Game attention pushes back against efforts to revive gameplay servers

reader comments 122 A organisation of video diversion preservationists wants the authorised right to replicate “abandoned” servers in sequence to re-enable gone online multiplayer gameplay for study. The diversion courtesy says those efforts would hurt their business, concede the burglary of their copyrighted content, and radically let researchers “blur the line …

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Review and interview: Brass Tactics finally brings loyal RTS to VR

reader comments 48 Game details Developer: Hidden Path EntertainmentPublisher: OculusPlatform: Oculus Touch on Windows (reviewed)Release Date: February 22, 2018Price: $40 (free online-compatible demo)Links: Official website BELLEVUE, Washington—Virtual reality has been a thing for years, nonetheless for some reason, it has had a miss of real-time strategy (RTS) games. To this, we can’t …

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