi, I want you to-…Ah!” Before she could finish her sentence he had read her mind, his thrusts became harder, rougher…His knees hurting from the hard underground, though it was all worth it. How ever she wanted it she always wanted it in that way. The way only he could give her.
He felt she had almost reached the top as she slowly contracted around him, the look on her face seemed to tell she was resisting. Though she failed epically, with a last thrust he called forth a moan, his namefrom her lips, so loud yet passionate, the kids must’ve heard it. As he was coming as well he couldn’t withhold his own moan, not sure how loud it was, she enjoyed it clearly though. He tried to pull out of her before releasing his fluids within, groaning, though she stopped him. Why did she stop him? With her arms around his shoulders and legs around his waist, she held him against her, inside of her. She had never sensed it this wonderful before and it felt amazing. Like fireworks inside of her she could feel their love juices mixing. It was so much as they both felt it seeping from her, down him. His arms and legs trembled, she pulled him once more closer as he collapsed onto her being. They panted and sighed deeply in content, satisfied as he couldn’t help but stare at her delighted face. He smiled, slowly her lips were curling up into a genuine smile too. At first it seemed like a giggle but it ended in a whole-hearted laugh, from the bottom of her soul. He had never heard her laugh like this, she sounded so blissful. Was it thanks to him? Her laughs faded as she turned to his face, she could still feel him inside of her, not that she cared for she finally felt happy-happy again.

They couldn’t stop smiling at each other, and as their eyes slowly closed the smiles remained. Forgetting the world around them, slumber embraced them, though her lips couldn’t resist, “You know, I could really go for a cigarette right now…” “I knew you could never quit…” he responded, as his hand reached for his pouch she inhaled his glorious scent, “Mmmm, we really need to work on our stamina, Gure-Haundo.” He handed her a cigarette and lighter, then rolled off of her, next to her side, “Yeah, we used to be able to go at it all night…” As she lit the thing and handed him the lighter, he placed a cigarette between his own lips, exhaling she said, “Maybe we’re getting old Kakashi? Maybe this is all we can handle for now?” As he exhaled his drag and took the cigarette from his lips, he smiled at her, “For now…” He slipped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead, which was relatively smaller than Sakura’s. Relevant? No… She rummaged around in a pack, looking for an old cup usable as an ashtray. She stumbled upon something she hadn’t seen in quite a while, a black velvet box.

“I know that sound… They just did it again! Why did they have to do it?” Sakura gripped her head tightly. As Naruto now sat besides her he tried to look into her eyes, “Why is it such a problem to you that they had sex?” “Because! Every time they did and my father would find out, they’d have a fight, and I wouldn’t see her for days! What if she disappears on her own now? Last time she was gone for eight years!” Sasuke shook his head, “Sakura that happened because your father meddled into their relationship. But he’s not here now, he can’t control her love life anymore.” “It’s a good thing that she and Kakashi-sensei are together, they trust each other.” Naruto said, the girl had released her head from the tight grip and was now hugging her knees again. “Maybe you’re right, maybe I should apologize to them.” The boys shared a glance before Naruto said, “Maybe you should… And maybe you should wait until tomorrow, for your own sake.” “No, I might change my mind tomorrow. That sound indicated they were done.” She said with disgust written over her face, “I better do it now.” The boys shook their heads as she returned to camp.

“Kakashi, what’s this still doing in your backpack?” she held the opened box in her hands, eyeing the jewel inside. He sat up taking a drag from his cig, “Woah, I must’ve forgotten to take it out from the last time I used this pack.” He placed his hand on the lid, wiping some dirt off the velvet with his thumb. At that moment the tent opened slightly more, giving Sakura a better view of inside. As she saw her sister holding the box, she didn’t notice her sensei was maskless or smoking. Her eyes were fixated on the ring, and on her sister’s happy-go-lucky features. Sudden emotions ran through her body, slurs ran through her head, “You can’t do this! You’re acting like nothing happened!” “Sakura?!” the woman closed the box and hid it in her palm, “Sakura-chan, it’s not what you think-!” “It’s exactly what I think!” the girl turned around and ran again, leaving the camp once more, “Sakura!” the woman yelled after her, remembering her current position she couldn’t do much. Tears sprung to her eyes, “Why Kakashi, why do I have to keep hurting her?” She had flicked her cig out of the tent before as Kakashi’s followed. He placed his hands on her shoulders and held her close, “It’s not your fault.” “Just when I returned in her life, she thinks I’m leaving again so suddenly…” Kakashi sighed, knowing he would regret what he was going to say, “Actually, Kura-chan, it’s what I’ve been thinking the moment you came back.” She looked at him, sitting at her side, “Every moment I’m afraid I might do or say something, or something happens that causes you to leave again… I don’t want that to happen.” He placed a hand on the box, slowly taking it from her palm. “This stays with me, in case I change my mind.”

The girl dashed from the tent, away from the camp. She needed to think, to realize what her father had been telling her these years was true. No matter how much she told you she loved you, she would always run away when there’s something scary, or something better. She’d leave you behind all alone. Tears ran down her cheeks as she passed trees, so many trees. She heard her name called after, Sasuke’s voice, Naruto’s voice… but not Yeazakura’s, nor her sensei’s. Did she really care for her? Or was she leaving the best that ever happened? She recalled her father’s voice, ‘Someone like her… someone you can’t trust like that, doesn’t deserve to live.’ She tried to shake the thought from her mind, the voice from her ears. She failed to believe her sister, she failed to wait and ask for an explanation. Was the box a part of her story?

She was pacing through the woods, her throat too sore to call out her sister’s name after calling out someone else’s. She felt empty without him, literally. But she felt even emptier without her sister, she was her first everything. Leaning against a tree, gripping her shirt she tried to gather her breath, “Sakura-chan! Sakura, where are you?!” Her parched throat itched, causing her to cough. Still she yelled once more with her raw voice, “Imouto-chan, I’m sorry! Let me explain!” Her feet struggled to get through the grass, she passed a few more trees before looking back. She couldn’t see the camp anymore, nor hear the other voices yelling the same name. A rustle caught her attention, she looked through some trees as she treaded onwards. Behind the last trees, a tiny clearing, she saw the girl hugging her knees in the grass. The woman ran up to her, as she kneeled in front of the girl she hugged her tight, though she felt the absence of her sister even if she was in her arms. The girl stood up, pushing the woman away making her fall down backwards. In her hand she had a kunai, the kunai Yeazakura had lost. She eyed the weapon and then looked up at her little sister. She sighed as her eyes were stern, “Sakura, if you want to kill me, go right ahead.” The woman slowly shook her head, “You have too much of our father in you to be saved…” No, that wasn’t true… was it? She could be saved, she wanted to be saved! “My stupid father was never proud of me, he never saw me for the Shinobi I was… Let alone his daughter.” Her eyes told a story too painful for her lips, the young girl tried to divert her stare but it was impossible, “Are you going to undo my existence too?” The woman tugged at the piece of shirt over her heart, she pulled the bandages down slightly revealing hideous scars above her left breast, “Try it, just like our scumbag father tried…”

This was too much information, too much stress and secrets! She gripped her head between her hands again, pressing the kunai against her hair, “You’re lying! You’re lying again! Just like he said you would!” “Sakura, forget what he said! He never spoke the truth in his entire life!” Her eyes shot open, staring at the woman before her she didn’t know who to believe. The voice that controlled her, the one in her head? Or the woman in front of her, not afraid of dying once more…

