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Melania Trump to meet with social media companies to plead cyberbullying: report

First lady Melania Trump will meet with social media and tech companies next week to speak about how to fight cyberbullying and promote online safety.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the assembly is designed for Mar 20, and will embody Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Amazon, and Google.

Trump plans to ask the companies how they’ve addressed online trolls and the widespread of antagonistic content, but she doesn’t devise to hurl out policy proposals to fight cyberbullying — an issue she affianced to fight before her husband won the election.

Trump has spent little time publicly addressing the issue while she’s been first lady. However, she speedy certain social media habits among children and teens during a debate to the spouses of the nation’s governors last month.

“It is critical that as adults, we take the lead and the shortcoming in assisting the children conduct the many issues they are confronting today,” Trump said. “This means enlivening certain habits with social media and technology, even tying time online and bargain the calm they are unprotected to on a daily basis.”

She after added: “I’m asking you all to join me currently and dedicate to compelling values such as encouragement, kindness, care and honour in the children. With those values as a plain foundation, the kids will be better versed to understanding with many of the evils in the universe today, such as drug abuse and obsession and disastrous social media interactions.”

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