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Hyperkin plans to recover a new (old) Game Boy in 2018

reader comments 85 There has been copiousness of sentimental courtesy being paid to classical console hardware updates in new years, from Nintendo’s central plug-and-play Classic Edition consoles to third-party counterpart consoles. But for all the concentration on the TV-based diversion consoles of yesteryear, we haven’t seen much corporate seductiveness in …

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Star Citizen builder says engine fit “never should have been filed”

reader comments 96 Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has offered a strongly worded response to a lawsuit brought last month by CryEngine builder Crytek, observant that fit “never should have been filed” and that its “contrived claims… scapegoat authorised sufficiency for shrill publicity.” Crytek’s lawsuit purported that CIG pennyless …

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Star Trek: Discovery is back and things are seriously #$%!&!

reader comments 22 The first half of Star Trek: Discovery‘s entrance deteriorate finished with a white-knuckle cliffhanger, and last night the show returned with a satisfyingly action-packed episode. “Despite Yourself” suggested where the characters wound up and stoked the fires of a fan speculation about Tyler’s identity. It also lifted …

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“The least-worst thought we had”—The origination of the Age of Empires empire

reader comments 14 Not much about Age of Empires isn’t epic. Over the last 20 years, these epoch-spanning games have starred some-more than 50 chronological civilizations, sales have surpassed some-more than 20 million units, and a core fanbase of hundreds of thousands has put hours on hours into personification one …

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