He peered through the bushes, it stunned him how calm her features remained. How could she fail her psych test and yet remain so calm as her own sister was trying to kill her? He thought of her father, the third time he tried to kill her was the first time they got caught. Even though she had told him this, he didn’t believe her. Even when she had shown him her scars and knew he abused her physically, he just couldn’t believe he had tried to kill her. Until of course, he had seen it with his own eyes. He brushed the memory from his mind, looking once more he was shocked by what he had seen. Sakura had pounced on her sister holding the kunai high. Words were yelled but his mind was absent, she saw the girl’s hand tremble as she looked down upon her sister. The woman didn’t resist, she didn’t hold back the hand holding the kunai, she didn’t try to push the girl away… It was like she waited, waited for death to come. He felt his heart pound slowly yet hard in his throat, the woman’s eyes were empty, something that never happened. He gripped the branch and slowly pulled it aside, they whispered though he couldn’t hear what. The woman closed her eyes, the kunai trembled even more. “No,” he gulped, “s-she can’t…” suddenly, the kunai came down onto the young woman. His heart jumped as his feet dashed from the shrubs, “Sakura! No~!” The girl stopped the kunai mid-air, her eyes peered open as they were tearing. They looked down at her sister’s serene features, eyes closed and calmly waiting. “Sakura, please don’t do this. It’s not the solution.” He said as he stepped towards them, carefully, slowly. Trying to hold back the tears she said, “B-but you were going to take her aw-way from me… Again!” “If you go on with this, you’ll take her away from everyone, which means yourself as well.” She couldn’t dare to turn around and look the man in the eyes, afraid she might see her own pain.

“Sakura, the moment I really got to know your sister, I knew I couldn’t have her for myself.” He said, the woman’s chest was moving slowly, controlled, though the girl was close to sobbing. “I knew from the start she would never be mine completely, that I would always come in second place.” Gently he stepped closer eyeing the kunai as it still trembled, “You were her everything, you still are… Every time we were away from your home, she’d go on and on about you being safe, you being fed and held properly. She basically raised you those 5 first years of your life.” One more gently step towards her, the grass rustled beneath his feet, “For a while, I was kind of jealous towards you. You may not have realized it then, but you always had most of her love, her attention and her hugs… But I was okay with that, because I had things from her nobody else could have! I could kiss her, tell her how beautiful she was, let her know she was my everything.” He was now standing behind her, looking over the girl’s shoulder she saw Yeazakura’s eyes staring at him, sadly though. The girl had now closed her eyes as Yeazakura’s were about to cry, the kunai threatened to slip from her hand. He quickly took it away from her as she crashed down, emotions running free as she cuddled up to her sister. As the woman still had her eyes on him she placed her arms around her sister’s frail shoulders, sobbing against her chest. The boys had found them, missing nothing of the man’s wonderful speech. Her eyes seemed to tell him stories, one story thanked him for stopping her sister. He simply smiled at her, to her it was more than a wrinkle in his mask, it was the light of day.

The girls had retreated into the middle tent as they boys talked outside, near the fire. “Why did you cut your hair Ane-chan? I remember I was jealous at your long hair, it was always so pretty.” The young woman brushed the pink hair slowly, gently to make sure it wouldn’t hurt, “I cut it off just before arriving in Iwa. It reminded me too much of ‘father.” “Why’s that?” “When I wouldn’t listen or wasn’t on time, he’d drag me around by my hair. When it was short he couldn’t get a hold of it.” The girl looked down, “Even though it was a mission, for me it also seemed a second start. That and long hair’s a fuss when you do missions…” the woman chuckled though the girl wasn’t sure she could relate. She had passed it through her mind a few times, and decided to go on with it, “Ane-chan, I want you to cut my hair.”

“Boys, can you tell me what Pakkun said before he ran off?” “He didn’t say anything, he just ran.” “Biscuit didn’t say anything either.” The man nodded, “It’s best we go sleep for the rest of the night, they’ll return soon. We’ll wake at 7, that way we should arrive in the village at 11.” He looked at the fire, clearly almost burnt out, looking at the middle tent he knew he’d have to sleep alone for the remaining hours. But it was for the better, they needed to re-bond as well. As he crawled back onto his sleeping bag he dropped himself, breathing through his nose he smelled her all over the sheets… All over himself. He sprawled out across the tiny makeshift bed in the tiny tent, not bothered to undress he fell asleep like that, like a rock.

‘Go to him, we can catch up whenever we want, it’s alright. He just wants to hold you…’ the girl’s voice ran through her head as she slowly stepped into the tent, gently zipping it back up. As she turned around she saw he was holding something in his arms, his mask around his neck. Carefully kneeling down and crawling next to him, she noticed it was her shirt, close to his nose. She chuckled slightly sitting next to him, she ran her fingers across his cheek. He smiled slightly stirring in his sleep, she leaned over and gently wanted to kiss his bare cheek. Though he turned his head, slyly letting her kiss his lips. She didn’t stop the kiss though, only smiled into it. He slipped a hand into her hair and rolled onto his back, as she slipped the shirt from his hands she took its place, in his arms, “I never could get enough of you…”


“Why didn’t you do it?” “Because, she looks so much like our mother with her hair, I just couldn’t.” “What do you mean? She looks nothing like your mother…” “Step-mother. Our real mother died when she was barely one, the woman you met was my father’s second wife.” She looked down at her shuffling feet then up towards the kids, running in front of them. One turned around though and ran back to the adults, “Onee-san! I know it’s only a few hours away, and that last night was a bit difficult… but could you please continue your story?” His blue eyes were big, cute and irresistible. She sighed and gave in, bringing out the red book, “Fine, just don’t make me smack you with my book…

I brought Kakashi to his bed and after I checked his throat and neck, I made sure he could rest without being disturbed. I knew I had to get out of there, even if my father had left it was too risky. This time I did jump from the window, but as I looked back at him I had this feeling of guilt boiling in my guts. For some strange reason Kakashi already had a past with my father, I never bothered to ask why and how, it was too much of a hassle for me… But apparently my father had a reputation of blaming kohai and getting away with it too. Kakashi was one of these kohai at the time, he never got the chance to explain the situation and was blamed. Though he used to work intensively with my father I never actually met him, I had seen him a few times, hoping he hadn’t seen me. I think that’s when my crush developed, but who’s to say?

When I came home my father was furious, he smelled me the same way he smelled Kakashi and I couldn’t deny that his smell was obviously there. It was strong and musky, like cinnamon and clean dogs, though I did deny I was with him that night. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the bathroom, “Don’t come out ’till you’ve washed that disgusting smell from yourself! When you’re done, you’ll burn that shirt!” As he slammed the door shut I sighed to myself, it could’ve been way worse, he could’ve torn that shirt from my body and burnt it himself, or he could’ve tried bathing me himself with bleach and chlorine. I didn’t want to burn my shirt, nor wash it. I wanted to cherish that smell forever, so before cleaning myself in anyway I hid the shirt in my closet, beneath a loose floorboard. It was where I always hid stuff nobody was supposed to find, be it clothes from someone else or letters from love.

