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In 2014, One In 10 U.S. Cell/Grid Towers Violated RF Radiation Rules; Telecom Companies, Elected Officials Determined To Add Millions More — This Is 5G

By B.N. Frank

On Oct 2. 2014, The Wall Street Journal published, “Cellphone Boom Spurs Antenna-Safety Worries.”

If you aren’t a WSJ subscriber, you will only have entrance to the first 2 paragraphs of the article.

The antennas fueling the nation’s cellphone bang are challenging sovereign reserve rules that were put in place when signals mostly radiated from remote towers off-limits to the public.

Now, antennas are in some-more than 300,000 locations—rooftops, parks, stadiums—nearly double the series of 10 years ago, according to the attention trade organisation CTIA.

Other organizations weighed in on the commentary in this article.

From RFSafe.com in 2014:  “WSJ Reports One in 10 Cell Phone Towers Violate RF Radiation Safety Rules”

  1. According to 6 engineers who examined some-more than 5,000 sites, “one in 10 sites disregarded the rules”. In 2014, that was 30,000.
  2. Cell building carriers were not being held accountable for the health risk caused by vulnerable dungeon phone building installation.  
  3. The FCC said it lacked resources to guard any antenna.
  4. Since 1996, The FCC had released 2 citations for reserve violations.
  5. One operative demonstrated to a WSJ publisher how common it was to find cell phone towers in defilement of sovereign reserve standards.
  6. An FCC guideline written after the manners were adopted remarkable studies showing “relatively low levels” of RF deviation can cause:
    • certain changes in the defence system
    • neurological effects
    • behavioral effects”
    • other health issues, including cancer.
  7. In 2011, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) began study this after the World Health Organization categorized RF deviation as a illusive carcinogen.
  8. Many insurers will not insure against health risk from dungeon phone radiation. 
  9. According to the Dallas Independent School District, it is illusive that one of these vulnerable dungeon phone towers is exposing children to dangerous levels of radiation

As of 2014, Federal Communications Commission also allowed for 100x aloft deviation levels than nations like China, Poland and Russia.

Because of this WSJ article, we know approx. 30,000 dungeon building grids/sites (one in 10) were already illegal in 2014.

More have been combined given then and it’s still likely that approximately 1 in 10 of these dungeon building grids/sites also violate sovereign reserve standards.

“The Race for 5G” will supplement hundreds of thousands or some-more additional tiny dungeon towers in front of homes, in open rights of ways, in chronological districts, flattering much everywhere.

According to a Feb 9, 2018 shred on the Dr. Oz show, telecom companies wish to install all these 5G towers essentially to capacitate Americans to binge-watch, surf, and post online at high speeds but the hazard of being away or having screens freeze-up.

Many Americans as good as metropolitan governments have been fighting this.  Some have filed lawsuits.

FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, many of the inaugurated officials, and telecom companies insist that installing all these new towers is good for Americans.

According to a new essay from The Center for Public Integrity, they seem peaceful to do and contend whatever it takes to get this done.

5G promises to beget outrageous increase for the wireless companies, with as much as $250 billion in service income approaching annually by 2025. And 5G will unleash an mercantile boom, contend supporters of pre-empting internal rules. They frequently bring a report by the consulting organisation Accenture, which resolved that wireless firms will deposit $275 billion over the next 7 years deploying tiny cells, formulating 3 million jobs and eventually boosting the inhabitant economy by $500 billion annually.

The study appears everywhere — mentioned by FCC commissioners in speeches, cited in an central FCC docket, in wireless carriers’ comments, and in statements by the absolute Washington associations that represent them. What many don’t discuss is that the study was paid for by the wireless organisation CTIA, one of Washington’s top lobbying spenders.

The wireless attention argues that localities’ high fees, pattern mandate and delays in estimate permits have effectively taboo the deployment of broadband, which they disagree is a defilement of sovereign law; they’ve asked the FCC to make that transparent in reining in cities and counties.

President Trump, you betrothed if elected, you would give the country back to the people.

Mr. President, we don’t wish dungeon towers in the yards and all over the communities.  Have mercy.

For some-more information hit the following organizations:

  • Center For Safer Wireless
  • Citizens for Safe Technology
  • Electricsense
  • Environmental Health Trust
  • In Power Movement
  • National Association for Children and Safe Technology
  • Parents for Safe Technology
  • SaferEMR
  • Scientists for Wired Tech
  • We Are The Evidence
  • Whatis5G.Info

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