Yes, ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, you’ll get something from George RR Martin this year

And lo, in a sixth year of watchful for new difference from Westeros, a people’s prayers were answered: George RR Martin has reliable reports that he is essay a new story set in his “Song of Ice and Fire” universe. 

It isn’t a subsequent novel, Winds of Winter, which Martin has been operative on given 2011. It’s a prequel story called “The Sons of a Dragon,” that will be published in a anticipation anthology called The Book of Swords on Oct. 10.

The story deals with those annoying inherent Targaryens, behind when they still ruled a Seven Kingdoms. But it’s set dual and a half centuries before a mom of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, came on a scene. 

“If you’re preoccupied by a politics of Westeros, as many of my readers seem to be, we should suffer it,” Martin wrote on his LiveJournal Tuesday. “‘The Sons of a Dragon’ chronicles a reigns of a second and third Targaryen kings, Aenys we and Maegor a Cruel, along with their mothers, wives, sisters, children, friends, enemies, and rivals.”

Yep, it’s one of those times where Martin gets some-more into a weeds of Westeros than his some-more infrequent readers competence like. The author calls it a “history rather than a normal narrative” with “a lot of telling, usually a small showing,” or “the conflicting of what we do in my novels.” 

Get prepared to learn about Daenerys' ancestors.

Get prepared to learn about Daenerys’ ancestors.

Given all a revelation rather than display in a many new and magisterial tomes in a Song of Ice and Fire series, Feast for Crows and Dance With Dragons, feel giveaway to remonstrate with a sorceress of Westeros on that one. 

There is during slightest some wish for those of us watchful breathlessly for Winds of Winter: Martin isn’t modifying a anthology, an activity that has taken adult a lot of his authorial time in a final 5 years. 

He has affianced not to revise any some-more until a subsequent novel is complete, and we finally find out what happens to Daenerys next.

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