Another week had passed and again I hadn’t seen Kakashi or Iruka. It was for the better I hadn’t seen Kakashi yet, I still needed to talk with Iruka, but for that passed week no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get him to answer me. Monday I looked for him at his favorite places, though I couldn’t find him anywhere, not on the swings, not at the lake…The people there hadn’t seen him either or so they told me. Tuesday I went to the memorial, I thought that he might be visiting his parents but no luck. Wednesday wasn’t any better either, I had literally searched the town from gate to gate. It was like he vanished from the earth. Thursday I went to his house, at first I didn’t know what to say if he was actually there… besides the obvious sorry. I knocked at his door, but after knocking for ten minutes I figured he must be really good at ignoring, or he just wasn’t home. Friday I checked at the mission office, they told me he hadn’t had an assignment in two weeks and was supposedly still in the village. The evening thereafter, I stormed to his house, almost killing myself twice doing so. When I reached his house I saw his lights were on, but as soon as I knocked on the door they were turned off. “Iruka, please! I need to talk to you!” I kept knocking and knocking, I got so angry at him for not giving me just one second, I hadn’t noticed I was banging the door ‘till my knuckles bled. “Iruka! Please don’t be like this!” Blood ran down my right hand, it seeped through my fingers as it slightly stained his door. I felt my eyes burn, my knees buckle, when I slid down his door it was then that I realized I had been knocking and pounding there for almost 2 hours straight, yelling his name. As I sat there I hadn’t had the strength left to do anything else, I could hardly breathe but that was mainly due to my crying. I don’t remember how long it took before I fell asleep, but when I did it was freezing, the breeze that came along made me shiver in my sleep.

Though when the morning came I was awoken by a whisper, it wasn’t Iruka’s because the door was still unopened. When I felt a hand caress my masked cheek, I opened my eyes to meet Kakashi’s lonesome saddened eye, “This isn’t going to work Yeazakura.” One side of me hated him, hated him for kissing me in such a public place, whilst he knew I was with Iruka. The other side couldn’t get enough of him though, that side wanted to kiss him right there and then, in front of Iruka’s house. If he refused to see or speak to me for the rest of his life so be it, but that’s not where I wanted to end my love. As he helped me up I turned to the closed door, as I stepped towards it and placed my hand on the doorknob, I realized that would be the last time ever. For some strange reason I felt like apologizing to him in this way, whispering at his door, “I’m sorry Iruka-kun, I’m sorry for everything that happened. But it’s not just my fault, I may be the one that screwed up, but everyone deserves a second chance. And if you’re not willing to give me one then… I guess this is it. Sayonara…” Again I felt like crashing to the ground, my knees still weakened from sleeping in such a position. Kakashi held me up as we slowly walked away, with his arm around my shoulder I looked back once more. I looked back at the closed door, a door I would never see opened again…

“Woah, Onee-san, that’s a bit harsh…” “But it’s true Naruto, she never went back there, and he never looked her up either.” The man said as Yeazakura felt like killing herself. As she remembered that night she looked at her right hand knuckles, scarred as hell from knocking against his door. And now, it still is painful for her to knock, the scar tissue’s right on top of her joints pinching off some nerves, hiding damaged bone. How was she to hide those scars? What would she say when people asked her how she came by them? She sighed in despair, she’d probably make something up on the spot. “What happened then, Onee-san?” “I went back to my house, that’s all it was, a house…

I had wasted my first of two weeks ‘off’ I would have in a very long time, on trying to talk to a deaf person. When I got home I knew I was in for trouble, the moment I opened the door I heard Sakura cry from her crib upstairs. When I looked into the living room I saw my stepmother, fallen asleep on the couch surrounded by empty bottles of all kinds of junk. I was lucky my father had a two week mission, one more week he’d be out of my hair. At about noon I finally had Sakura asleep, after that I got the house clean again and was once more bored. I had done the dishes, the laundry, the garden… Yet I stressed myself, why was I doing these things? My father wasn’t home and still I acted like his bitch, I looked around for things to do, not being able to relax. Nothing. No missions either since my ‘father’ told the office not to give me any… he had told them I was too ill and distracted. I stood on the balcony of my room, in which I had placed Sakura’s crib, looking over the village it gave me a peaceful feeling. And yet I felt raging, I had a feeling there was something I had to find out. When I turned around and stepped into my room, Kakashi jumped onto my balcony, “Yeazakura,” I turned to look over my shoulder, I wanted to say hi but Sakura suddenly started to gurgle and mumble the words like ‘food’, ‘hungry’ and ‘eat’. As I looked at the clock it was feeding time, I strolled to a cabinet I had locked. In it I kept all her jarred baby food, some toys, some baby medicine and of course diaper stuff. Everything I bought with my own money. Before taking out the food I took off my mask, I heard Kakashi come in, close the door and with his voice full wonder he said, “Is that her? Your little sister?” I turned around and saw the look in his eye, I smiled as I opened a jar, “Yeah, go ahead, take a look…” I took a plastic spoon from the cabinet, baby teeth safe, and walked over to her crib. He carefully peaked over the edge and met her green eyed smile, though the moment she saw his mask she started to cry. Kakashi was startled by this, he almost jumped backwards and looked at me, “What’s wrong? Why’s she crying?” As I chuckled at him I said, “She’s a bit scared of masks, when I’m with her she constantly pulls mine down.” From the corner of my eye I saw him touching his fabric mask deeply in thought, when I picked Sakura up and turned back to him he was maskless. I hadn’t seen him maskless in a long while, or for such a long time. I blushed and smiled at him as he smiled in return, “I don’t want to scare her.” That comment made me smile even more, I walked over to him and handed him the baby. He froze in place and treated her like heavy porcelain, “W-wait, how am I supposed to hold her?” I smiled and motioned him to sit down, “You’re doing fine, just keep her up straight.”

I don’t know how much time passed as we fed her, but she finished the whole jar and fell asleep in his arms. During the feeding she repeatedly reached up to his face, her tiny little hand resting against his cheek. I felt so secure with Sakura in his arms, I felt like I could just fall asleep, it was like she was our own. But I was foolish to think those things, I was only 14, and she was my sister. The way I saw him smile at her, it was a different smile than the one he smiled towards me. He looked up from the sleeping baby straight into my eyes, that was when his smile changed. It didn’t change much but in a way it felt like he had a smile for everything, and this one was for me, only for me. He had his pinky clenched in one of her hands and played with it, struggling to get it loose. I leaned over to him, sensing he was blushing, I slowly peeled her hand from his finger. “Here, let me put her back in the crib,” I said, he ever so gently handed her over, it seemed he was afraid she could drop any second.

