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Artist Of The Day 14/04: Ásgeir

Artist Of The Day 14/04: sgeir
(Picture: Ásgeir)

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Ásgeir sounds like: Long night drives by the dried with the roof down and no end in mind.

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Similar artists: Bon Iver, James Blake, Anohni

Their story: The 24-year-old Icelandic musician became something of an overnight prodigy in his local country with the recover of his entrance manuscript Dyrd i daudathogn in 2012.

It became Iceland’s fastest-selling entrance manuscript by a domestic artist (in fact, over 10% of Iceland’s race owns the album).

Since then, the artist has detonate on to the general music stage with the English chronicle of this album, named The Silence, cementing his place as an general sensation.

What’s so good about him? The Icelandic sensation’s latest recover Stardust from his arriving manuscript Afterglow is an comprehensive provide for the ears, with chattering electronic melodies, glitchy stop-start sections, and comfortable synth swells.

A pierce divided from his folk-inspired progressing work, the new track retains that gently crooned outspoken that he has turn so good famous for.

Something that is unfit not to adore about the multi-instrumentalist is the fact that he collaborates with his father, eminent poet Einar Georg Einarsson, who is credited with essay the lyrics on the new album.

Most-streamed lane on Spotify: King And Cross (over 21 million streams so far)

Most-recent video: 

What will he be doing in 2017?

May is set to be a bustling time for Ásgeir, with the recover of the new manuscript Afterglow set for the 5th, followed by a fibre of live dates in the UK.

Signed to: One Little Indian Records

Upcoming live dates: 

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