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Hawke mocked over ‘ridiculous’ survivor tales

In a repository essay entitled “Ethan Hawke on how he survived 11 Sundance fests: ‘You have to be clever and humble'”, the actor describes how he was once late for a premiere since his automobile got stuck while doing donuts in the snow.

“At first it was funny,” Hawke told Variety, explaining how they got stranded but a mobile phone and had to rip down a blockade to arrive at the screening.

Two days after the essay was published, Twitter users began pity the piece, derisive the actor’s tinge deaf and “ridiculous” tales.

“A beholden republic asks Ethan Hawke to stay strong,” one user wrote. “For the onslaught must continue.”

“He ate weaker actors, like Stephen Dorff, to survive,” wrote another.

Others were some-more creative, coming up with feign fight letters which Hawke would have sent from the trenches of Sundance.

“Dearest Martha, the junkets have been relentless,” one user wrote.

“Once again, we rose with the sun, and done do with room service. Then it was back into the resort, opposite rivalry lines for flattering interviews. Tell little Ezekiel that pappy spoke grandly about his artistic choices.”

Other user continued the letter: “My hermit in arms Skeeter Ulrich held a cold in Aspen. There was not adequate homeopathic pill to heal him and he was forced to take Advil Cold Sinus from a internal Rite-Aid.

“These festivals have done savages of men, Martha.”

“I do find condolence meaningful my difference may strech you by the time the rhododendrons start to bloom,” wrote a third user on the same thread.

“Here the winter gale is on us and my kombacha weak, but we am buttressed meaningful that my nominal phone has Netflix pre-loaded with all of my films and the Nobu pop-up opens soon.”

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