He looked around my room, all I had was a futon sprawled across the floor, some cabinets and a closet, a low table perched against the wall and of course, my little sister’s crib. As I yawned he looked up at me, “Maybe you should take a nap?” I looked at him and expected a smile or a chuckle, but all I saw was a serious expression. “Sorry, it’s been a busy day… Thank you for helping me feed her.” he took my hand and smiled, “That’s okay, now go and take a nap.” I couldn’t help but obey, it’s what I do with men around me, it’s always been like that. I crawled over and onto my futon not bothered to take anything off, suddenly I felt Kakashi lying behind me, against me. It felt nice though, the wounds on my back had healed properly yet scarred, and it absorbed all the heat he radiated. He snaked his arm around my waist, increasing the level of security for my feeling, but one way, I didn’t understand why I was letting this happen. I guess you could say we were very good friends, but I felt like the same thing with Iruka was happening with Kakashi. Making me his ‘girlfriend’ without even asking, I felt slightly scared and worried it would happen all over. But when I heard him whisper close to my ear, I couldn’t help but smile, “Yeazakura, I really like you. You’re a strong girl no matter what ‘he’ says…” I heard him swallow hard and reckoned he was getting shy, “Would you consider being my girlfriend?” I turned in his arm with that same smile on my face and looked up at him blushing. I couldn’t get the words from my lips, I really wanted to say yes but it just didn’t come. Instead of talking I leaned in close to his lips and kissed him, he kissed back instantly, innocently. When I pulled back I saw his cheeks were flushed, at that moment I felt so drowsy, my eyes closed. He pulled the covers over us and stayed with me that whole day and night, keeping his girlfriend save…”

“Aww, how cute Onee-san!” “Naruto, we’re getting close to the village, remember the rules?” the man said, the boy thought deep and nodded, “Right, no –sensei and no Onee-san, haha-chan and chichi-kun only!” The woman smiled nervously, “Naruto-kun, you can leave the honorifics behind.” The boy looked up at her, she knew he had never used those before in combination with haha and chichi, so a gentle hint was alright. He nodded, his eyes obviously showing interest in the rest of the story. “We really bonded well over the next week…

For the first time ever I was happy that step-mother was an alcoholic, as long as she was drinking she didn’t notice Kakashi stayed over for that whole week. All I had to do was keep her drunk and downstairs, that way Kakashi and I could move freely through the rest of the house. After a nap of about 3.5 hours, I snaked from his warm sleepy hug. I heard Sakura was about to cry, giving her a good smell I figured she needed a diaper change,” “Please don’t tell me he saw that!” Sakura squealed, she held her face in shame blushing madly. “Sakura-chan, I’ve changed your diapers a few times myself. Yeazakura taught me how…” the girl was about to fall down and have a seizure, until her sister spoke up, “You even used to call him daddy when you got a bit older. There was even a moment in time when he wanted to adopt you, but then again with our father still alive, that would be hard.” The girl turned to the silver haired man and her sister, walking arm in arm, “W-why did you wanted to d-do that?” He sighed, “Even with your sister around, you were growing up in a hostile environment. Yeazakura and I were both afraid that if she or I weren’t there, bad things could happen to you…” Her look diverted to her sister, she had her hand on the man’s arm as she looked at the ground. “G-go on with the story, please?” the girl said, the woman looked up from the ground quite surprised and smiled, a warm wrinkle in her mask. “While I was changing you, I hadn’t noticed he rolled over…

And when I finished changing you I handed you some toys, playing safely on the floor. “You have to teach me that sometime,” I looked at him surprised, for one I didn’t knew he was awake, and two for what he said. I wanted to say something but again couldn’t find the breath for it. “You can’t always take care of her yourself, if I take over some things, you can relax a bit more.” I couldn’t believe how mature he sounded, how serious. He almost made me cry of happiness, his smile so warm when he looked at you. I figured I had found the one, the almost-man who would change my life by taking us into his care and heart. I let you play for a little as I crawled back to him, I laid down back into his arms resting my head on his heart, its rhythm like a lullaby.

That day was one of the most peaceful I had, I could finally say I had a boyfriend and I wasn’t getting punished or beaten or anything. For once I was left alone and able to breathe without fear. I started to drift off into a real sleep, though it was interrupted by a growl. I frowned, “Can’t believe I forgot to eat again.” “You want me to fix something up for you?” “Can’t, the only consumable items in this house are bottles of sake and jars of baby food.” He chuckled, “We’ll do some grocery shopping tomorrow, do you want me to get some take out for now? You can stay here with Sakura if you want?” I sat up and smiled at him, my hand on his chest, “You’re too sweet Kakashi,” I leaned in to kiss him, not just because of the moment but because I wanted to feel his lips again. Suddenly I felt his lips part and mine followed suit, I had no idea what I was doing but it felt like instinct kicked in when I felt his tongue against mine. We must’ve kissed for at least 5 minutes straight as I slowly started to forget my hunger, though another growl gave it away.

As he jumped from my balcony to get some food, I was left with a silent little baby, again fallen asleep. But when Kakashi returned he seemed a bit uneasy,” The little had a frown of disgust on her face, the kiss a bit too much information. “I sort of talked to Teuchi,” Kakashi said, “He seemed to be confused yet happy about it.” Yeazakura looked up at him, “About what? You told him we were a couple, didn’t you?” As she raised a brow at him he rubbed the back of his head, “Yeah, it was kind of funny though, well not really. When I got there, he was surprised I wanted two bowls, take-out…

“So, who’s the other bowl for Kakashi-kun?” he said as he started to cook up the meals. “It’s for my girlfriend, she’s sort of stuck at home.” When I realized what I said it was a bit late to face-palm myself, the man smiled at me, “How nice of you to bring her some food then, who’s the lucky girl and why is she ‘stuck at home’?” “She has to take care of her baby sister, she can’t really be left alone.” Once more, a face-palm moment. The look in his eyes changed as he knew who I was talking about, “So, how is Zakura-chan doing?” I felt a bit guilty at that moment, Zakura, that was the same name Iruka used to call her. I smiled nervously as I sat there, “She’s doing better now though she can use all the help she needs.” “How so? With her father gone for this week it should be easy right?” he turned back to his cooking, “Yeah, but when he gets back, I’m not sure if I can help her that often. All I can do then is change her bandages when he’s done beating her. I can’t be with her at her place, and she needs to be with her sister a lot. She can’t really take her with her, if her father finds out he’d kill her.” I sighed in defeat, thinking what I should do. “He still hates your guts and hers? He might not grow over that, but you’ll find a way around it, I’m sure of it.” As I handed him the money and took the food, I said goodbye, “Tell her Teuchi and Ayame said hi,” “I will.” When I turned around and stepped out of the booth, I was surprised with a view of someone I rather hadn’t seen. Two someone’s actually, “Iruka, Anko, going out for dinner I see?” When I looked Iruka in the eyes I saw his were red, for obvious reasons, “Yeah! Iruka-kun finally decided to take me out!” I looked at Anko, I tried to keep my glare from killing her but I bet Iruka saw it. He looked at me in disgust, “I heard everything you said in there,” I straightened my posture, now was not the time to react like an ass, though I did, “Good, think about it, maybe you can learn from it.” With that I walked away, leaving them stunned. In the distance I heard Anko squealing at him as I heard him groan, with a smile I went back to Yeazakura.”

“You never told me that either, did you remember that just now as well?” her eyes were stern, angry as she looked up at him. He couldn’t help but look back saddened, “There’s a lot I didn’t tell you, mostly because I couldn’t or didn’t think it was important at the time. It’ll come, I promise.” He had placed his hand on hers though she looked away, “I hope so…” As the kids walked on he stopped her in her tracks, his hands on her shoulders. As she had her face turned away from him, he noticed the pained look in her eyes “Yeazakura,” “Now I know how you feel Kakashi… I feel so ‘abused’ in someway, pained that things weren’t told.” He lifted her chin towards him, looking into her teary eyes he saw himself, his own pain. “I’m so sorry Kakashi, I hadn’t realized how you must’ve felt. It was selfish of mine to fall back into your arms, as if nothing happened.” “Yeazakura, it’s alright, I don’t care for that, I care for you.” He wiped the tears from her face, “I’m kind of glad you have,” He draped his arms her shoulders resting his chin on her head, she couldn’t resist but hug him back, “It’s you who I fell in love with, the girl who kept falling back into my arms, despite everything that happened.” Her soul whispered it, her body yearned to scream it, though she couldn’t get it from her lips and let her mind say it. ‘I love you, Kakashi-kun.’

