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Cohabiting couples ‘aren’t transparent on rights’

Research carried out by Direct Line Insurance suggests 38% of influenced couples are not certain of what they would be entitled to in the eventuality of the death of their desired one.

One in 10 incorrectly trust that they would get their partner’s share of any skill they own together – but this would only be the case if their partner had asked for this to occur in their will.

And while some-more than half of married people in Britain have drawn up a will, that figure is much reduce for those cohabiting with their partner.

Just 26% of unwed people vital with a partner have summarized their wishes in a authorised document.

“As the multitude changes, matrimony is serve down the bulletin for many couples,” pronounced Jane Morgan, business manager at Direct Line Life Insurance.

“It is very common for partners to live together for extended durations of time before getting married, if they marry at all.

“However, the law is still rather behind the times in regards to cohabiting partners and worryingly, millions of Brits are under the fake sense that they have the same authorised and financial confidence as married couples.”

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