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Victoria’s Jenna Coleman says she hit co-star Tom Hughes with a hairbrush and pennyless it!

When you’re making a show like Victoria,” says its star Jenna Coleman, “it’s very tough to know either it’s any good or not.

But when the first series was on air, people would come up to pronounce to you and everybody was really effusive,” she grins. “I got a feeling then…”

 Victoria: How is Queen Victoria coping as a new mum? Shes profound again and feels distraught, reveals singer Jenna Coleman, as the stately play returns
Victoria: How is Queen Victoria coping as a new mum? She’s profound again and feels “distraught”, reveals singer Jenna Coleman, as the stately play returns

The observation total told their own story – the ITV play averaged over 7 million viewers per episode.

In fact, so good was the show, it’s suspicion the many new series of BBC1’s Poldark was changed to summer partly to equivocate confronting another ratings better to its Sunday-night rival.

With series one finale with the birth of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s first child Victoria, the eight-part second series starts with her christening, and the new silent in no better mood about the restrictions having a child has put on her as both a wife and monarch.

“Victoria’s been in capture – they believed that once women had babies, they should distortion plane for a month and not move,” explains Jenna, 31. “So it’s been a month given she had the baby and she’s not in the best of tempers.

But she goes back to work, and then she’s profound within 3 months! Queen Victoria was ravaged by that. In her diary, she wrote in collateral letters that being profound was “THE ONLY THING we DREAD”.

I don’t consider I’ve ever seen on screen a lady who loves her husband but is distraught at her pregnancy and feels detained by it.

“When she’s back at work, Albert’s effectively taken over, which apparently she doesn’t like.

“There’s a genuine howling strife there. Last series we had the Lord Melbourne story [where the Prime Minister incited down Victoria’s ask to wed], Albert coming in, the offer and the marriage, but we hadn’t really delved into their married life at all.

 Victoria: Jenna says she threw a hairbrush at co star Tom Hughes who plays Prince Albert
Victoria: Jenna says she threw a hairbrush at co star Tom Hughes who plays Prince Albert

“So this gives us the event to really get into the energy shift, the strife of wills and the adore between Victoria and Albert, as good as her gripping organisation hands on the climax and being a mother.”

What all that means for us viewers is copiousness some-more romance, amour and passion.

“You’re trying to re-create one of the biggest adore stories there has ever been,” says Jenna, “so you never wish to remove their passion or adore or – at times – finish distrurbance for any other.”

Given that Jenna’s boyfriend is Tom Hughes, who plays Albert, how does it feel to be behaving out such scenes with him?

“It’s fun filming their bomb arguments. We did one on the first day this year where we had to chuck a hairbrush at Tom. we hit him and it broke. It was awful. we got by several of them!” she laughs.

“There is exhilaration since your adrenaline is so high, but I’m not a hugely argumentative person. I’m not confrontational in that way. That’s one of the things about Victoria which is the conflicting to me.

“That’s the biggest thing we was looking brazen to this year, getting into that ardent adore that Victoria and Albert had. You’ve got totally conflicting people who duty wholly differently: one is scientific, logical, bashful and process [Albert], and the other is emotionally led and guileless [Victoria].

“So you’ve got those two things in the blending pot, put them in this goldfish play where they are madly, deeply in adore but handling in a domestic globe as well. It leads to fireworks.”

That’s not all Victoria has to understanding with.

There are troubles in France, a potato fast in Ireland and we declare in larger fact the challenging attribute between Victoria and her mother, the intensely dominant Duchess of Kent.

 Victoria has alot to understanding with this season, generally with the potato fast in Ireland and difficulty in France
Victoria has alot to understanding with this season, generally with the potato fast in Ireland and difficulty in France

“Hers and her mother’s attribute is utterly dysfunctional,” explains Jenna. “There’s a lot of rancour still. She’s revelation Victoria how to lift her children, which you can suppose doesn’t go down well. It’s glacial and frozen between them. It’s a shop-worn relationship.”

