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“48 Hours” delves into the case files of the real-life NCIS

By Susan Zirinsky, executive writer of “48 Hours” and “48 Hours/NCIS.” The premiere part of a new six-part series, front tonight at 10/9c on CBS.

When we got a call from the colleagues in the Entertainment multiplication of CBS asking if it be probable to do a “real” NCIS [Naval Criminal Investigative Service] – genuine cases, genuine agents — we pronounced let’s ask the group if it will cooperate.

So began a prolonged traffic about entrance to cases and investigators. I’ve always believed that “NO” is the commencement of any conversation. We talked forever until, here we are, about a year later, with 6 clever hours of absolute rapist probity stories. The stories will all be told by stream and former NCIS agents. These truly are the cases they can’t forget.

48 Hours: NCIS trademark

CBS’ “NCIS” is globally the many successful authorization on television.  Many of the fictionalized stories come from genuine cases. The NCIS operates in 140 locations in 40 countries. There are indeed lots of stories to tell and many sum to absorb. Despite its global reputation, we schooled that NCIS has a staff of not utterly 2,000, half of whom are special agents. According to NCIS communications executive MaryAnn Cummings, “The infancy are civilians; we only have a tiny array of military on staff.”

On the party series, retired agents are on the set as advisors assisting bring flawlessness to the scripts and the production. They advise how agents would go into a room or proceed a conditions in a certain way, how to fire a gun, how to put on handcuffs.  There are certain things on the show NCIS doesn’t do: they do not penetrate into the databases of the FBI or other supervision agencies.

The good news for NCIS is that the party authorization has increasing the agency’s visibility. A call for recruits gets thousands of applicants.

So here we are “48 Hours: NCIS.” Tonight, NCIS agents take viewers inside the review into the murders of two Navy Petty Officers and the decade-long hunt for answers in the series premiere, “The Double Cross.”

Narrated by “NCIS” series star Rocky Carroll, “48 Hours: NCIS” is a six-part documentary series from the producers of the award-winning group at “48 Hours.”  The new series explores the kinds of formidable cases that have desirous megahit CBS Entertainment franchise, the series NCIS, the #1 play on television, “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “NCIS: New Orleans.”

In the premiere broadcast, agents exhibit the review into the 1996 deaths of Elise Makdessi and Quincy Brown, both Navy Petty Officers stationed at the Oceana Naval Air Station, and both found passed in a Virginia Beach apartment. Elise’s husband, Eddie Makdessi, told police the couple returned home and were accosted by Brown. Eddie Makdessi pronounced Brown sexually assaulted and stabbed his wife, before he was means to squeeze a gun and fire Brown dead.

“I’ve seen horror films, I’ve seen the slasher films,” says NCIS questioner Dennis Santos, who worked for the Virginia Beach Police Department at the time of the murders. “When we walked in, my first greeting – we remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, this is real.’”

Murder victims Elise Makdessi and Quincy Brown

The review into the double murder of Navy Petty Officers Elise Makdessi and Quincy Brown is the concentration of the series premiere part of “48 Hours: NCIS”

Elise Makdessi was tied on the bed, with her throat cut and mixed gash wounds on her chest. Brown was passed on the floor. Former Agent Brian Ricardo says the group had a sixth sense, that something just wasn’t right.

“Before we even left the crime stage that night, we had detected a videotape,” Ricardo says.  “My name is Elise Makdessi,” Makdessi says on the tape. “I am making this videotape in case something happens to me or my husband Eddie.”

With two of their own dead, the agents would not quit, even yet the review would camber two continents and last some-more than a decade before they had their answers. This case like the others we form in the 6 hours has one unchanging theme: they can never give up.

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