The kids had stopped, they looked back and saw the hugging couple. A moment between them was a moment needed. When it seemed the moment was over one child waved at them, “Come on! What’s taking you so long?!” “Yeah, we’re almost there!” the girl shouted along, the couple looked up smiling through their masks. As they closed in on the children they checked their clothes, Yeazakura’s dress was still in perfect harmony with the rest of her body and outfit. Though Kakashi’s jeans were a bit, stained, they also looked as if they would rip at the seems. Very normal in his case.

The border village was quite lively, a lot of import and export in many goods occurred here. It also thrived on tourism and gambling. The parents kept their children close as they struggled to get through the busy street. They entered a little hotel, surprisingly they had vacant rooms in this breathing town, “I noticed your sign, I was wondering, do you still have family suites?” The girl behind the counter nodded, turning to get the key the mother took out her wallet. As the girl turned, she saw the man interact with the kids, “Is that your husband Miss? With those children?” Yeazakura turned around, she glanced at the man and smiled, “Yes, yes he is. Those are our children as well.” “I see, your daughter looks very much like you, green eyes and all. Though your sons, well that’s hard to tell with those masks.” She turned back to the smiling girl, with her eyes closed she said, “They take after their father, we both have a colorful family history.” She nodded, “In what name shall I put the suite?” “Koufuku, Seigi and Meiyo.” “How long will you be staying?” “Indefinite time, it’s a travel through vacation.”

“Kids, we have to behave here. We’ll be staying in a family ‘suite’ which means we’re sleeping in one room, on separate futons.” “Eh, but d-dad, I really like my privacy.” Sakura said, she stumbled over thoughts as she remembered, that one time in the past he could’ve become her father. Would she have been happier then? Would Yeazakura have stayed? He couldn’t help but smile, he could finally act like he wanted to around Yeazakura and the kids, like a father, a father none of them had. “I understand that ‘pumpkin’, we also have a bathroom the size of a small swimming pool, so that should make it up.” her father replied. The boys were having a glare contest as they attracted attention from the female staff. But as their mother interfered those girls scattered, she softly slapped the boys upside their heads, “Yamero, when your father says you behave, you do so!”

“Did you see her? She’s not alone this time.” “She brought kids? Is she crazy? They’ll die first!” “No, have you seen the man she was with? He’s very strong and capable.” “What does that mean?” “It means we’ll die…” the two voices faded back into the darkness of the alley, across the hotel. They had watched the woman and her family enter, but would they see them leave?

The room was very sober, very simple and bright. The futon were still in the closet as they strolled through the smallish room, barely enough space for 5 of them. But then again, the kids realized their ‘parents’ would share one, in the hopes they would keep it decent. She stepped onto the tiny balcony, accompanied by her husband it was full. As their gazes fell upon the miniature skyline of the village the sun grazed passed the buildings, their silhouettes an artwork of man made nature. With his arms around her, his chin on her shoulder he asked her, “Was it this peaceful 8 years ago?” “I remember it to be more, quiet, a bit smaller.” Her eyes had fallen upon the street beneath them, an alley in the center of her attention. She stepped back from the edge, trying to get away from the alley in her mind, “Meiyo, what’s wrong?” “Nothing, I’m just not feeling that well.” As they stepped back into the room they found their children had already divided the futon amongst them, sprawled across the floor. “Mom, please tell me this lame village has a ramen shop or something.”

With their children out in front of them, they felt countless eyes in their backs. Surely they were a convincing family, but they still looked odd, the only ones who looked alike were Sakura and her ‘mother’, and only by their eyes. As they walked arm in arm, they both watched the flourishing street around them, taking in every face. Their objective was to find a fugitive, but only one knew his features, “Seigi, who exactly are we looking for?” “He’s a supposedly rogue ninja from Iwa, but other sources say he’s an expert in espionage.” “Didn’t he commit murder? Or was it something worse?” He shook his head as he saw Naruto, chased by their other children, run into a BBQ-restaurant, “I’m not sure, let’s ask him when we find him.” “Very funny… Not.” She smiled at him, though inside she frowned, what if it was someone she knew? Someone friendly from Iwa? Someone she was in debt to…?

As they ate in a separate booth, the man laid down the plans, a map of the village. They kept their voices low, as these walls were not exactly sound proof. “Alright, this is where we’re staying this mission,” he said pointing at the map, “these marks are places he’s been spotted regularly.” “We’ll divide into two groups each day and meet up at this park,” Yeazakura pointed at a green stain on the map, “Boys, you’ll go with Kakashi, Sakura with me.” “The point is to blend in, look for strange things, like secretive deals going down. People out of contrast in the places they’re in.” the man said looking around. “What does that mean?” Naruto looked up at the man with wonder in his eyes, “It means like poor people in expensive places, rich people in the slummy parts.” “Look for anything that can indicate a shinobi lifestyle, scars on remarkable places, twitches, the way he eats his food or uses cutlery. If he’s not wearing shinobi equipment or a headband, it’ll be hard. Also, shinobi slang.” Naruto seemed the only paying attention, for once. Sakura stared at her food, she daren’t to look up at her sensei and sister, her mother and father. Sasuke kept staring, staring at this unmasked face of perfection. His eyes were glued to the young woman but often switched from her face to Kakashi’s mask. Was his face really as handsome as they were told? He could only find out if the man would eat a damn thing, “Sensei, why won’t you eat?” He looked at the boy, “Why is that important to you?” The boy gripped his chopsticks, almost breaking them in half, “Nothing, I just wondered.” ‘Wondered how you look like…’ he thought. “Seigi here is very shy of his face, he barely shares it with anyone!” the man’s head turned to her, why was she talking so loudly? He had noticed the map was gone and her mask up, suddenly the door opened after a knock, “Sir,” It was the waitress, “our staff found some dogs outside waiting, their tags said they were yours?” “Pakkun and Biscuit?” The girl nodded, “Dogs aren’t allowed in the main restaurant, but we can bring them into your booth if you’d like?” As the girl looked around smiling, she noticed the kids had pulled up their mask quickly. They eyed her patiently, though it kind of freaked her out. The man nodded as the girl left, only to bring back the dogs.

“Where the hell did you guys go? You had me worried…” said Kakashi. “I was called to a point, I received a scroll from the Hokage’s messengers.” “What does it say?” “Not a clue, I think a description but it’s still attached to my neck.” Pakkun clawed at the tiny scroll, stuck to his collar. Yeazakura petted the other dog, “If you were called to a point, why did you run the other way, Biscuit?” “I smelled bacon Zara-san, but only one.” The kids looked strangely at the dog, they said he was quite flakey, but this much? “Hmm, in what direction did he go? Was he long at the campsite?” “Not sure, but he ran towards this village, he looks kind of like the man you’re looking for.” Yeazakura shook her head clean of thoughts, yet over and over one kept swamping her mind. Kakashi unrolled the scroll, “Yeazakura,” her eyes widened as she saw the picture, it was true… He had become a fugitive. “Mom are you okay?” “Yeah, you look a bit pale…” Kakashi gently brushed aside her hair, “Kakashi, we have to get out of here. We have to find him and bring him to Konoha.” She stared blankly in to space, the man lifted her chin towards him, “Yeazakura, who is this man?” “He’s important Kakashi, now we have to get out of here.” She stood up and picked up Biscuit, as the man picked up the other dog he checked the passage before stepping out. She left some money, surely it was enough for the meals and some tips, perhaps even too much.

