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Nationwide to travel price on FlexPlus bank comment by £36 a year – is it still worth having?

NATIONWIDE has denounced a series of changes to its flagship FlexPlusCurrent criticism which comes with a large cost transport of £36 over a year.

The criticism has prolonged been a customers’ favourite for the £600 worth of insurance it offers. The Sun Online has also formerly listed it as one of the 4 best accounts for business since of its additional perks.

Nationwide is overhauling its FlexPlus account, augmenting the 10/mth price to 13/mth

Nationwide is overhauling its FlexPlus account, augmenting the £10/mth price to £13/mth

Now MoneySavingExpert  has suggested that the building multitude is overhauling the account. Existing business will be sent letters next month and the changes will be introduced on Sep 21 this year.

The changes means that the business price for the finished bank criticism will be augmenting from £10 to £13 per month – or an additional £36 over a year. Some of the account’s perks will also be scrapped.

This includes the cover for an additional 12 month on all new domicile electrical equipment costing between £50 and £2,000. It’s also getting absolved of its ID rascal and label assistance perks too.

But it’s not all bad news. It’s fluctuating its transport insurance to cover family members who are under 19 – or under 22 if in full-time preparation – when they go on holiday independently.

It also means that anyone who lives at the criticism holder’s residence can get mobile phone insurances, up to the value of £1,000 and including  children up until the age of 19 or 22 if they’re in full-time education.

And the changes meant that rather than having a limit of two claims a year, patron will get four.

Nationwide was not immediately accessible for criticism when contacted by the Sun Online.

Is the Nationwide FlexPlus criticism still worth having?

After the overhaul, MSE’s arch product researcher Helen Saxon thinks that the offer is still decent but advises business to work out either it will save them money.


She said: “Whereas before it was the exile winner, it will now be much some-more nuanced as to either this criticism will win for you, or either you’d be better going for a aspirant – Halifax, Co-op and NatWest all have clever finished criticism offerings,” she said.

MOST banks will need new business to switch using the free Current Account Switch Service.

This programme takes caring of the bank switching routine for you by moving all your incoming and effusive payments, moving your superb change and shutting your old account. ​

The infancy of banks are sealed up to the service so you’ll use it automatically when requesting and switching to a new criticism around the bank’s website or in branch.

The pledge means that if anything goes wrong with the switch you will be refunded for any financial waste incurred.

“The ubiquitous finished criticism manners still mount though. Before selecting any account, safeguard you’ll use adequate of the insurance to make it worthwhile, and that you can’t get cover cheaper by shopping it separately,” she added.

Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief of money.co.uk pronounced business are some-more likely to select deals that are some-more matched to their needs by staying divided from the “one distance fits all” accounts.


Is switching worth the hassle?

Switching bank accounts does need some effort, but approbation it is inestimable to switch if the bank you’re switching to offers a aloft rate of seductiveness than you’re now getting, good perks (such as free transport insurance) and has good patron service.

Switching just for the cash perk when you’re with a bank that offers good service, low overdraft rates and decent interest, may not be the right decision for you.

With the Current Account Switch Service it’s comparatively easy and hassle-free to switch, since they take caring of the whole routine for you and have an requirement to switch your stream criticism with 7 operative days.

If the switch takes longer and you remove money as a outcome – such as a approach withdraw not being paid and you’re charged a price – they have to reinstate you.

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