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Kendrick Lamar is releasing another manuscript after DAMN on Easter Sunday- or so his fans think

Kendrick Lamar's fans are assured that he's releasing another manuscript already
Could Kendrick’s fans be onto something? (Picture: Getty)

Kendrick Lamar only just dropped a new manuscript and fans are speculating that he’s got another one coming out really soon.

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The rapper expelled his fourth manuscript DAMN on Apr 14 and his sagacious fans are assured that he’s dropping a surprise manuscript on Sunday.

Here’s why:

DAMN was expelled on Good Friday and the fan speculation suggests that Kendrick is ‘killed off’ on the first lane of the manuscript called Blood serve suggested by the lyrics ‘you have lost something / You’ve lost your life.’

Add to that some lyrics from The Heart Part 4, a warn lane he forsaken last month, which says ‘Dropped one classical / Came right back,’ and people are suggesting the 29-year-old will ‘resurrect from the dead’ by releasing some music on Sunday.

You’re substantially meditative ‘are you teasing me?,’ but come on, you’ve got to give props to investigation skills of fans.

As good as a whole list of other theories, writer Sounwave put the tool in the works when he posted this mysterious tweet…

….Just two days after tweeting the manuscript design and tracklist.

He then followed it up with this chatter from The Matrix, a picture of Morpheus played by Laurence Fishburne.

Fans are assured that the Matrix chatter hermetic the understanding as the film’s fans know that in the film, Morpheus gives Neo (Keanu Reeves) a red tablet followed by a blue pill.

And the Heart Part 4 rapper’s Spotify display picture changed to him station in front of a blue wall which could advise something. Either that or he’s trolling.

One thing’s for sure, Kendrick’s always full of surprises so his fans may just be right. In the meantime we’re going to go back to enjoying DAMN.

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