As they stepped out into the main restaurant, the kids stopped their parents. “Mom, there are some strange men looking around.” The woman looked up, her eyes fearing the sight. She pulled away her children as her husband followed suit, “Yeazakura, what’s going on? Who are those men?” “We’re not the only one looking for fugitives,” His eyes recognized the horror in her eyes, “They’re looking for you.” “I’m sorry Kakashi, I really am.” He grabbed her hand, as they quickly turned around the corner their feet started running. The dogs had split and gone, faster than the family could run. “It be very nice if you told me what you saw last night!” his breathing almost as fast as his feet, deserted streets were rare but they happened. “Not now, take the boys and split, jounin-style.” He looked at her, her hand tight around his and Sakura’s. He nodded and grabbed the boys by the collar before disappearing into nothing.

The girls turned around a corner into an alley, the one she rather avoided. As she sensed the men her feet hurried though Sakura couldn’t keep up. Her feet and hand slipped as she fell to the ground, the men appearing behind her, “Sakura!” “Well well, look what we have here.” A short broad man, ugly scars on his ugly face. The other man, slightly less hideous stepped towards the younger girl, “Hello girly,-” “Get away from my daughter!” the woman quickly skidded to the girl, grabbing her and holding her close. “Your daughter? How many lies have you created this time?” The girl whimpered, “Please, if it’s money that you want you can have it! Just leave me and my family alone!” “Speaking about your ‘family’, where is that hubby of yours?” “The copy ninja, where is he?” They shivered in fear, holding each other close, “Please, I don’t know what you’re talking about! My husband and I are just commoners!”

The man and his children peered over the edge of the building, down onto the alley carefully listening in. “Hm, maybe we do have the wrong person.” The ugly tall one said. “Are you kidding? They’re exactly the same. We’ve finally got her!” All men heard the woman hush her daughter, promising this to be over soon, “Please, take the money and go…” She tossed the men her wallet before their feet, “It’s not money we want, it’s you-” “Halt! Konoha shinobi! You’re under arrest!” Kakashi’s eye was relieved though he couldn’t believe what he saw, Kotetsu and Izumo, the surrogate brothers in action. “Ma’am, are you and your daughter alright?” Kotetsu, one of her trusted faces. “We’re fine, please help us!” The ugly broad man turned, “You really think two of you can stop us?” The other man turned, standing 2 feet taller than Izumo, “Let’s dance, midget.” The boys watched in delighted fear as they saw the woman stand up, balled fists loaded with chakra. Izumo smirked, “Sure buddy, hope you don’t mind if I lead?”

They dragged the unconscious men and propped them against the wall, “Thanks again Yeazakura.” “No, thank you guys, I knew you’d be close.” The young woman hugged them tight, a smiling mask on her face. “Kakashi’s dogs warned us, they went back to your room, checking it over.” The man and his boys jumped down, “Quick thinking honey, have them spend a night in jail.” He stepped towards the women, one still shivering slightly, “Kakashi, we have to get going before they wake up. Having them this close means he’s close too.” He pulled her aside, letting the kids watch the men how to tie up captives properly, “To where? They know we stay in that hotel, what do you suggest we do?” “One of them will have to babysit the kids in the room, you and I are going clubbing.” “Why? You’re not going to get me drunk are you?” he smiled at her seriousness, thinking worse things. “That would be too easy… He’s a heavy drinker, always has been. There’s only one bar that serves to drunks.”

“Thank you so much for watching them, we’ll be back soon.” “Take your time, he’s a dangerous man I’ve heard.” She bade her farewells for now and left for the bar, alone. Her mask was back in her room, a risky step yes, but necessary. Her high heels treaded the busy street, her hands clutched a tiny purse. Her short strapped dress a blazing deep blue, eyes glued to her curves. With her head held high and her confidence boasting she stepped into the smoky, womanless bar. Her busty features caught attention as she swayed her way to the bar, ordering a wine with merely her eyes. She destined her seat to be next to a man, slouched over his drink. Though her gaze was captivated by a man in the corner seat, arms spread royally with his eyes towards her. “Here’s your wine ma’am,” “Thank you.” “What’s a pretty lady doing in a dump like this?” She sipped her sweet white wine, savoring the flavor, “Being stood up gives me the urge to drink a little, break a bit loose.” The man besides her gazed at her skin, a flawless perfection for some, though he saw straight through it, “Be careful around here, men tend to get grabby.” She looked at the man with gentle eyes, “I will,” The man from the corner seat had stood up and strolled towards her, “Ah, didn’t think to see you here.” With her drink in hand she turned, the gentle side had faded, “You, I told you never to come near me again.” “That’s kinda hard in the same bar, don’t you wanna talk?” The man behind her straightened up revealing light scars around his neck, “Not really. If you want to talk, go see a shrink.” His hand shot to her arm, “Come on, just a few words.” “I said no!” She raised her glass to his face, spilling the drink over the man and his mask. He shook off slight drops of the beverage, “I forgot, you like to throw stuff. Why don’t you let me throw you around for a bit?” He jerked her closer forcing the man to stand up, “The lady said no, let her go!” His speech was close to slurring though his eyes were unyielding, “Stay out of this sake-bito, this is between me and her.” He placed his hand on the one gripping the ladies arm, “Not anymore,” She tore from his grip and stepped behind the friendly drunk. “Don’t do this, he’s too strong for you!” “I’m stronger than I look miss, please give me some credit.” The aggravated man balled his fist, ready to strike in moments, “Fighting is done outside! Not in my bar!” The drunk smirked, “Outside it is.”

The silver haired man pushed him through the doors, he was followed by the woman, “Seigi! Stop this, please!” The drunk almost stumbled to the ground, concentrating to stand up. “Hit me with your best shot bum, come on!” “Seigi!” The man prepared for the strike, readying himself for the punch. She recognized the look in the drunk’s eyes, his buzz was gone and his strength was back. She saw his hand pull back, the hardest fist she had seen. Seconds from impact on the masked man’s jaw she shrieked, “Kei! Yamero yo!” Too late, the man had been punched and went down, the shriek cost him his concentration. “Y-Yeazakura-chan?” he staggered as he looked surprised at the young woman, “What are you doing here?” Her eyes were closed, frowned in sorrow, “I’m sorry Kei-kun…” “Sorry? For wha-?” Whack. A blow to the back of his head, he lost consciousness before falling to the ground himself. “That’s what you get for almost busting my jaw.” The silver haired man rubbed his masked yet sore jaw before turning to the woman, “You know this man how well?!” She hurried to the man laying face down in the dirt, she turned him over as she checked his vitals, “That’s not important now Kakashi, what’s important is that we get him off the streets!” He wanted to scold her, her and this damned situation. They weren’t alone on the streets, as she struggled to pick her the beaten man she stumbled as the weight lifted from her shoulders. As she looked to her side she saw, the silver haired man took the man onto his shoulders. Though regretting this whole ordeal he did this, not for the mission, for her.

