What Gina Rodriguez tells herself each morning

Gina Rodriguez’s dermatitis opening was as an determined rapper in a 2012 movie, “Filly Brown.” Now, a Golden Globe-winner is best famous starring in a CW’s “Jane a Virgin,” in that she portrays a immature eremite woman, Jane, who becomes profound after she is artificially inseminated by accident.

Rodriguez assimilated “CBS This Morning” to plead how “Jane a Virgin” addresses amicable issues, a relatability opposite cultures, and a morning mantra she schooled from her father.

For Rodriguez, a crux of a uncover is family, and on Monday’s deteriorate finale, Jane becomes an consecrated apportion to go her parents’ wedding.


Jane The Virgin – Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Andrea Navedo as Xiomara. 

“It’s really a family foundation. The 3 generations, my grandmother, my mother, myself, my father, obviously,” Rodriguez pronounced of a Venezuelan-American TV family.  

“I consider what’s pleasing about a uncover is that it’s relatable to all cultures. Obviously that’s what America looks like. There are so many of us who have ancestors that do not pronounce English and we pronounce English and get to live in that twin temperament and applaud both cultures.”

Another critical aspect of a uncover for Rodriguez is that it is not fearful to residence amicable issues.

“What’s pleasing about art is that we get to plead them in a approach that can emanate toleration and emanate recovering and emanate a communication, a dialogue,” Rodriguez said.  

“She has this ability to have explanation on amicable issues though judgment,” Rodriguez pronounced of a show’s creator, Jennie Snyder Urman.

In a new partial of a show, Jane’s 4-year-old son asks her because some people wouldn’t wish grandma in this country.

This moment, she said, allows people to “look in a eyes of a child and see how influenced a children are by a division.”


Gina Rodriguez and her father Genaro Rodriguez attend a 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 10, 2016.

When asked either addressing topics like immigration feels some-more obligatory now, Rodriguez said, “It’s always felt urgent, to be honest.”

“I consider that what we are saying in a domestic meridian is indeed something that’s been wounds that we’ve only never discovered,” Rodriguez said.

Every morning, a singer — who says she has her dream pursuit — does something her father taught her. 

He told her to demeanour in a counterpart and say, “Today’s going to be a good day. we can and we will.” At first, she says she suspicion it was crazy, though she did it, and it stuck. 

“After a while it became a partial of what we — it was only a job of myself. It was a job of my middle self to be like, ‘Hey, get up, we got this.'”

The deteriorate culmination of “Jane a Virgin” front Monday, May 22 during 9 p.m. Eastern / 8 p.m. Central. 

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