What competence Rex Tillerson do about his 2 million unvested ExxonMobil shares?

When Rex Tillerson takes his chair before Senate Foreign Relations for his acknowledgment conference to be secretary of state, one line of doubt will roughly positively regard his remuneration — primarily, his yet-unrealized remuneration — from a biggest oil and gas association in a world.

Tillerson has done millions, generally in a final 10 years of his 44-year career, when he was promoted to CEO, boss and authority of a conglomerate. Last year, he was paid a bottom income of $3,047,000, with $2,386,000 in a money reward and $18,288,000 in stock. 

He faces imperative retirement subsequent year, when he reaches his 65th birthday, though even once he leaves ExxonMobil, Tillerson will have some 2 million unvested shares that are now value somewhere in a area of $200 million. ExxonMobil’s vesting duration is a prolonged one, and currently, his SEC disclosures uncover it will be a decade before a final of Tillerson’s batch vests in 2026, good after his reign as secretary of state is over.

Given that a shares haven’t vested, Tillerson can’t sell that stock. Exxon is not commenting on how those unvested shares will be dealt with, though a association is roughly positively operative on solution a doubt before his acknowledgment hearing. This is positively not a initial time a rich CEO has supposed a high-level cupboard position, though what is surprising is a volume he has in unvested shares. 

In some cases, supervision appointees pledge any unvested shares, though a volume during emanate in Tillerson’s box is a most aloft and some-more poignant apportionment of his compensation.

Norm Eisen, a former tip White House ethics counsel for President Obama (as good as a former envoy to a Czech Republic), pronounced of Tillerson’s conditions that “the house is going to have to find a proceed to accelerate vesting.” One proceed could be “applying a haircut and accelerating a rest,” Eisen said, that is, creation a understanding in that Tillerson forfeits some of a shares and is means to money in a remaining shares on an accelerated schedule. But Eisen cautioned that if a series is really high, there might still be vigour on Tillerson to recuse himself in some instances. 

Vice President Dick Cheney faced a identical quandary when he was elected. As CEO of Halliburton, he too, had millions in shares that would vest after he took office. According to a New York Times, Cheney’s attorneys did not arrive during a end about what to do with his unvested options until early March, 2001, about a month and a half after he took office. 

The clamp boss affianced to take a options that could not immediately be converted into batch and present all of them, as they vested, to a University of Wyoming, Capital Partners for Education and George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates. According to a Wall Street Journal, Cheney’s present was administered by Williams Connolly, given a options themselves were nontransferable. Willams Connolly, according to a White House disclosure, set adult a present to be taxation neutral to a Cheneys, so that they subsequent no taxation advantage from a gift.

But a bar for Tillerson is aloft than that faced by Cheney. The law on dispute of seductiveness that relates to cupboard nominees does not request to a boss or clamp president, a fact that has been mentioned a few times by a president-elect — he pronounced as most to a New York Times in November.

Mr. Trump is right that a sovereign law (18 Section 208) that bars executive bend employees from participating in matters in that they have a financial seductiveness exempts a president. It also exempts a clamp boss (and Congress and sovereign judges, too), that is because Cheney faced most reduction authorised inspection per his Halliburton batch than Tillerson will per his ExxonMobil stock. 

Should he be confirmed, Tillerson will take a low compensate cut — stream Secretary of State John Kerry creates $205,700 annually.

CBS News’ Laura Strickler and Margaret Brennan contributed to this report

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