He had placed him on a futon, a cold compress to the back of his head. The two Chuunin kept watch as the couple argued on the closed balcony. He had her pinned, her back against the railing, “Yeazakura, I demand you tell me what you saw that night. Now!” Her face grimaced at the loudness of his voice, “Fine! I saw a lot of Iwa ninja. A friendly warning.” “How could it be friendly-?” Her hushed voice cut him off, “That man there, was told to ‘ditch me somewhere familiar’… His superior meant the torture pits, but, he brought me close to Konoha.” “Was he a nuke-nin from Konoha? Undercover?” She shook her head, “He was sympathetic, something they don’t tolerate there. He was one of the few who learned Genjutsu, he reminded me to be dead.” His voice and features softened, “Because they think you are…” “Exactly, if I don’t act like it, they’ll make sure I won’t have the choice to play it.” He noticed her voice had turned fearful, trembling at the possibilities. He frowned at himself, at her saddened features. His arms slipped from the railing to around her being, gently holding her close as she returned the embrace, her ear close to his heart.

“How’s your jaw by the way?” she gently turned his face, pealing the mask from his skin as she examined the bruise. “It’s fine now, just a bit sore.” She noticed the purple glow his jaw had, feeling guilty she carefully kissed him. Her gentle lips brushed against his skin, leaving it burning for more, “I’m sorry for what happened, I hoped he had recognized me by then.” He smiled sorely at her, one corner of lips showing his pain and joy, “It’s okay, it had to be done.” She tried to smile back but let it be, she replaced his mask and enjoyed the embrace. As he enjoyed her warmth he couldn’t help but count the stars, which ones to place in her eyes? As he looked up at the sky, he noted there were so many different stars at home, yet every single one reminded him of her and Obito. She told him that the last time she spoke to Obito, was the night before they left on that dreadful mission. They had camped at the memorial stone, one of the reasons he was late that day. He was the first person to hear her confession about Kakashi, though he promised never to tell.

As the wind passed by the balcony she shivered in his arms, trembling at the sudden cold and warmth. “How’s your back doing? It amazed me how you got into that dress.” “I had to remove a lot of bandages, it doesn’t hurt but I’m not sure if it’s okay.” He looked over her shoulder and down her back, the skin Genjutsu she had used earlier had worn off. “I’d best look at this when you lay down.” She nodded against his shirt, inhaling his warm strong scent. A knock against the window, the door slid open, “Kakashi-sensei, the man just woke up. He’s asking for Ane-chan.” The girl whispered and stepped aside, letting the Jounin come in. The man’s eyes were open only slightly, but he saw her all the clearer and his voice rasp, “Why are you here? They found out you’re still alive.” Her voice was monotone and indifferent, “Well la-ti-dah Kei, you’re on a fugitive list in 4 countries. Since you were in this one and from Iwa, I was assigned this mission with Kakashi.” She lifted his head and pealed the compress from his pillow, he gently beckoned her to lean in, “I assume he has forgiven you? And the way you acted in the bar was ‘acting’?” “All part of the mission, Kei. And I really hope he has, he hasn’t exactly spoken the words.” The weary man’s eyes looked straight into Kakashi’s, standing far away, he was familiar with that look, “He might not have said it, but perhaps in his eyes there’s nothing to forgive. You haven’t done much wrong.” “I shattered his heart by leaving. In my eyes, I’ve done only wrong.” He simply smiled at her and her foolish words, no whole grain of truth in that, not in his eyes. His eyes closed as he drifted off to sleep, she sat back as she was accompanied by her sister and was handed a red and white book.

The Chuunin had fallen asleep against the radiator, whilst the children sat on one futon. The woman leaned down onto her futon, face first, letting the Jounin come close. Sakura still felt uneasy when they were together, but this was something that had to happen often. He carefully unzipped the dress towards her waist, pealing it from her skin. His skeptic eye searched the bandages, not much blood had stained them but they were still to be replaced. The gauzes were bloody but not too much, except for the wounds her skin was clean of blood. The Rock ninja’s eyes were peered open, from his seat against the wall he looked upon the woman’s back, eying the familiar wounds. He saw the way her face grimaced even as the man was utterly gentle, guilt eating him from inside out. His eyes once more slid down her back, recognizing a certain pattern in the wounds. The children noted the pained look on their sensei’s masked face, again they wouldn’t heal. His hands carefully and swiftly dabbed the wounds with alcohol poured on a clean gauze. She held back whimpers of pain as her fingers gripped the book, her knuckles white. Kei crawled closer to her, on his knees next to the silver haired Jounin yet his eyes on the wounds. He placed a hand on the nursing one, trying to pull it away. The aggravated Jounin tensed in anger, yet kept calm as he said with gritted teeth, “What do you think you’re doing?” “I need to look at the wounds, I might know why they haven’t been healing…” “How do you know they haven’t? I never said anything about that.” The Jounin’s eye shot daggers, though the Iwa Nin kept his voice like a sea of calmness, “I was there when this happened,” “Then you could’ve stopped this!” “They would’ve killed me!” he said as his eyes now held back their aggressive nature towards the silver haired man. “Yeah, so what?” “They would’ve killed her too, merciless…” Kakashi turned his eyes back at her wounds, her face was turned away though he felt her sad yet angered eyes pierce his soul, providing him waves of guilt. His hand gripped the bottle of pure alcohol tightly, careful not to crush it, “We have to stop fighting.” He continued to tend her wounds as he tore his hand from the man’s grip. “Why is that? Scared to fight?” the silver haired Jounin shook his head, slightly wanting to smack the man, “It hurts her more than her wounds… She can’t stand yelling men.” Kei looked at the young woman and nodded, to a certain extent he understood, he obviously noticed it during her time as a captive.

Sakura looked at the young woman, her eyes were staring into space as they were close to crying. She had decided to ignore the pain on her back and deal with the yelling voices later, for now she had to keep calm. She was laying on her stomach still in her dress, beneath her the futon. The silver haired man asked her if she could sit up, so he could bandage her torso. This proved to be difficult, not only for her strength, her shame had left her body powerless too. “Yeazakura,” “Kakashi, bathroom please.” He could hear the shame in her voice, it pained her to be in such a state. A state in which she was vulnerable and useless basically, something she wasn’t used to being nor could she stand it. His one hand kept the gauze on her back in place as his other hand guided her towards the bathroom. She held the dress to her body trying to push away the shame, the moment the door closed it was safe. The dress slid to the ground from her shivering form, revealing scars on the strangest of places. His hand was still gently atop of the large rectangle gauze, waiting to be bandaged. She crossed her arms over her bare chest, turning her face towards the man behind her, peering over her shoulder. Her voice trembled, quivered at his touch, “Why won’t they heal Kakashi? Why won’t they close?” He placed a hand on her shoulder, gently brushing his fingers against her cheek, “They will, I promise. Let’s just bandage them up for now, we’ll find a medical Nin or a doctor, one who will help us.” She nodded, as she opened her hand he took the bandages from her palm, “We’re going to get through this Yeazakura, we will.”

