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President Trump, There’s No Love In 5G Small Cell Towers Being Installed Everywhere — Even Dr. Oz Seems Concerned

By B.N. Frank

President Trump is famous for making many colorful and infrequently unresponsive statements.  Despite this, he still spasmodic speaks very openly about formulating new policies formed on love.

There is no adore endangered with inaugurated officials flitting state and sovereign laws that concede telecom companies to install 5G tiny dungeon towers all over the U.S. including in front of homes, in open rights of ways, in chronological districts, and flattering much everywhere else.  Many Americans have been fighting these bills.

From the late George Carlin:

The word bipartisan customarily means some larger-than-usual dishonesty is being carried out.

In courtesy to new technology, for 20+ years, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) along with both Democrats and Republicans have been obliged for creating, promoting, and flitting legislation that boundary metropolitan control over dungeon building and other wireless infrastructure chain in American communities.

Current FCC Chair Ajit Pai has been pulling 5G.  President Trump has promoted 5G.

Former FCC Chair Tom Wheeler also pushed 5G.  Former President Obama also promoted 5G.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Oz featured a shred on his show about 5G tiny dungeon towers and technology.  He seemed to be concerned.  The adults he interviewed were concerned.  The only medical publisher he interviewed seemed to be some-more endangered about legally covering her fanny than the health ramifications of 5G tiny dungeon towers being commissioned all over the country.

The CTIA keeps compelling 5G as a race that the U.S. needs to win.  This ain’t high school.  This is wireless (WiFI) x-ray radiation-emitting dungeon towers being commissioned in front of people’s homes and everywhere else so Americans can binge-watch, surf, and post online at aloft speeds than what we now have.  Gag me with a spoon.

Some don’t determine with The Beatles’ view that “All We Need is Love.”

But it’s tough to remonstrate with this:

“And in the end, the adore you take is equal to the adore you make.”

There is no adore in 5G.  There is only loss.  It’s like vital a bad dream. You’re substantially as sleepy reading about it as we am essay about it.

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