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Neil Finn is recording an manuscript live on Facebook

Crowded House star Neil Finn is mouth-watering fans to watch the origination of his new manuscript on Facebook.

Every Friday in August, the singer-songwriter is streaming sessions live from his studio in Auckland, finish with a full choir and orchestra.

The plan culminates on 25 August, when the whole manuscript will be available in one marathon session. The record will then be mastered and expelled a week later.

It’s an desirous endeavour – but Finn says it has sensory his writing.

“Normally in the studio, there’s a lot of time to indulge and procrastinate,” he tells the BBC. “But when you’re in full perspective you just get down to it.

He adds that recording songs live, with a full band, “is a sign of a very old, tried-and-true process of making music”.

He explains: “Nowadays, with everybody operative on laptops, it’s very common to build a strain in the studio. But when you lay in a room and request yourself to the charge of making music beautiful, with gifted collaborators, it’s a joyous, soulful thing to do.”

Neil Finn’s manuscript Out of Silence is out on 1 September. He was speaking to BBC Music’s Mark Savage.

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