The Chuunin had gone back to their station in the village, a more obvious cover. A fifth futon was placed in between the two Jounin and three Genin, forming the bed for their guest. The blue and silver haired Jounin slept on one futon, close to the radiator, every bit of extra warmth would help them in any way. The evening and mission had passed so quickly, they were expected to find and retrieve him in their own time. Usually that would end up to be at least a week, almost never one day. She thought back to her first mission in Iwa, the one that brought her in a favorable position with the Tsuchikage. As she lay on her side her eyes wandered the person next to her, his brown hair framed the face she had seen cry along with her. Reflecting the pain of her own soul… But as she looked at the one man, she felt the one behind her stir in his sleep, although, she thought he was asleep. His eye peered past her hair, skeptically judging the unbound captive next to them, with his arm around her waist he hoped to keep her safe. As he stirred again she turned to him, though his eye didn’t yield from the man. She saw the angry way his mask distorted even as she looked up at him. Her hand tugged the back of his shirt pulling his attention and pulling him close, why was he so angry at the man? Though he didn’t stop the torturing there was no real way he could’ve saved her, “Kakashi,” The moment he looked down the anger faded, his mask wrinkled in a warm way, though her eyes didn’t reflect. “He’s not the one you should be angry at.” He quickly leaned down and kissed her forehead, she felt him smile though wrinkled her brow, “You’re supposed to be angry with me.” He simply closed his eye and pulled her closer, into his heart, “I refuse to be angry with you, my heart wasn’t made to be so cruel.” She stared at his chest biting her lip, “It’s not cruel Kakashi, it’s reasonable. Everyone would be angry with anybody with my record.” “Don’t be so na?ve. Just because you know your father would be, doesn’t mean every man should be.” He brushed aside her hair and tapped into her soul, “Love goes deeper than hate, and sometimes when people think it’s hate, they actually love the person from a different perspective.” “Are you saying you love me, hate-wise?” “No, I love you in any and every way but that way.” She looked up at him, a slight tinge on her cheeks, his face stern, “Y-you just said, you loved me.” “I didn’t say ‘love-d’, I said ‘love’.” The tinge on her cheeks spread, it was the first time in a long time she had heard his lips say those words. She knew he was waiting to hear those words himself, but also felt she couldn’t dare to say it. The three, maybe four simplest words were on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t get them to roll. When she saw his eye turn sad slightly yet still patient, she bit her tongue, forcing off the words, “I, I love you too…”

The girl couldn’t close her eyes, pondering the entire night. The words she heard them say, his unrushed voice versus her sister’s whispers, ‘I love you…’ There wasn’t really anything to worry about, except for a sudden goodbye, something she started fearing a very long time ago. But their love was true, it wasn’t sudden, this spark had turned into a flame ages ago and was again burning wild and passionately. Convinced no one had heard them, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Though the girl wasn’t the only one with eyes wide open, the beige eyed man smiled knowing her heart never was completely torn yet now was whole again.

His bed was roomy, his arms empty. The sun shined through the window skimming past the windowsill and illuminating the sober, simple room. He peered his eyes open, as he awoke to find loneliness in his arms his heart pounded. As his eyes widened he shot up in bed, no trace of the blue haired girl or the beige eyed man, not even the faintest scent. His heart rose to his throat, as his eye wandered towards the other futon he swallowed hard, the genin were still here… But where was the Jounin? “Yeazakura.” He jumped to his feet and barged into the bathroom, empty. As he turned around green eyes spied on him, his heart nearly exploded. He stormed to the door and yelled her name, running through the hall, “Yeazakura!” The girl’s fear returned, she was wrong once more, she was wrong the whole time. Why was she so na?ve in thinking she would stay this time? Why did she believe the pretty lies she served her and her beloved ones, again? She felt her heart tear in two, slowly become brittle and crumble apart. As she sat on her futon she slowly rocked her self into peace, the motions waking the boys. Her voice was soft, her cries barely audible as tears fell onto her covers.

The man raged down the stairs, eyed by the girl from the lobby, “G-good morning sir,” His body tensed in anger and fear as he approached the counter, “Where is she?” “Your wife? She left with a man,” “To where? Where did they go?!” She almost jumped as he pounded his fist against the hardwood, “I heard them talk about interrogating someone! Something with Iwa-ninja! I’m really sorry sir but that’s all I know.” The man huffed, as he turned towards the door his mind screamed ‘Calm down, it’s nothing!’ though his feet didn’t comply. He jumped across the street, the rooftops as his road towards the Shinobi-post.

As she gazed at them through the glass, she felt her heart race against her wonder. Biting her nails the tension wouldn’t cease, the man had just entered the room and paced around the table. His scars obviously intimidating the men, even the awfully tall one as his eyes stared them down. “What I don’t understand is, why are Iwa-ninja in a Fire-Country bordervillage, trying to rob a mother and her daughter? Trouble with missions lately?” the men didn’t react to the enticements, “I’m surprised your hitae-aite’s haven’t been slashed yet, petty thieves like you aren’t meant to be ninja.” “We’re not petty thieves.” the tall one slipped, he wasn’t exactly the smartest as his colleague told him to shut up, “If you’re not, than what are you? Money grubbing genin?” “We’re jounin! And we’re here to take them with us!” “You moron, when I say shut up, then shut up!” though the two men were bound to their chairs they tried to strike and injure each other. The scarred man sighed, thinking to himself, ‘Them? What did she do there…?’

He stormed through the halls, so many doors and shinobi behind desks. Each and every one stared at him in awe, never had they seen the copy ninja, let alone incognito. His angered searching eye sensed her presence near, the red orb shifted as he saw she wasn’t alone. Again his heart pounded, anger and rage indulging his body. Through the walls and doors he felt her body call out to him, yet tried to keep her chakra hidden. His steps closed in on her, almost blindly finding their location.

She moved, in fact she had been moving the entire time he found her essence. But now, she was hunched over, his red blurry vision showing him she was reaching for her face. Trying to wipe away the pain and tears, as he looked up at her saddened figure her sobbing form was accepted into strong arms. But they weren’t his. And as he realized that, anger, disgust even jealousy echoed through his body. The door behind her was still open, as it closed the moment he got near, “Get your hands off of her!” The beige eyes rose to the man slowly, revealing an innocent smile. But the man couldn’t appreciate the smile, to him it was devious, filthy and proof he was wrong. He got closer and angrier at the man, wanting to break his arms, “I said, get your hands…” The girl shifted in his arms, her clear green eyes looked up at him in joy. Not a single tear was shed as her masked cheeks were dry, no redness in her eyes. By the size of the wrinkle in her mask he judged it to be a very large smile, “Kakashi, you’re here… Just in time!” She tore from the embrace and threw her arms around his neck, her lips close to his ear, “I missed you this morning.” His eyes stared into space taking in the words and movements, “Huh?” She looked up at his face, his brows furrowed, “We left really early this morning, I didn’t want to wake you up so… I missed waking to your eyes.” Hers were different in a way, as if someone or something relit the fire within. He stumbled as he tried to return the feeling in words, “I, I uhm, I missed you too.” “Aw how sweet,-” “No, I mean… I thought you had left again. As in leaving left,” Though the fire was returned to her eyes she couldn’t help but furrow her brows in a frown as well, a sad frown. “I-I’m sorry, I should’ve left a note behind or something. I didn’t mean to worry you… Are you mad-?” “No, no… Of course not.” He pulled away her scared eyes by pulling her into an embrace, his thoughts mulled on her frightened look and voice, so afraid to be doing wrong. The beige eyed man cleared his throat, standing with his hands in his pockets his patience was running out, “Yeazakura, the message?”

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