‘Game of Thrones’ fan deciphers a little reflections in Season 7 promo

You know you’ve got a serious, critical Game of Thrones problem when we find yourself obsessively zooming in on a still picture support in an try to interpret a little reflections in a White Walker’s eye.

This is Game of Thrones we’re articulate about, though, and that kind of niche research is not usually expected, though encouraged.

Following a recover of a Game of Thrones Season 7 promo on Thursday, Reddit user FacelessGreensear shared a close-up image of a Night’s King’s eye. They’d highlighted what seem to be a integrate of intriguing objects in a thoughtfulness of his iris.

First, here’s another demeanour during a eye, that flashes adult during a finish of a promo.

Notice anything?

Notice anything?

Image: youtube/gameofthrones

Now let’s go in for a close-up.

What's that thing that looks like a ridge? And that cave-like dim splodge on a right?

What’s that thing that looks like a ridge? And that cave-like dim splodge on a right?

Image: youtube/gameofthrones/mashable composite


Could it be...?

Could it be…?

Image: youtube/gameofthrones/mashable composite

FacelessGreen highlighted a few opposite areas in his Imgur post, though we’ve picked out a dual many engaging shapes in a picture above.

It’s unfit to be sure, though a line using right from a tip of a Night’s King’s student does arrange of resemble a tip of a wall.

And a dark, cave-like figure on a right? Well this is substantially clutching during straws, though maybe — only maybe — it’s indeed a hulk crack.

What are those resounding shapes?

What are those resounding shapes?

Image: youtube/gameofthrones/mashable composite

On a left of a iris, meanwhile, are 3 tellurian shares. Maybe some associate White Walkers, collected turn to watch some arrange of large event?

Put all those elements together and there’s a tiniest, minute probability that what we’re indeed witnessing is a Night’s King looking on as a wall starts to come acrobatics down.

Are we reading into this too much? Probably.

But with three-and-a-half months still to wait until Season 7 comes out, we’ve got to fill the time somehow.

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