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Mark Hamill on Skywalker disagreements, fear of starring in a new Star Wars film

AUSTIN, Texas—Following the universe premiere of The Director and The Jedi, a extensive two-hour documentary about the making of the latest Star Wars film, South By Southwest Film Festival attendees got a Last Jedi double-whammy. After the screen lifted at the Paramount Theater, executive Rian Johnson and actor Mark Hamill took the theatre for an unpretentious QA.

Hamill unsurprisingly opted for jokes and honesty in his answers, and in particular, he charity his many strong comments nonetheless about that sharp bit of news forward of Episode VIII‘s launch: that he didn’t much caring for how the impression of Luke Skywalker had been written.

“A residence we didn’t recognize”

The theme bubbled up with a doubt about Star Wars’ fabulous and drastic range as a long-running series, and Hamill explained how he prepared for the role: “When you get down to it, it’s not Mark Hamill in a blockbuster film. It’s Luke. we had to do a furious reimagining of the character. Like, hey, what happened between the last one and this one, where the many carefree man in the universe becomes a fractious old suicidal man revelation people to get off his lawn?

“Here we am going home again,” he after added, “but it was a residence we didn’t commend at all.”

Another fan pulpy Hamill about this and about the brief mentions of disagreements between Hamill and Johnson during the film’s production, which he non-stop up about widely.

“It’s not antipathy at all,” Hamill said, partially quoting the question. “It just wasn’t a Luke we understood.” He described “backstories” that he had to invent for himself, including how Luke, in mentoring Kylo Ren, “picked the new Hitler to be the next hope” and “how we fit slicing off my telepathic communication with my sister.” He even had a examination with Johnson about the fact that Episode VII finished with Luke wearing Jedi robes. “What do we contend about that? To make certain there was a flow.”

“In the context of how this has all been framed, you have to snap your conduct back and remember that with every singular movie, with characters, it’s always a discourse between the executive and actors,” Johnson added. “That’s a healthy thing. You always boundary heads with actors.”

The same fan asked a follow-up question: how, Mr. Hamill, would you have created the tract if you could have? (Johnson immediately interjected and drew a outrageous giggle from the audience: “I wanna hear this. What would you do, motherfucker?”)

Hamill certified that he had “lots of really terrible ideas” for Episode VIII, at which indicate he shifted the doubt with an engaging tidbit: he had identical beef with George Lucas and Return of the Jedi‘s tract before that began filming. “I examination [the book for] Jedi and thought, ‘Wait a sec! we suspicion we was streamer toward the onslaught of streamer to the Dark Side. I’m in black. we have a glove. we see a trend here.'”

After charity a cooking analogy about actors and directors, Hamill voiced a singular bit of regret, which he explained by way of his own Star Wars fandom.

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