“Unfortunately my daughter is not prepared to accept me and my advice,” says German singer Catherine Flemming, back again as the Duchess.

“She seems to intent to all we say. But Jenna is amazing. we have the biggest honour for this young, powerful, gifted woman. When we give 150 per cent, Jenna gives 200 per cent.”

Victoria also clashes with her new Mistress of the Robes, the Duchess of Buccleuch. Played by Dame Diana Rigg, the Duchess is a challenging figure who, with her purposeful one-liners, could infer as big a hit with viewers as Maggie Smith was as the widow in Downton Abbey.

“Dame Diana is amazing,” says Jenna. “When we go to France, the Duchess misses the British food. She also doesn’t like change – she’s very much that voice.

I’d worked with Diana before [on Doctor Who], likewise in Victorian clothe – solely she had a quadruped trustworthy to her chest and was trying to take over the world!”

Speaking of Doctor Who (Jenna played former messenger Clara Oswald), what does the singer consider of the decision to expel Jodie Whittaker as the Time Lord?

“I’m very gratified about Jodie,” she beams.

“She’s an implausible singer and a very lovely person. It’s really exciting. we just wish to hear her first line, hear her speak. we wish to see the new Doctor.”

By the time we do see Jodie in the TARDIS, Jenna could very good have filmed a third series of Victoria (it has nonetheless to be consecrated by ITV, but come on, surely…), for which she has already been praised for training to float side-saddle and play the piano. And there’s no let up for her in this second run when it comes to unsentimental tests.

 Can Victoria correct her fractured attribute with her mother?
Can Victoria correct her fractured attribute with her mother?

“German show is the new challenge,” she laughs.

“There’s also some Mendelssohn and Schubert [to play]. I’ve attempted to continue practising the piano. Tom can play, which is very frustrating. I’m utterly distant behind but I’m trying to locate up.”

In the march of this series and a two-hour Christmas special, the story covers 6 years of the Queen’s life, including the birth of 3 some-more children – Edward, Alice and Alfred – but holding darling babies and wearing several different-sized bumps has not, Jenna assures us, done her broody in the slightest.

“Working with children is an extraordinary and engaging challenge, but we all demeanour at any other and go: ‘Nein!’ [German for ‘no’]” she smiles.

“Sometimes all 3 children will cry at once. We began sauce up their genuine mothers and grandmothers as nursemaids.

One immature girl didn’t wish to be but her mum, so for one stage her mom is crouched down dark behind a post and they’d be personification a diversion where her mum’s in jail.

When they’re very immature we have two babies personification the same role, which is the biggest plea we’ve ever faced since the twins won’t really part.

You have to censor one of them so viewers should keep an eye out for certain scenes where there competence be one child too many!”

“There are changed moments this series when we see the Duchess and Victoria apropos closer since of the children,” says Catherine. “That’s wonderful.”

Playing the Queen, Jenna admits there’s not much time off, but she reveals she has found one engaging way to relax.

“What’s extraordinary is that there’s a website where you can review Victoria’s diary entries,” she says.

“Sometimes in the automobile on the way to work it’s utterly a fun thing to do: you put in 28 Jul 1845, for example, and her day comes up. You could just keep going since she’s everywhere. And she’s so vehement in her diaries.”

The one thing that Jenna is reduction vehement about is either viewers will get to see the return of Lord M, Victoria’s first crush, who so perplexed audiences last time. But when she needs to be, Jenna can be every bit as organisation as her stately counterpart.

“That’s what creates me adore her all the more,” she smiles.

“She’s tenatious and stubborn, she can be greedy and contend the wrong thing and wear her heart on her sleeve. we consider a lot of people currently may have lost that suggestion and fire. The fact that she never lost those veins of iron within her is amazing.”

Long may Victoria reign.

COMING SOON! Victoria earnings to ITV next week

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